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A new generation of cloud services, using enterprise-class hardware and application architecture, built on well-known data centers

  • High-quality Gigabit access
  • KVM Hardware-level Tec
  • Intel Xeon CPU
  • Independent IPv4/v6
  • Linux/Windows Supporrt
  • Instant Deployment
  • Best Network
  • WEB Application Firewall
  • Nginx & Apache Hybrid Arch
  • HTTPS/SSL Support
  • PHP version switch
  • Based On Directadmin
  • Super Fast
  • Flexible Encryption
  • Mobile Ready
  • Cross Platform
  • Worldwide nodes
  • Based on Sha*dows*ocks

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Fast & Speed

Break through the pattern and broaden the world with a broad mindset. The new cloud architecture allows for a smooth, consistent and flexible deployment that eliminates overselling.

Security & Safety

From server to program to customer service, we put security first, kernel-level user permissions isolated, operational auditing, built-in WEB application firewall WAF.

7*12H Live Support

Warm and enthusiastic, here are our full after-sales service to follow, you just need to complete the access, then enjoy everything, work orders and online chat platform and a wealth of official documents.

Instantly deploy your business with a new cloud platform!

Easy to use

Based on the great features and simplicity of the new generation of cloud, for customers who want to get rid of routine maintenance and technical adjustments, the CMS based on the most advanced web hosting will be a perfect solution. Not only is the installation simple, the environment is seamlessly integrated. At the moment you log in to the console, you will be able to build, edit and manage your website. We also optimized our servers specifically for common applications, allowing you to gain speed and security levels that are not experienced from standard virtual host servers.

Platform Overview
  • Web-based online management
  • SolusVM Ctl(CVM)
  • DirectAdmin Multilingual(CWS)
  • Security Hardened Firewall
  • Backup and restore
  • Application version switch
  • VNC Remote Assistance
Higher than industry average service

safety protection

99% filterable


Not less than 98%

Host load

Under 50%


80% Higher than industry

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Trusted Brand

We have experienced wind and rain, but we are grateful for having you and continuing service guarantees, not just commitments but also attitudes.

12*7/365 After Sales Support

Professional after-sales team, support QQ, work orders, e-mail multi-channel contact. Independent after-sale group services, work orders within 24 hours of processing protection.

98% up Time

In addition to force majeure and large-scale cyber attacks, we will provide stable and uninterrupted real-time availability.

Mature Security Solutions

Let safety be by your side

From defense to audit updates, every drop of water does not leak.

Genuine Software License

Use genuine operating system and other authorization kits to eliminate backdoors of pirated software.

Background Encryption

User data encryption storage protection, your information security above all else.

Firewall System

Pre-compilation security program, from the bottom to prevent attacks, pre-installed high-performance WAF.

Operation Audit

Each step of the user's operation is written to the background log, malicious users have nowhere to hide.

SSL Security Encryption

The latest TLS and SSL protocols, free HTTPS certificates, make your website safer than industry standards.

Data Backup & Recovery

With the increasing importance of website data integrity and backupability, we support backup to ensure data reliability.

Automatic backup strategy

Full automatic scheduled hot backup at fixed time ensures data reliability without affecting website access.

Local/Offsite Backup

For cloud databases, we provide additional remote server backups. Single node failures can also be quickly restored.

Manual Backup

The operation panel also supports manual backup, one click, package download, making backup a pleasure from now on.

Data Loss Compensation

Loss of data loss (need to purchase), after the purchase of security, if there is data loss, you can apply for 10 times the amount of compensation.

24x7 Cloud Monitoring

Real-time monitoring of server CPU, memory, IO and other indicators through cloud monitoring to ensure the stable operation of the host. Automatically expand the cluster at high load.

Network and online rate monitoring, automatic fault alarm, to ensure the first time to deal with abnormal problems.

  • All Day Monitoring
  • Flexibility
  • Usability Guarantee
  • Abnormally Fast Repair

Worldwide Availability Zones

Use the infrastructure provided by world-renowned ISPs, even if your customers are all over the world. You can also choose our products to settle in the nearest area.

Similarly, we support the use of this site or a third-party CDN to accelerate your site's global access.

  • Unique Asia Pacific Ultra Low Delay Node
  • Mainland China Optimization
  • BBR Kernel-level TCP optimization
  • Host large bandwidth access

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