Welcome to Midtown Mosque

We are located at 1288 Jackson Ave. in a historic district in Memphis TN. Midtown Mosque is in the only mosque located minutes away from downtown Memphis. Take a look at a 3085323666 and an isothiocyanic. Please stop by and pray with us the next time you are in the Midtown area of Memphis, TN. PLEASE DONATE AND SUPPORT THE MOSQUE.

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Upcoming Events

Reviving the Heart - Every Thurs. 6:30PM

Being a Muslim Practical Guide - Every Sat. at 10:00AM

Ladies' Halaqah - Every Sun. at 11:00AM (Back room)

Mobile Food Pantry - 2nd Sat. of Month at 12:00PM

Soul Food Saturday - 3rd Sat. of Month at 3:30PM

Jumah and Congregation Prayer

Midtown Mosque is open for the five daily prayers. Jumah is held weekly at the time of Dhhur.   PIease join us for daily lessons after Fajr (dawn prayer).

Open everyday for prayer

Get Involved
Make a Difference!

Support our efforts by volunteering for community activities. Together we will work to provide organically grown fresh foods for the food desert of Klondike, provide a place of prayer for the people of Midtown, and nourish a vibrant Islamic community as we strive to uphold the Prophetic standard. 714-961-8547

Serving the Community

Join us every Sunday to learn the language of Quran. We offer all levels of Arabic classes focused on learning the language of Quran. Tajweed rules will be introduced so as to understand why we are reciting in a specific way. the way you listen to Quran will change forever, in shaa Allah. May Allah purify our intentions!

Midtown mosque will be organizing regular community service events such as: maintaining our community garden, planting a neighborhood orchard, food and clothes drives, school supply giveaways, seasonal street clean ups, and much more! Stay tuned to find out about future events by periodically visiting the website and by joining our email list.

At Midtown Mosque, join us to learn and discuss topics of spiritual purification, sacred law, and prophetic wisdom to revive your thirst for knowledge and understanding of Islam. We will cover traditional texts as taught to us by the Prophet Muhammad صلى الله عليه و سلم and the scholars who followed his guidance, and revive the gatherings of knowledge and remembrance that have now become a rarity in many places. Help us revive these traditions and reap the rewards!


Midtown Mosque
1288 Jackson Ave.
Memphis, TN 38107




Midtown Mosque mission is to improve people's relationship with Allah through worship, education, and community service. We welcome volunteers and financial supporters to help us in this rewarding work.