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Frequently Asked Questions

Take a browse through the questions below to learn all you need to know about Dynamic Demand-based Pricing (DDP)!

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How do I gain access to CG connect?

CG connect is a secure online platform and requires a password for access. If you do not have a password please click here to request a login and password.

I already have a login and password, how do I access CG connect?

What rates will be visible on CG connect when I make an enquiry or quote?

(724) 450-4752

(681) 227-4429




Would operators still be able to contact Cape Grace Reservations directly?

Dynamic Demand-Based Pricing

What is Dynamic Demand-Based Pricing (DDP)?

How will STO rates be managed in line with DDP?

(314) 508-7908

What happens if a provisional booking is confirmed and the rate has increased?

What happens if a lower rate becomes available after a booking has been confirmed?

(949) 732-5989


(812) 738-7107