It’s Time To Shape Programmatic For Mid-market Publishers

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Guest Post By: Automatad It’s been so long and we’re far from depending on the duopoly to monetize the content. At least for most of the premium publishers, being independent and talking about in-house programmatic strategies is not at all odd. With the help of global ad exchanges and


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How Do Managers Choose Their Search Teams? Today’s Guest Post is by Adaptive Digital, a recruitment agency specialized in the digital marketing sector. The field of search engine marketing is constantly changing, with new technologies, trends and algorithms forcing professional marketers to continually update their skills sets to stay relevant.


How Publishers Stay Ahead of the Ad Tech Curve? Today’s Guest Post is by Automatad Ad tech is one of the complex and ever-evolving industries. With myriads of intermediaries, fraudsters, and technically overloaded ecosystem, we can say it’s a dream for publishers to lead the race. As a publisher, it


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The Advertising Industry is Cleaning Up Advertisers, consumers, and publishers are at a loss when it comes to advertising. Consumers are often exposed to ads that are irrelevant and they have to worry about data harvesters profiting off of their personal information, publishers use bot farms to boost their

The Importance of Mobile Landing Pages

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Guest Post By: PureLander Mobile landing pages have been the latest trend in CPA marketing for the past few years and are now one of the most important aspects of running a successful CPA campaign. If you aren’t running successful mobile CPA campaigns yet, check out a couple of