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1. DM FFA -> 786-703-1724
2. AIM DM -> 5416835490

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Hello guys
Today we have update our source-mod and root server ( to status : up-to-date )
We want also announce that soon ( ~ 1 Week we start a big maintenance work on our game server )

We will remove completely web server and some other stuff into another root server.

To make our Game-Server’s even better.

We will keep you inform.



Hello everyone

We had to rise our slot reservation pries up to keep our servers running
if you like our servers and like to support us feel free to buy it 🙂

To buy slot reservation visit :

Buy Slot Reservation

We added also option for 2 Months cause many asked for it ( with small Rabat )

Only if we have enough money we can keep our servers running with good quality !
Of course you can Donate us anytime without buying slot reservation :
Visit :
(844) 723-0647

Best Regards
Head Admin

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Server update : Deathmatch Official CS:GO Server 19-08-2018

Server update : Deathmatch Official CS:GO Server

Hallo Today we updated our Deathmatch-mod :

Updated: dm_headshot_only_allow_client now uses clientprefs

Removed: FindSendPropInfo and other unnecessary code

Updated: Some more old syntax to new syntax

and more + change some server settings to optimize game play on our server.


Server update : Deathmatch Official CS:GO Server


Spawns update on map :
de_cache – We fixed some spawn bugs where players could get stuck
de_mirage – We fixed some spawn bugs where players could get stuck
Know some bugs on the server ? – Lets us know about it. we try to fix it.

We also changed rate force :
from sv_minrate 786432 -> 196608
To avoid some fps drops for low pc/internet users.
High-End PC users with good connection should keep :
rate 786432 to avoid choke and enjoy best quality of our servers.

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(908) 725-6945

Season 2017

The best of the best ->> *** TOP 3 OF 2017 *** – Deathmatch Official CS:GO Server @ GO-CS.ORG

Pos./NickPointsKillsDeathsK:D RatioHeadshotsHS:K Ratio
1.9063675030322,142218,786120,479 1.82 192,224 0.88
2.lollipøp21k ツ 235,651182,901 97,296 1.88 119,7890.65
3.8564858854233,935141,66167,0342.11107,7620.76 – AIM DeathMatch @ GO-CS.ORG

Pos./NickPointsKillsDeathsK:D RatioHeadshotsHS:K Ratio
1.7ommy 242,626135,13259,8212.26102,7430.76
2.strolchy 96,49962,62732,2451.9445,7640.73

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Season 2017 Completed


Hallo users
First : We wish you all happy new year 2018 !!

Secondly : Season 2017 is Completed – The winner is kGR [A] with 322,142 Points.

!! Congratulations !!

( more information – soon )

Thirdly : We started today new 9134061753 !

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(760) 388-4264


DM FFA Community

Today we decided to set AWP Limit on our

DM FFA Server :

We hope you like this new change.


(941) 306-4560

Server Rules

Here some simple rules on our servers :

1. Don’t rage on chat about other player ( game-style, religion, origin, etc. )
– You might get permanent banned on our server
2. Using any kind of cheats will effect with permanent ban.
3. Using abusive nicks or fake nicks might also effect you get banned.

With the time it is possible that we add more rules here.
Remember if you get banned it almost always permanent.
So you will by never again able to play on our servers.
So please think twice before u break one of our rules !

Ban on 1 server will effect with ban on all other servers.

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Season 2016 Completed


Hallo users
First : We wish you all happy new year 2017 !!

Secondly : Season 2016 is Completed – The winner is XANTARES;♥M ( more information – soon )

Thirdly : We started today new 585-448-3053 !


CS:GO UPDATE 29.09.2016


CS:GO has received a new update, which most importantly applied last week’s Beta changes concerning mid-air accuracy to the game’s main version and adjusted sounds for all rifles.

Last week’s Beta update saw Valve revealing changes to mid-air accuracy, which has been criticized by fans and players alike mainly due to weapons such as the SSG-08 and MAG-7.

The (407) 785-7813 put more focus on precise timing, as the weapons are now less accurate the faster you’re moving mid-air but some can be highly accurate in the peak of the jump.

Those changes have now been applied to CS:GO’s main version with today’s update, which also delves into more sound changes, specifically those of the rifles, including the three favourites – M4A1-S, M4A4 and AK-47.

The full changelog of today’s update is fol...

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