Your own online property portal

Easy Property Listing

Now Creating and managing your own listing of properties is never been easy. List unlimited properties with in just few clicks.

No more waiting for your properties to be listed! Add, edit and manage your property list in real time. It takes no time!

CRM Module

No more making a note of your every customer details! We present you the best and totally a new experience of managing your customers. Get real time customer information listing. Tag your customers your way and never loose any lead again. Let your customers know what is the store, run SMS and EMAIL campaigns on your customers

Lead Mangement Module

Having trouble tracking your lead status? We give you the perfect solution for your lead management. All your leads listed in one place! Give your lead progress status and track your leads daily, weekly, monthly and also with their each respective status. Get real time SMS/EMAIL alters through step to step progress.

Marketing tools

Tired of everytime calling, messaging all your contacts on your listing? Now reach more audiance then ever before! Connect your portal with all your major social media platforms, auto post your every new listing on your page. Publish your portal in multi languages, have real time chat on your portal and many more exciting applications set ready for you!

Real time Analytics

No more wondering about your reach and progress. We have you the perfect solutions all in one place. know your daily, weekly, monthly analytics of your visitors and leads in real time. Get more and more customers, run campaigns and see your numbers growing.