Dragon Flight Simulator

A game prototype where you fly a dragon. I promised myself (and to a couple of people in comments section on youtube) that I’ll publish it after I’m done getting my MSc. That was… um… 3 years ago? At first, after months of modeling, coding, tweaking, tweaking, tweaking, writing and tweaking I just couldn’t look at that stuff. And after that, you know: life, job, millions of other things to do. No, really, lame excuses, shame on me.

But, here it is, brushed up a little bit, windows version, support for keyboard, mouse and XBox 360 controller (it worked last time I checked), one level where your job is to burn all 44 ballistas on the map.

Here’s the download link:
Dragon Flight Simulator – Windows – ver. 0.1

Here’s a youtube video where I show you how to fly:

And… what now? Well, there is so much room for improvement. Here’s some things I’ve been thinking about:
* Add some sound – definitely. For now you’ll just have to listen to your favourite soundtrack, and mutter “whoosh, whoosh, fooh, wham” under your nose.
* Camera improvements – for now if it gets into the geometry it flies straight up, and that’s far from perfect. I have an idea how to deal with that, trust me.
* Flame improvements – some fun with particle systems may help you perceive where your flame is reaching actually.
* Walking controls & ragdoll physics – so far the dragon behaves quite stiffly if it hits the ground or tries to walk on it. I did some experiments on how to improve it, and it seems I’ll just have to do much more.
* Environment – I guess small islands floating in clouds may be a little bit cooler than a 2km x 2 km chunk of terrain in a sandbox. And much more optimal
* Art style – I’d go for something simplistic, minimalistic, low poly. That’s good for processor, and good for…
* VR – Sitting on dragon’s back, seeing his wings on left, right, and tail in the back is one of the most awesome feelings in the world, trust me. When you fly, you can get really nauseous real quick, but hey, riding a dragon in real life wouldn’t be much better.

When? I could promise some dates, but I guess it’s just not going to work. So… stay tuned and keep your fingers crossed.