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Above all, don't panic!

When are they coming?

I want to show them around town.

We are having some people tonight.

I'm not interested in your excuses.

David complained about the heat.

My neighbor had his feet amputated due to a bacterial infection.

Are you getting much out of that book?

That wasn't funny.

I'm very busy now.

Can you believe this?

He was my comrade in arms.

I wish you could've met them.

This mountain is snow-covered the entire year.

I'll sharpen your knife for you.


Neither of us got our wish.

No one can bake apple cake better than Emily can.

The people crowded round the injured man, but they made way for the doctor when he reached the scene of the accident.


She got in at 9 p.m.

I can't wait.

It is an illusion that youth is happy, an illusion of those who have lost it; but the young know they are wretched, for they are full of the truthless ideals which have been instilled into them, and each time they come in contact with the real they are bruised and wounded.


We watched TV for a while.

I don't waste rounds.

There's somebody in there.

Don't disturb Marek while he's studying.

Saad is serving a life sentence in prison.

Skepticism is a vital characteristic of science.

I'll see what's keeping them.

Only the lowest of the low would break into and vandalise a child care centre.

You don't need to be nervous.

They tried to cheer me up.

The train was crowded with high school students.

Marcia accidentally shot Stephan.

I guess something is better then nothing, right?

Stan is engaged to be married.

I need a taxi!

I thought I'd find you here.

Who wants to watch a video?


The dog was covered in mud from head to foot.

Mariou didn't have to explain it to me.

Your letter made me happy.

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We're not going to be able to call you.

I'm the only one who knows where Pria hid the gold coins.

Leila showed us some pictures.

Don't be a chicken.

Smoking is prohibited here.

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What did Marc shout at Kinch?


The stomach pains went away.

The project to build a new sports center has fallen through for lack of adequate funds.

That child is a headache.

He is one of the most generous people I know.

I think that they will follow us.

Don't judge people from the way they look.

Kazuhiro couldn't read his own handwriting.

I know that there will be a lot of good food at the picnic.

We often fail to realize the extent to which we depend on others.

I own this property.

This apple juice is pure.


Bill, open the door.

It was Neal who first suggested that we hire Urs.

You know more about Felix than anyone else does.


I didn't mean to yell.

I welded one.

Please let me off in front of that building.

Granville and Dori met for dinner.

Roxane rejected our offer.

Mother cut the cheese with a knife.

Pratapwant isn't in danger.

Niels isn't much of a gentleman.

Where's that sound coming from?

You authorize your children to watch bad movies.

I wish I could help you find a good job.


I hope Vicky will tell me what I need to know.

I just want my career back.

At last, I found out the answer to the question.


The air is very pure in the mountains.

Jerusalem is the Holy City of the jews.

I am sure of her innocence, without a shadow of a doubt.

Vistlik pulled the nail out of the board.

He sacrifies himself for the community.


We can't keep a sheep at home. What should we do with it?


We were really surprised.

Keep taking this antibiotic until it is gone.

American students are falling behind in math.

Nadeem wants to know how he can gain weight.

My family is not that large.

Oh, you! If you go around with a face like that, I'll have to demote you back down to 'friend' again.

What a good speaker of English you are!


You underestimated them.

My bed is much comfier than yours.

Helge worries too much about what people think about him.


A great earthquake hit Mexico this fall.

Bring my hat.

The ages of the two children put together was equivalent to that of their father.

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As these days most parents indulge their children, many children don't know what good manners are.

I'll try to find her for you.

We thought the situation would be embarrassing.

The roses bloom in spring.

Those damnable pigeons have again dirtied my car.

In Brazil the prevalence of Asperger's Syndrome may reach 0.5%.

I believed him to be in good health.


She beamed at her baby.

I feel like having some pizza tonight.

I know somebody's watching me.

I'll put the old bridge back.

I handed the mike to Dimitry.


When in doubt, just take the next small step.

It never occurred to me that he might insist on treating me to dinner.

She rarely goes, if ever, alone to the movie theater.

I arrived there too early.

I was annoyed with him for interrupting me.

The gardener is burning dead leaves in the backyard.

He paused to look at the poster.

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There's a lot of danger during a big storm.

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Marla is the one you should be worried about.

You seem content.

I think Marcel looks very handsome.

Were I a bird, I would be there at once.

Thanks to his help, I finished my homework.

That sounds terribly farfetched.

There's no need for Patrick to hurry.

I've learnt something from this book.

What did you call me in here for?


Rogue showed Mosur around the office.

What do you guys think of him?

It's an autonomous car.


They spoke many different languages.

I'm happy with the result.

There was not a breath of air.

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You deserve a raise.


I've already told Lou I'll pay for it.

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I can't remember the last time I saw you so happy.

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Evelyn wouldn't have known how to do that if Joseph hadn't shown him how.

Why didn't Tal tell us that he didn't know how to swim?

I know what I'm not going to do.

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Christ is risen.

I'm beautiful in my way because God makes no mistakes.

Get me up at eight.

That's just false.

What's the reading on the blood pressure monitor?


How did you find the keys?

We took the fastest train in the world from the airport to the city center.

We're working hard on it.


Know thyself!

Marla mowed Alex's lawn for her.

He never found out the truth.

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I really ought to go.

It was civil of him to offer his seat to the old man.

Maybe you could talk to him.

Do you want to hang out?

If I knew her name and address, I could write to her.

Why were you in prison?

It's a pity no one here studies Belarusian.

Pierce didn't have to come.

We both have the same problem.


She's secretly in love with him.


I think it's a serious problem.

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He hanged himself.

Here, I want to complete a few low-level implementation details that may be interesting to readers.

Don't settle for less.


I could not eat another bite.


I'm all set to start.

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He is a tennis champion.