The best way to earn money while you game!

MC-GG is a revolutionary new gaming platform that pay's you while you game!


Dedicated Developers, Endless Code

Endless time has been put into developing MC-GG, we are working towards the perfect platform for all sorts of gamers, including Minecraft, CS:GO, Fortnite and even Terraria! Where gamers can play the games they love and earn rewards at the same time! Were planning to make a web interface soon and even up our game on our MCMiner to make a perfect experience for every customer, no matter what PC Specs or how good you are!


view demo - coming soon!


Amazing Members mean amazing reviews!
Check out some of our many 5 star reviews! Including Youtuber's and Twitch Streamers!

Bit Junior

I've already earnt over $50 and working my way upto $100! I'm saving up for a new graphics card, its a Nvidia GTX ;3 I cant wait! All I do is game all day so why not game and get graphics cards for FREE!!

Foxy Alts

So it all started when I was on a server, playing some prison but then I saw a guy in chat say, go to for free money.. I was like yeh right, scammer.. but the idea of money got me intrested over time and I signed up and now I've eart over $150!! Even setup a alt shop with the money at /


Incredible! I never knew I could play games and earn money at the same time! I was talking to the devs and they said it was a special algorithme that uses Google Ad's and other stuff! Way beyond my knowledge!


Want to earn up to 10x the amount of MCoins you would regularly earn mining?? Well we have the right packages for you!

Light Gamer

  • 1 MCoin per miniute
  • Up to 1 Separate Wallet
  • Up to 10 Friend's
  • Small Bonus for Mining Streaks

Heavy Gamer

  • 3 MCoins per miniute
  • Up to 3 Separate Wallet's
  • Up to 30 Friends
  • Big Bonus for Mining Streaks

Dedicated Gamer

  • 10 MCoins per miniute
  • Up to 10 Separate Wallet's
  • Up to 100 Friends
  • MASSIVE Bonus for Mining Streaks

Upcoming Events!

Check out all fo the upcoming events and giveaways for even more prizes!!



10,000 MCoin Giveaway! Can be traded for $50! (50 Hours worth of coins!)


$100 PayPal Giveaway

Massive giveaway to 3 lucky people who will win $100 direct to PayPal!


Want to go to alton towers in the UK for christmas! Well if you win you and 5 others will be able to go all the way to Alton Towers for an unforgetable christmas!