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We are more than a toolkit or platform, combining the best digital marketing tools, digital-savvy people and proven process to get your digital marketing delivering today.

Digital marketer's checklist


Use the workhorse of digital marketing via a proven platform that sends millions of emails annually

SMS / Text message

When each second counts, count on our bulk and campaign text messaging

Landing pages

Keep campaign consistency and customer interest alive with our online lead capture landing pages

Preference Centres

Give customers a choice of communications and stem the tide of unsubscribes


No marketing is an island, connect outbound, inbound and transactional interactions

Behavioural Triggers

Build in behavioural relevancy and automate email or SMS interactions for right time messaging


Capture leads and customer data online - driven by email, sms or social messages


Stack the deck in favour of emails getting to the inbox with our world-class ReturnPath services

Built-in testing

Test with simplicity or complexity – A/B and multivariate testing is built-in

Easy Social Sharing

Extend the reach of outbound communications with our social sharing buttons for all the popular social sites

Get the results you want

Use the power of digital marketing to achieve positive outcomes for your business in terms on return on investment, customer engagement and revenue. Boost your customer knowledge for more insightful segmentation, more accurate personas and more relevant offers and communications.
Execute a customer lifecycle strategy this month

Make your customer lifecycle strategy a reality using our experts to analyse data, develop campaigns and offers and map out an executable plan that starts this month.

Build engagement

Use the segmenting, dynamic content and triggered campaigns to communicate with customers at the right time – building engagement.

Bolster loyalty

Loyalty is more than discounts. Build an ongoing program to reward customers in a way most valued to them and then reinforce that with ongoing relevant communications.

Integrate transactional, triggers, campaign & promo emails

Centralising all your email traffic means there a single respository of all customer interactions and a more holistic picture of each customer – intelligence for more relevant campaigns and offers.

ROI in under a month

Make a difference to your marketing with a positive return on investment in less than 30 days.
Onboard customers so they stay

30% of customer defections will happen in the first 90 days of the relationship. Use our multi-channel approach to run ongoing, multi-step onboarding campaigns to build stronger bands with the customer from day one.

Deliver individualised comms

Treat each customer as an individual with our segmenting, triggering and behavioural tools.

Win back customers

Using segmenting and behavioural analysis, you can better understand why customers lapsed and proactively campaign to win them back.

What our clients say

Thoughts, views and news

SEP 24 2014

Jericho Digital Communications has made two senior appointments to the New Zealand and regional operation in response to strong growth in New Zealand, Australia and Asia.

AUG 04 2014

Jericho Digital Communications announced today that aCommerce, the Southeast Asia end-to-end e-commerce solutions provider.

AUG 15 2013

There's no shortage of posts online in recent times touting that 'Email is dead! It's now all about Social Media'.
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AUG 08 2013

Almost anyone who has a smartphone will be familiar with the annoyance of trying to locate information on a website that is designed to look beautiful on a desktop monitor, yet not optimised for a phone screen.