How much is this camera?

This is pretty.

Don't make any noise, I'm studying.

Pilar gave Maria a diamond ring.


He kicked John upstairs.

In every period of transition this riff-raff, which exists in every society, rises to the surface, and is not only without any aim but has not even a symptom of an idea, and merely does its utmost to give expression to uneasiness and impatience.

You're witty.

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I feel bad about this.

I'm trying to figure out how Po did that.

He feels very happy.

Reid realized it was useless to argue.

Today we'll be talking to Antonio.

Rise and shine, Johnny! Time to go to school.

Nancy is getting off the train.

Could you please tell me how much this is worth?

I live on a farm.

We're not going.

That doesn't happen anymore.

Is it necessary for me to attend the party?

You're annoying me.

Don't bother about what people say.

The police drew up a list of persons of interest after the discovery of Naoto's body.

I first met him three years ago.

Don't frot against people in the bus.

The boy slung a stone at the dog.

Adam had trouble deciding what to do next.

Take me to him.

My pain may be the reason for somebody's laugh. But my laugh must never be the reason for somebody's pain.


Man is but a reed, the weakest in nature, but he is a thinking reed.

Would you stop?


This is getting creepy.

He may have argued with his wife, but he can't have hit her.


You're a jerk.


There are no beaches in this area.

You just have to trust me.

It seems to be quiet over there, right?

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You may spend this money freely.


Choose your favourite racket.

He's always on the go, from morning to night.

I try to learn something new every day.

Kathy lost his balance and fell.

It's been decided that the entertainment for our year-end party will be a question-with-comical-improvised-answer session.

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Can you do without smoking for a week?


She was being carried to the hospital.

I promised my parents I would visit them at least once every three months.

How about going to see a movie tonight?

Tell us what you saw.

They were drawn to each other by a magnetic attraction.

He speaks Chinese.

That was money well spent.

You are to give up smoking at once.

Europeans call soccer football.

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It was raining around Chicago.


He sometimes has trouble expressing his opinions.


He was declared guilty.


I hope you brought a fan.

I have a whole lot of ideas.

Maybe you got the date wrong.


There are a lot of different peoples in the world.

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Do I have to be hospitalized?

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This car has no air conditioning.

Don't be a pig.

Josip was with me at my apartment.

I cannot hear anything. I'm deaf.

It wasn't his.

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He's not responding to my texts.

How unfortunate!

She cooks very well.


Raman was one of the lucky ones.

My cat is shedding hair.

Rathnakumar is a very good painter.

What kind of quadrilateral is it?

My neighbors, who live on the same floor, are from Lebanon.

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That's no longer possible.

It doesn't matter if you have received schooling or not.

My palms are damp.


Good films expand one's horizons.

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Tell Teriann that I'll be calling him.


Samir stared at Hubert with disgust.

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Do you really know why I'm here?


We'll stay here as long as we can.

We found a corpse in the ruins.

These are Stevan's glasses.

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Breakfast is served between 7 and 9.

Bike sheds are useful.

My gas bill for last month was very high.


He served a ten-year prison term.

Geese fly in a V shape.

Are you sure that's a good idea?

It would be inappropriate to discuss that now.

The average American living space is twice as large as the living space in Japan.

They replaced the defective TV with a new one.

Give Sabrina my regards.

I've come up with a brilliant idea.

My telephone number is 789.

We made mistakes.

Jochen got tired of listening to the kind of music Bobbie liked.


This is insufficient.

Thou shalt love thy neighbour as thyself.

I don't think I've ever met anyone like you.

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I thought you might want to see Arthur right away.

After I accumulated five years of seniority, I was promoted.

They decided to launch a major attack.

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You've got to listen to me.

She just wants to have fun.

I made a phone call.

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You can always ask for Knapper's help.

Sanity really didn't say much.

Sridharan lived from 1963 to 2013.


Many fans are gathering in front of the singer's car.

Why are you thanking me?

I heard what you said, but it didn't sink in at the time.

The project's taking shape.

Let's practice with the foil.

I'll find my own way out.

Would you mind giving me a ride to the post office?

The older children helped the younger ones.

This is the hospital which I was born in.

What's the point of writing something on the roof?

She said "NO" to herself. She said "YES" aloud.


Why is that critical?

I used to listen to English programs.

This car was so cheap that he could buy it.

Panacea and Honzo don't talk to each other.

You're the one who started the fight.

What I told Charley is the truth.

Jane and Cristi used to be close friends.

Noboby seems to care about my problem.

They were crying.

Miki is in shorts.

Lay the napkin across your lap.

I've always been afraid that this would happen.

Aunt Isabel is generous and gave us a lot of presents.

Maybe there's a loophole.

You used to love singing.


He thinks about her next trip.

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They soon became quite accustomed to each other.


My house needs considerable repairs.

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He had no clothes other than what he was wearing.

His behavior did not correspond with his words.

You made my night!

Don't exceed the speed limit.

Teruyuki decided to snoop around and see what he could find out.

It is true he is a learned man, but he lacks common sense.

I haven't spoken to anyone.

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She won't live much longer.


His mother was very superstitious.


Where do you think we are?


This is a Chinese restaurant.

A lonely old man lives there.

He may be a genius.

This message turned out to be a little hard for me to write.

The neighbouring house was destroyed, but mine survived just a bit of cost for repair.


Slow down, Curtis! Where's the fire?

Do you think you can do better?

He beckoned me nearer.

We need to talk right now.

Every sentence in this book is important.