Our neighbor sent us this while we were on vacation! Bye bye roof!

While we were on vacation the roof came off, the plaster came down, and our house is even more in the thick of it! Prior to this there was no real exterior evidence of construction other than the presence of workers and a dumpster. Not shown in these images but now visible from the street is the strategic removal of some stucco down each side of the house. These will receive reinforced shear wall updates to help brace the walls once the 2nd story goes up. This should be the final stage of demolition after which framing should start and we will begin to see the shape and volume of the new home layout.

Danielle and I are very excited to see the framing start. Demolition is filthy and full of unknowns. Framing is relatively clean and (in my opinion) quite satisfying.

Living room looking toward the dining room and former breakfast nook. Plywood on the right is protecting the existing gas fireplace and mantle.

Roughly speaking, the schedule of the project has things occurring in the following order: demo, concrete, framing, plumbing & electrical, HVAC, siding/stucco, roofing, paint, windows, insulation, flooring and finish work. These are very high-level placeholders, with many more details and much more crossover than is listed. Once framing is complete we should start seeing multiple trades onsite with some work proceeding concurrently.

The bags are insulation that has been retained. The HVAC for this section os the house has been bypassed so we can continue to use it in the back of the house.


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For the past week workers have been cutting holes in the floor at strategic locations around the house. There currently 10 of them each a little over 5 feet deep as measured from the floor. Into each of these holes will go foundations for the second story.

Hello darkness…

With an ~18 inch crawlspace that means that the workers have excavated an additional 3 feet below grade. They’ve then removed the dirt by hand out the front door and into a 20 yard roll off in our driveway.

Sorry neighbors!

Thomas was a good sport and helped me snap a picture to show the the scale of the depth. He is not kneeling here but rather standing straight up!

He’s also a ham!

Of course at this time none of this affects us too greatly; our glorious temporary wall separates us from the construction!


Day two of demo yields plenty of studs! Most of what you see in these pics will eventually go away as the bottom floor gets reconfigured. Nevertheless it is fun to see the layers get peeled back.

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We are embarking on a 6-8 month remodel to add a 2nd story to our home. The ultimate goal of this project is to ensure that all of the boys have their own room. Having a 3 bedroom house the obvious answer is add another. The house does not have a true master suite so that will be what gets added. Danielle and I will get a bed, bath, and closet in the new upstairs addition and the downstairs will be reconfigured with an open floor plan to better facilitate a household of 5. The dining room and living room will be modified and the breakfast nook and some closets will be eliminated. The existing bedrooms, bathrooms, kitchen, and family room will substantially stay the same.

We have been working on this, in one way or another, for the past two years. (More on that process at a later date.) As you can imagine, we are very excited!

I’d like to chronicle the project on this blog, so stay tuned!


Architect: (602) 262-1061
Contractor: Olsen Custom Building & Dev