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If you're looking for quality, cheap mommy phone sex - there's a secret. Most services won't tell you this - because they don't want to give you an alternative to paying top dollar for your phone sex. But we have a different way of doing things.

Most phone sex services advertise what they call "cheap phone sex" - but you find out, usually too late, that their low price doesn't buy you live phone sex a real mommy. You end up with either a lousy call, or you'll get to listen to some recorded stuff. Then, they try to upsell you to real phone sex and charge you a ton of money.

So, we'll let you in on the secret: real, cheap, live mommy phone sex is only available if you find a service like ours.

Our primary business is providing "regular" mommy phone sex, at higher prices. We have the biggest selection of mommies, from loving and caring mommies to cruel, kinky, even nasty mommies. And they're exceptional at what they do. We've been serving the adult baby and diaper lover communities for years.

But as you can understand, there are times that our mommies aren't busy on the phones. And if they're not busy, we're losing money. So one of our goals is to keep the lines full, day and night. We do that, by offering cheap flat rate calls. If you're committed to spending 10, 30, or 60 minutes with one of our mommies, we can afford to do that for a much cheaper price.

Now you know the secret to cheap mommy phone sex. You can certainly pay us by the minute - we'll be happy to take your money. However, if you ASK for the FLAT RATE, you can get exactly the same, top-quality phone sex for as little as one-half the price.

Be sure to ignore the prices we give in the recording you'll hear when you call us. Those are much higher than the prices you'll be paying. Just wait until the receptionist comes on the line - and then ask for our flat rates. Depending on how much time you buy, you'll pay as little as half our regular price.

One more thing: if you want an even cheaper option, just ask. We have the same "cheap phone sex" options that you can find elsewhere, allowing you to listen to phone sex calls with other people, listen to or leave recorded messages, or listen to sex stories, for 99 cents a minute. And at any time you can switch to a live call by upgrading.

So, be smart. Enjoy the same high-quality phone sex as our regular callers - but pay half the price. Just ask for the special bulk rate. It's the best deal you'll find anywhere.