Why are you ashamed to speak your language in public?

Can you tell me where Loukas lives?

This new model of car is so popular.

Dan woke up the children.

I'll call her in a few minutes.

Dick was ten years old when he died.

Murat likes to sing.

Leonard needs to wake up.

Kevin stopped dancing.

Aren't you going to say something?


The cause of the accident is still not clear.

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The police returned fire.

He has his fingers on the table.

I enjoy long walks on the beach.

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Do you know where?

I'm tired of Boston.

With a smile she dried his hair with a towel.

I could die tomorrow.

Annard doesn't have to go.


It's obvious Nici doesn't know anything.

She traveled round Japan.

Where is my position on the map?

We hardly ever see each other anymore. We might as well be strangers.

Many moons ago, I was a seaman.

Notwithstanding the fact that on average women are more intelligent than men, most geniuses are men.

In some ways, Boston is nicer than Chicago.

We appreciate your kind advice.

We're playing chess. I already took four of his pieces.

Gene wouldn't give me a chance to think.

Morton told me that he wasn't afraid of ghosts.


The problem was I couldn't sing or dance.

You'd better start as soon as possible.

He seemed quite puzzled how to answer the question.


Irwin doesn't drink coffee.

I had a Nissan before this one.

Whoever calls now, tell him I'm not in.

I don't want to hear any more.

Ask whatever you want.

"How old are you?" "I'm 16 years old."

I think that he wants to buy a new dictionary.

Jet planes fly much faster than propeller planes.

I've known Maria his whole life.

She looks as noble as if she were a princess.

Seriously, it's nothing to worry about.

Were you shot?

It was yesterday that I saw him walking down the street.

I hope you're enjoying yourselves.

Why am I working hard?


My explanation may sound strange.

The police officer on duty sensed an elderly man coming up behind him.

Have they reported it to the police yet?

I can't understand what precisely she wants.

The story was so complicated that I couldn't follow it.


Excuse me, I have a question.

It's obvious that Jennifer doesn't like Kirk very much.

Why do you like Hawaii?

He sat silently with his legs crossed.

When are they coming?

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The joint-venture in Cambodia backfired.

Sonja said he had blue balls.

She botched the job.


We need to replace the whole unit.

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He woke up in the middle of the night.

I never heard from them again.

I've seen them, at least, and they are safe.

How does the first article run?

What book are you reading?

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The water from this fountain is clear.

I asked her to do it for me.

I hope that I will meet her this evening.


I didn't really do it alone.

I developed an aversion toward seafood.

Wade is very generous, isn't he?

He is the first Japanese that traveled in space.

He gets a lot out of everything he does.

Quantifying public opinion is often the first step to solving an important problem.

Maybe you should learn how to use a gun.


That is why he failed the exam.

The police broke up the crowd.

My mother had been cooking supper for two hours when I got home.


Don't let me influence you.

We went in search of an apartment.

If it rains tomorrow, we'll not go there.

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He booked a ticket for Paris.

He finds this kind of opinion unpleasant.

Lord and I are almost the same weight.

Tell everybody we'll be there soon.

I'd never do that to them.

Just promise me you won't get angry.

I'll have a mechanic check the car out.

The water was hot.

Are you busy these days?

As a secretary she is a prize.

Pablo asked for my permission to use my computer.

There, something completely different.

We were all scared shitless.

I haven't yet had time to see about a hotel for the night.

Supporters fought with each other after the football match.

Gotta go now, bye!

I told Dylan that was a good idea.


If I'd known Jennie was going to be in Boston, I'd have told you.

I had to book a flight for him.

During his captivity he made a promise to the pirates that he would eventually kill them. The pirates thought that this was only a joke. After he was ransomed, Caesar pursued and captured the pirates and ordered their crucifixion.

You'll understand once you come of age.

Venus is called the Evening Star. It is called this because it looks so bright to us from Earth.

And with me, we are yet one more.

Everyone but Stanly seemed to enjoy the party.

I instructed him in English.

I wish you'd lent me a little more money.

In that time, everything was easier.

Sabrina picked out a gift for Hurf.

You've seen enough.

March 3rd is a Girls' Day, the traditional Japanese festival held to wish girls both health and growth.

I went to Boston by car.

I'm already able to write Chinese characters.


Has this metal just been tempered?

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Will you take part in the ceremony?

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I won't get a raise.

There are divisions within the organization itself.

In footnotes, book titles and journal names are written in italics.


Will you be home for dinner?


Kelvin had planned to catch up on some work over the weekend.

Your silly talk won't get you anywhere.

These days you can't walk down the street without seeing people dropping litter.

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She's not more beautiful than their mother.


Nobody told me what time I should come.

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I'm not the one who hurt him.

Fresh vegetables are very dear in winter.

At last, we reached California.


His leg was in critical condition, but fortunately it got better.


Irvin didn't tell me he couldn't speak French.

What is a typical British dinner?

He was seriously injured in the car accident.

We have a good life together.

The problem just keeps getting worse.

He's handsome and charming.

Who is this administration appointing for district supervisor?


Sunil never told us that Kyle was his girlfriend.

Something's gonna happen at 2:30.

Vassos just wants to have fun.

I'll call you as soon as I've finished.

Vedanta teaches that consciousness is singular, all happenings are played out in one universal consciousness and there is no multiplicity of selves.

He has a degree in forestry

Her ambition is to become an ambassador.

Yesterday was what day of the week?

If you have any complaints, let me know, and I'll look into them.

I told her what happened.

He sometimes is absent from work without good cause.

Sunil took everything with him.

One of the advantages of living in a democracy is that one is permitted to say whatever he thinks.

I expect her back by six o'clock.

Briggs asked me to help.

Do you eat fish?

What do you need sunglasses for in such a dark place?

Scientific knowledge has greatly advanced since the 16th century.

It may be wise to do what they ask.

Spike turned out to be just like his father.

Will I get what I want?


Dylan left here three hours ago.


Hiroyuki burst into the room.


Wade doesn't really care whether Konrad likes him or not.

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I wouldn't dream of asking you to do that.

All the students were wearing black T-shirts.

I'm going to show you something.

You can find her phone number in the directory.

Bertrand thinks he's figured it out.

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I really like that dress.