Do you know how to use these command line tools?

Sidney likes to watch soccer.

Amigo did a brave thing.

They were too tired to climb a mountain.

"For the umpteenth time, turn down the music!" Floria's mother yelled.

Isaac tried to convince Konstantinos that she should cheat on her boyfriend.

Some of the members of the middle class have fallen into poverty.

The steak was really tough.

It's in your truck.

She went with him to the zoo.

The pen I'm writing with belongs to Price.

I must have fallen asleep.

Um, there's something I want to ask you about.

Your dog just bit me.

Miki doesn't even remember what happened last night.

I know why you've contacted me.


Have you ever hugged a stranger?

She takes a great interest in English.

What was your impression?


Have a taste.

Don't you like swimming?

I was going to share it with you.

One day, I will marry her.

She's collecting material for a book.

We've been told not to do that.

Elliott said he'd like to help.

The revolution brought in a new era.

I never thought that about you.


So, you want her to come back immediately?


I'll come back this afternoon.

Racism exists even on television.

What about a picnic?

Thanks for the help.

I'm just joking.

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Kathy was impressed by Martyn's plan.


Clare won't be bothering you anymore.

She bought him a car, but he didn't have a driver's license so he couldn't drive it anywhere.

The apples on the other side of the wall are the sweetest.

Louis should come right away.

I wouldn't take a glass of water in the desert from you.

Blaine goes to work by bus.

You're all I can think about.

Do not place this in doubt.

She rested on his promise.

They're not dead.

When was the last time I was here?

The lion is king of beasts.

Do you hear from your son from time to time?


Win drank coffee while Torsten smoked a cigarette.

Someone at work ate my lunch.

Tharen yanked Sandy's ponytail.

There is no telling what would happen if she doesn't show up.

Stay together, no matter what happens.

Greg spent all of his Christmases at home with his family.

Neither defendant was found guilty.

I want to know more about you.

We've studied this in some depth.

The devil is in the details.

This is our world.

You're not the first person to say so.

I lay on my back.

The Indians fought with bows and arrows.

I prefer your eau de vie to your conversation.


I have a schedule to keep.

Everyone ate breakfast in the kitchen.

Amigo is kind of cute, isn't he?

Pfirsichbaeumchen is from Germany.

He took the job without giving it much thought.


Jinny tried to open the door, but it was locked.

Gregor wants advice.

You're the prettiest girl in town.

Who is Jacob to you?

How much milk did you drink yesterday?

We can talk after dinner.

This student is an American.

I worked on it until the last minute.

Alexander was looking at a picture of Ricky.

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Have you made up your mind about tonight?

Ken wants a bicycle.

I don't think this is working.

She was the one who contacted me first.

Eugene and Heinz spoke in their respective languages.


No one will ever forget her.


Merat grabbed Dwight by the hair.

You're not normal.

I'll always care about you.

He gradually came to love his father.

Whoever speaks ill of his wife disgraces himself.

Look at them move.

You can use my computer if you want.

You can't blame yourself.

There was a happy twinkle in her eyes.


I love your hair.


That isn't right.

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This car is spacious and comfortable.


I love the smell of freshly baked bread.

Always program as if the person who will maintain your code is a maniac serial killer who knows where you live.

I've been around a lot longer.

As a rule, she is an early riser.

She says that she is happy.

Even if I try, it's no use, anyway.

I can't remember which is my racket.


Everybody agrees.

Would you mind watching my suitcase for a minute?

You can get in touch with him at his home tonight.

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It would be prudent to worry about the details now.


How long will the concert last?


It's been a while since I've done this.

I think I might buy that house on Park Street that's for sale.

As she grew up, she became more and more beautiful.

They developed a special computer system and fixed it to his wheelchair.

I am going back to India.

Couples in long distance relationship know that they run a risk - not to mention the sacrifices they have to make.

I'd say you're jealous.


I'm not as rich as I used to be.

Who's that there?

You've made your choice.

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My van doesn't have a back seat.

I'll let you two get acquainted.

I was surprised to hear that she passed for a model here.

I hope that I've done the right thing.

The man was sitting on a fallen tree.

Somebody had to do something about it.

I don't have many opportunities to swim.

He looks very friendly, but I suspect him all the same.

I don't know how Geoffrey did it, but he did it.

Are there any famous musicians on the stage?

Why are you denying it?

How much does Lester know about this situation?

I have a surprise.

The message is simple.

I suggested him good deal but he refuse.

His character is similar to yours.

The protesters burnt down the synagogue.


Jean-Christophe threw a wadded-up piece of paper at Dawson.

Your answer is very far from the purpose.

Don't keep criticizing me!

Lanny is a lighthouse keeper and leads a lonely life.

There are a lot of earthquakes in Japan.

Well, that helps a lot.

I wanted you to see me.

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I told them I agreed with them.

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All things considered, we'll adopt his project.


What is it that bothers you?

He avenged his friend on them.

I told them to stay in his room.


Cats are natural-born hunters.


Rafael can walk to his office in thirty minutes or less.


After Derek had eaten all the popcorn in the bowl, he went back into the kitchen to pop some more.

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In this kind of weather, it's best to stay home and not go outside.

Let him do what he wants! Edoardo is responsible.

I think you need help.

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You'll catch it from Mummy.

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There's no-one in the house; they're all outside.


What's so special about Marika?

Tickets are selling fast in all cities.

All you have to do is write a few sentences about what you did yesterday.


It's suspicious.

I learned not to ignore my pain.

Nancy greeted me with a nod from across the street.


What is WhatsApp?

The prince is handsome.

Corey is right this time.

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Tartiflette is a delicious potatoe and reblochon cheese based dish.