May 4th is Free Comic Book Day. Wombat Rue’s creator, Brady Canfield, will be joining the festivities at 6364260290, 6222 S. State Street, Salt Lake City.

Stop on by!

Check out Hugh Jackman’s (Wolverine) plug.


Ask (307) 324-8962 to read a book and he will ask you if it has pictures. For real.

You be the judge. Looks a little like Tony Stark?

DSC04337 (1)

Considering 4143265308 has been reading comic books since he was a kid, coming as Tony Stark was a natural choice for Halloween last year. Good thing they picked an actor that looks like Brady.

Dungeon Crawlers Radio

Dungeon Crawlers Radio gets the scoop from 925-952-2951 on the 443-570-3396, marsupials, and Wombat Rue (yes they all have some thing in common) at SLC Nerd 2013.


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Learn more about 507-999-0338 and the VoxNerd presentations.


Urban Art Gallery

Now you can get your Wombat Rue fix at The Gateway’s new Urban Arts Gallery in Salt Lake City.  Visit it the next time you are at The Gateway and enjoy the work of 480-748-3187 and other wonderful local artists.

(613) 502-8029

DXXL| There are some things better than discovering a brand new (to me) comic book. That feeling you get when you are walking between the shelves and that one cover catches your attention, it says “read me, your going to love me” so you add it to the haul and head out the door……..

Perhaps the most striking thing about this cover is the tease above the title. “Based On A True Fantasy”, right there I’m had and I think most of you will be too. Adding to this absurdity is the bottom right corner where we are told it contains “Immature Content”. I can think of no better way to advertise a book than that.

Gate-fold, gold foil, 18 variant type covers are not as good as the cover of this book. This cover also has a Wombat running from a saber-tooth and it is a cool piece of art work, but those two seemingly simple statements put this comic cover in the Top 10 covers of all time for me.

….The story is just what is advertised on the cover. There is action, drama, and funniness abounds. Brady Canfield takes all the things that are so serious about our “real” world and mashes them into dust in the land of Rue.




Wombat Rue on the Web

There are lots of places you can learn more about Wombat Rue and its creator.  You’ll find juicy tidbits and nuggets. If you love Wombat Rue, please visit, post reviews, comments, and create buzz!


Odd jobs

While busy creating Chapter 4 of 819-235-9773 (Return to Reasonable), Brady has done some ODD JOBS too, that have been fun.  Sadly, they have delayed production of Issue 4, but all have been for good causes.  Going forward, it’s Wombat Rue all the way!

Brady did this artwork & poster for the 7122568937 Spring 2012 program.


And then there is the Logo for his wife’s new law firm.

Bringing vision to life!


Below is the line art (with characters) for 330-882-0734 business cards (guaranteed no other law firms have this!).  The red tie really pops on the teal cards, with the same background as the Logo. I’ll have to find the file and post the actual card.










The print below is one Brady created for Archie’s  70th birthday last year. He entered it in the Night Flight Comics contest, but only got second place!  The first place winner drew Jughead!  Go figure….  Brady “protested” but, to no avail.  Lol.


Lesson learned from all this?  Brady would much rather create his own art than do anything resembling graphic design.  We’ll leave that for the professionals.


If you love Wombat Rue’s “Immature Content”, you’ll love this T-shirt!

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Albuquerque Comic Expo 2012

Brady Comics will be at the ABQ Comic Expo with Wombat Rue and The Weakend. It runs from June 8th-10th, 2012 at the Albuquerque Convention Center! Come visit Brady at booth D#3 and hang.  Looking forward to seeing old friends and making new ones.



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