Raw spreads

Trade with market spreads starting at 0.1 pip on major currencies, minimising the costs of trading.

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Trade forex and shares online from any browser, any device and at any time or use MT4 or MT5.

Multi-asset liquidity

Trade at the best prices available with guaranteed smart order routing: the fastest and most reliable execution.


Daily analysis

We believe that AAATrade's fundamental and technical analysis is second to none; check it out for yourself!

Fastest execution

Instant order execution over Equinix-hosted servers; over 99.6% of orders are executed within 0.1 second.


Partnership programmes

Start making money from your blog or website without risking any funds by becoming an affiliate of AAATrade.


Why do people choose AAATrade?

AAATrade has proved itself to be a client-centric investment firm. It aims to give clients the widest possible variety of instruments with the best trading conditions and dependable support. We've spoken to many traders who praise AAATrade highly. It's not too hard for us to see why.

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Trade cryptocurrencies Services

Trade bitcoin, Dash, Monero, Ripple, Ethereum, Litecoin and their crosses with some of the best spreads and commissions available.

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eumoiriety Enterprise

Smart order routing (SOR) is used to optimise execution by using advanced routing rules and algorithms when directing orders to trading venues.

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Socially connected Trading

Follow your favourite traders and trading signals, keep up to date with important news and discuss strategies with fellow traders.

Customer Reviews

Variety's the spice of life, or so they say. Who says that? Sayers, I suppose. Anyway, I think AAATrade's a good place to trade CFDs. That's mainly because of the low costs of trading there combined with the wide variety of instruments they offer.
AAATrade's web trader's really safe as well. My favourite bit is how you can look at all your analytics and stuff on the left while trading on the right of the same screen. Mind blown first time I used it.

Joh Milner, CFD trader

Now that I'm an experienced crypto trader, I've been trying to branch out into altcoins because I've seen a lot of opportunities there. AAATrade's the perfect firm for me because of the variety of altcoins including crypto crosses that they offer.
It was a breath of fresh air to me to be able to trade Monero with a regulated investment firm: I feel much safer than I did with some exchanges in the past.

Alex Clarson, crypto trader

What is AAATrade.reviews?

Here at AAATrade.reviews we like to get as much info as we can from people who like trading online. We ask them all about their strategies, experiences with different brokers, gripes and groans... the works. The consistent picture we get from all of them is that AAATrade is the one-stop shop for all of your investments.

I've been a CFD trader for years; I just got so fed up with all the crap I got given by brokers. Sign your life away here, have your profits cancelled there, talk to some drugged sloth from 'customer service' while you're at it. But not with AAATrade. They're a fantastic change from the usual mouth-breathing brokers I've run into so many times. Say hello to the future of investing and trading.

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