Honesty is never the best policy.

I don't care about English, I can't even speak it!

I don't know many people who like to watch schlock films.

When was the last time you took a chance?

Blackbeard formed an alliance of pirates.

My brother will often sit up all night.


I didn't understand the question.

You must not miss seeing this wonderful film.

We need medicine.

Less than a week after school started, Louiqa already had a hundred friends.

She sang to her heart's content.


I didn't want to spend any more time in Boston.

It's out of the question for me to leave my job.

Craig might've been there yesterday, but I didn't see him.


Neville is somewhere in the building.

Arnold is going on a ski trip next weekend.

He practices austerities almost like a monk.


Were you about to say something?


He is an industrious student.

I know what is in the box.

That is a very interesting story.


You live in a little house.

Bertrand took a lot of pictures in Boston.

How do I get there best?


It would be interesting.

Life can be rough.

The first electronic computers went into operation in 1945.

It is very important to think for yourself and to study.

The total solar eclipse can be observed next year on June 22nd.

There are several possible explanations.

I made a bad decision.

We can call for free on the weekend.

Some religious men regard pain as a sort of trial from God.


The gravitational pull of a black hole is so powerful that even light cannot escape from it.

What is your rating?

I don't know anything about dinosaurs.

You are imagining things.

I want you to sing.


I have a feeling that she will come today.

Be prepared!

If you are neutral in situations of injustice, you have chosen the side of the oppressor.

In the United States, fluoride is added to the drinking water.

How are you going to tell him?

Music is troublesome. It seems that no sooner have you created it, than it in some strange way fades its original spark that was glorified by your mind.

I don't want that kind of responsibility.

I have a friend to correspond with from time to time.

Disregarding the "No Entry" sign, she pushed open the door and walked inside.

We're just about finished.

The viper's tongue is never more venomous than when it is coated with honey.

The advisory board had a lot of qualms about her latest album, which she ended up releasing independently.

You're so stubborn.

I'll try to find Rajendra.

I always listen to you.

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This book is an historical novel.

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Can't you tell me how to do this?

The Japanese live mainly on rice.

Her nose is big.

You were sleeping, weren't you?

Please turn right.

I could run quite a bit faster when I was young.

I don't sleep much.

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We have to rescue the pilot before the plane explodes.


Books are made out of paper.


Why did you tear the cloth instead of cutting it with scissors?


Are you all completely crazy?

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I don't like being around rich people.

The only useful knowledge is that which teaches us how to seek what is good and avoid what is evil.

I first learned of how beautiful stoats could be when David, whom I had lately befriended, showed me his stoat photo album.


Men rarely talk about their problems.

They have been married for four years.

We were supposed to go swimming together.

You must never resort to violence.

She was always been easy to get along with.

I am not musical, but I like to sing in the shower.

I feel like I'm making progress.

Estrogen is a hormone.

She ran her fingers through her hair.


Stevan took something from his pocket and gave it to Liyuan.

Traffic on this road has been disrupted due to flooding.

We set out traps for catching cockroaches.

Copy-and-paste is very useful.

Vladimir Nabokov was a Russian-American writer.

Nguyen was a piano teacher.

All the girls love Shankar.

His speech was suitable for the occasion.

When I saw the ghost, I was so frightened that my hair stood on end.


I looked at my watch.

She lives in a two-story house.

I want you to go to the post office.

I don't look forward to going to school.

We may not win tomorrow.

He never shrinks from danger.

Sehyo is very helpful.

I wrote down her address so as not to forget it.

FBI agents staked out Alison's house for 2 weeks.


Keep looking.

It is good for nothing.

Bill is 20 minutes late. He must have gotten lost somewhere.

I'm sorry I cannot meet your demand.

We made cookies.


I know you love him.

He is deeply in debt now.

Get your tickets now.

We made that soy sauce as a project in industrial microbiology.

Granville met Deirdre at a party, and it was love at first sight.

"What kind of beer do you want?" "Whatever's on tap."

The culture of the Chinese zodiac is deeply rooted in people's lives, language and literature.

This is a huge honor.

I'm running for reelection.

Please give me two more of the red carnations.

Emmet's theory appears repeatedly in these papers.

There can be no daily democracy without daily citizenship.

She was surprised to hear the news.

We have ample time to catch our train.

Have you really talked to her?


The bread dough we made in home economics class turned out as salt dough.

Did he really do that? You couldn't make it up!

These are irreplaceable.


What an amazing palace we saw yesterday!

We cultivate twenty hectares of land.

The hotel is completely full.

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Ford was poorly educated.

We don't stand a chance against those guys.

I'll follow Subra's recommendations.

Damone arrived at the hotel.

Why is swimming not allowed in this river?

You don't really want that, do you?

I didn't ask you to come with us.

Mick and Jingbai understood each other.

Carol caught a wolf and tried to tame it.

Do I have a knife?

She went out for a walk.


You should talk to me, too.


I asked him a favor.

Have you been waiting for me?

I like the rain when I am in my house.


I don't even have a girlfriend.


What were you telling them?

I guess having zero shame is the price of genius.

They ate in the restaurant.


You read the paper?


I was just joking.

It is still colder today.

Mahesh never really wanted to study French.

My mom made it for me.

I don't know what kind of food you like.

Shyam looked at what was on the computer screen.

She tied him up and gagged him, then she started to beat him savagely.

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The guests prepared for their departure and packed their suitcases noisily.

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Language is unique in that any statement must start out as the creation of an individual mind.

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When it lightly rains like that, I wish to go for a walk in a park.

I don't have a bedtime.

June told the boys to line up.


It was mind-blowing.

I'm not calling Antonella.

Take a look at this.

He makes an unfavorable impression.

I have to clean my room.

Hughes isn't breaking the law.

The town where he was brought up lies east of Osaka.

I laughed so hard I almost cried.

Does the soup taste good?


Jones was born in the US.

I'm the one who gave you that.

I'm tired. I'd better take some rest before I go out.