You're a terrible driver.

We feel pretty confident.

Nowhere is safe.

Here are two. Unfortunately, I can't spare any more.

The boy has few friends to play with.


Examinations play a large part in education.

Alf studied very hard.

It's in your pocket.

Just because he's good, doesn't mean he's wise.

I need you to be quiet.

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How can you tolerate that rude fellow?

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My watch isn't running right.

Blair was lowering a heavy box with a huge crane.

She would often play the piano after school.

We have a lot to offer each other.

I have brothers.

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Just what do you mean?

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I'm better off now than I was three years ago.

Yesterday I saw a girl whom I had met in the library a month before.

He put a hand gently on her shoulder.

Her name is Linda Jones and she's from Edinburgh.

This house is leaning to one side.

You never know what will happen tomorrow.

I had a good reason for not being there.

I'm glad you guys could make it.

Why don't you look for a job?

We were all set to leave when the phone rang.

Five of them attacked me, but I overcame them all.

I asked the boy to throw the ball back.

Address the matters, and not the people involved.

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After all, I'm a waste of space.


As a result of the war, many people died.

She bandaged his finger with a handkerchief.

You're in safe hands now.

The news added to his anxiety.

I know how to read people.


During that time, we only heard about thieves, about murders, about men who had died of hunger.

Hugh couldn't wait any longer.

The soum teacher rode a camel on holidays.


I'll take you to the bus stop.

I plan to watch a game at the baseball field the day after tomorrow.

Dominic is very contented.

I was washing my hair at 5 o'clock yesterday.

Due to the worsening weather, the departure was delayed.

I have seen enough.

Radek is good at singing.


I couldn't live up to his expectations.

We deepened our friendship.

I recommend you look on the top shelf.

Rich died of asphyxiation.

She has won the regard of the other scientists in her field.

You may as well tell me the truth.

He can run a hundred meters in twelve seconds.

I'm supposed to meet Robin here in a few minutes.

You're our neighbor.


I heard someone opening the door.

I cannot neigh like a horse. I'm a donkey!

Sword Art Online is a popular Anime.

How many home runs has Pria hit?

I don't think I can do that just now.


She sat surround by her grandchildren.

Did you have other plans?

Clarissa is standing close to Stagger in that picture.

I'm a fan of your work.

Kimmo is somewhat older than I.


Even in the winter, Albert usually leaves the window open when he sleeps.

Jerrie is fun.

It will be best if you stay at home to rest today.

However much you try to dress it up, office work can be quite tedious.

Blaine was abused far more than the rest of his brothers and sisters.

I'd like to ask you to help me.

His knowledge of art is poor.


Can you give him a ride home?

The girl was afraid of her own shadow.

My nephew was excused on the grounds of his youth.

Sangho kicked the door down.

Lend me your car for tomorrow.


We're going to have to leave soon.

This looks like a good spot for fishing.

This city's in need of a blacksmith.


We all looked out the window.


This is the boy whose name is Cary Fisher.


Can you believe this is already happening?

I want to see what's on the other side.

What information do you require?


I won't abandon you.

Why don't you tell me where you got that diamond?

They always escape from school.

A Palestinian woman in tears after Israeli occupation forces demolished her house and barn in Northern Jordan Valley. Palestine is now a days exposed to Polar Trough, the weather is very cold and these people have become homeless and no other place to shelter them, 10 December, 2013

Is this 223-1374?

I can't tell it.

I'm happy to be back.

She likes all vegetables except cabbage.

How did you guess?

Gunnar did it himself.

The gazing populace receive greedily, without examination, whatever soothes superstition and promotes wonder.

It's a figure of speech.

I intend to do that for you.

Teresa was arrested for stealing a napkin at a restaurant.

It is cruel of you to find fault with her.

They were hunting for bodies among the ruins.

Alejandro sold all his land.

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He has two women in his life.

The industrial production of livestock is the leading contributor to greenhouse gases.

I have to talk to somebody about what I should do.

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I'll be good to him.


We are seven billion now.

Ken was at a loss what to say next.

The defendant appealed against the sentence without hesitation.

End of story.

Thank you for the generous invitation but we don't want to wear out our welcome.

I think Debi is still in love with Andy.

Small children are afraid of being left alone in the dark.


Would it make you happy to live the life that you're now living for all eternity?

A day full of sunshine and a heart full of wishes...

You've worked with Louie before, haven't you?

I've arranged everything.

You think that I'm just talking nonsense, don't you?

It's increasingly trendy to drink coconut water.

He's scared to talk to me.

We have one of your friends here with us.

Tigers live in the jungle, lions in the savanna.


Jesse walked to the window and looked outside.

Because I was too busy.

I'll tell them when to go.

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Between us, he is a little foolish.

Are you using the MasterCard?

You couldn't organise a piss-up in a brewery!


The report is utterly false.

He is familiar with what is going on in China.

Don't tell him that, or he'll start crying.

Is there a special rate for this tour?

Eddie usually walks home from work.

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Pascal wanted to learn how to swim.

She will cope with all the work.

You must learn to govern your temper.

They all longed for the holiday.

Rich people have a tendency to look down on the less fortunate.

I don't know whether it is the morning or the afternoon.

My, those are some very large hands you have.

Don't go out with her.

There's something they're not telling us.

When I got back, I found my car missing.

Tell them to let the dog in.


I'll go out and see the fireworks.

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Today it really feels like summer has ended.

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That's probably what happened.


Wood may remain ten years in the water, but it will never become a crocodile.

Why do we need weapons?

My whole life long, I fought against superstition.

Someone will be with you in a moment.

Nate looks well rested.


I found him lying on the bed.

I told him to stay in his room.

Hello, I'm Lucifer. I run things around here.

The movie is showing in movie theaters next month.

Viana is a Brazilian municipality with an estimate population of 65000.

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For example, Pepperberg would show Alex an object, such as a green wooden peg or a red paper triangle.

I had to do it before 2:30.

He tried to laugh her out of her foolish belief.

I'm sure there's a way to find out.

Can people change?


Douglas is the kind of guy lots of people just don't like.

Why tell them anything?

I told you it was stupid.