A decentralized, automatic, and free e-commerce app for the Ethereum network

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ABOUT Arium1.0

・Arium 1.0 is a service that allows you to create a free e-commerce website for selling Japanese products to other countries.Anyone can easily create their own customized e-commerce website without any previous web-design experience, using our intuitive and user-friendly interface.
・Anyone with something to sell simply enters their product information in their native language, and Arium performs all the translation necessary to effectively sell the product to any country in the world.
・When a purchase is made, sellers simply send their product to the Arium warehouse located domestically in Japan, and Arium will handle the entire international shipping process.
・When a purchase is made, Arium charges just 10% commission on the sales price. This is much less than rival platforms like, allowing sellers to list the products for a lower price, which in turn makes the Arium platform more attractive to buyers as well.
・We are running a crowdfunding campaign to evolve Arium 1.0 to Arium 2.0 - a decentralized, autonoumous, and free e-commerce app for the Ethereum network.



We started this project to solve four main problems.

  • Website Translation Cost and Accuracy

    International e-commerce requires translating your product descriptions, etc. into foreign languages. It usually requires huge startup costs. Automatic machine translation lowers costs, but the accuracy drops markedly. arium provides a new style which combines the low cost of machine translation with the accuracy of human translation.

  • Lack of Transparency in the Delivery Process

    Currently there is no comprehensive worldwide distribution system. Many distribution services have their own proprietary management systems, and the delivery status is not necessarily kept up-to-date. Packages can even get lost completely. arium solves this by managing delivery status on a blockchain.

  • Delivery Quality Assurance

    Currently there are many different supply chains intersecting across the world. Package-handling standards vary wildly, and when there is package damage it is difficult to determine who is responsible. The arium network introduces a system for users to evaluate the supply chain, which acts as a deterrent to careless package handling.

  • High Advertising Costs

    Traditional advertising involves the payment of a listing fee as an up-front investment, and the risk of poor cost-performance. The arium network takes advantage of an affiliate system to provide a new advertising system which charges only when you make a successful sale.


Until the token sale ends

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Maximum Token Sale Volume $50 million

Crowdsale TimeLine

The Arium token sale will start on the November 1st 2018 and continue unttil 31st of March 2019. The entire sale has been broken down into 4 individual rounds with varying discounts to the base price for each arium token.

1st Sale
1th Nov- 15th Dec 2018
10% Bounus
2nd Sale
16th Dec 2018- 31th Jan 2019
5% Bounus
3rd Sale
1th Feb- 31th Mar 2019
0% Bounus


Functions of the arium network
The functions can be divided into four main categories:
Online Marketplace
An e-commerce platform to buy and sell items on the arium network.
Translation Service
A translation-management system intended mainly for translating content on the arium network.
Distribution System
A distribution-management system intended mainly for distributing products available on the arium network.
Affiliate System
A system which pays the crowd on a commission basis to spread word-of-mouth about products on the arium network

Benefits of the arium network

  • Cuts out the middle man by paying commisions automatically using smart contracts
  • Tracks internatioanal package distribution using a blockchain, indicating at all times exactly who has custody of the package.
  • Guarantees translation quality, and pays translators in proportion to their ability using an affiliate system.

General System Diagram


arium Smart Contracts

arium2.0 utilizes 14 different smart contracts across 4 major categories:

Smart contracts which issue tokens

We are developing a smart contract for arium 2.0 which issues tokens called 'XRM' under the ERC-223 standard. ERC-223 is an interoperability standard for tokens on the Ethereum network which allows different tokens to be exchanged. It is an upgrade of the ERC-20 standard which addresses a critical bug in that standard.

Smart contracts which run the online marketplace

When a seller lists a product and uploads photos, price information, etc to the arium2.0 website, buyers can then buy the products with XRM tokens. We are developing smart contracts which enable these product listings and purchases. In addition, we are also developing a smart contract to manage and track payment information.

Smart contracts which manage and track delivery

Unlike traditional e-commerce, purchases on the arium network are paid for only upon delivery. When a product is bought on the arium network, a delivery company is contacted, who scans the product's proprietary QR code. A smart contract manages and tracks this delivery status information. Even when several delivery companies are involoved, each company will use a smartphone app to scan the QR code and create a chain of custody which is recorded on the Ethereum blockchain. When the final QR code is scanned, the completion contract notifies the payment contract, and payment is automatically performed.

The translation contract manages each product's translation information

The translators translate the product listing information on arium 2.0. The translation contract manages each product's translation information. Users rate the quality of each translation and this rating is also recorded.

ID Contract Category Contract Name Contract Function
1 Token Standard Token Contract Manages ERC223 Token and BasicToken distribution.
2 Token ERC223 Token Contract Manages ERC223 Token distribution.
3 Token Basic Token Contract Manages ERC223 Token distribution and fundamental token information.
4 Token ERC223 Basic Contract A contract that is made in accordance with Ethereum standard specification ERC20 and ERC223.
5 Token Exhibition Contract Manages product listing information such as price, size, weight, photos, etc.
6 Market Purchase Contract Manages product purchases. Notifies the seller when a purchase is made.
7 Market Settlement Contract Receives payments from buyers. Notifies the Payment Settlement contract.
8 Market Payment Contract Manages payment settlement. Checks whether the payment has been received and whether shipment has been successfully completed.
9 Delivery Shipment Contract Manages shipment. Notifies a seller when a purchase order is received.
10 Flow Contract Shipment Contract Manages the shipment tracking information which was uploaded by scanning the QR codes.
11 Delivery Complete Contract Records delivery completion. The payment settlement contract will not be activated until delivery is completed.
12 Interpreter Language Contract Identifies languages and manages translation data in order to spread products on the arium platform to many countries around the world.
13 Interpreter Rating Contract Manages translator evaluation data. Rates translators according to translation quality.

Token Function

  • Incentivizes development of the arium2.0 platform
  • Incentivizes product delivery quality improvement
  • Incentivizes development of apps on the arium2.0 platform
  • Incentivizes translation of the arium platform into more languages and improves customer service
  • Incentives supoorters to spread the word about arium. Tokens are paid to supporters as a marketing commission.
  • Incentivizes partnerships which will support the arium platform
  • The token sale serves as a basis for public offering of the tokens on cryptocurrency exchanges.

50% of XRM tokens will be distributed via token sale,10% will be given as bonuses, 20% will be distributed to arium employees, management, stakeholders, and developers, and the remaining 20% will be held by the arium management foundation.



「arium」is a simple and free platform to allow you to sell goods and services outside your home country. SP Ltd. is a company operating in Japan, customizing a patent-pending international e-commerce service, and operating in Singapore as SPECIAL & PLEASANT PTE. LTD. The service performs all of the translation, payment settlement, and shipping requried for international e-commerce on your behalf, so you can sell overseas just as if you were selling in your home country. And advertising is all handled by low-risk affiliate services, which you pay a commission for only if you get profitable results. It is a completely free to set up one-stop e-commerce service. This is the kind of service which seems like it would already have been in existence, but actually wasn't!



  • Where we are now (Functions of the arium Network)

    As of October 2018

    ・Implementation of the 'Japan to other countries' product distribution functionality.

    ・Automated machine-translation function implemented.

    ・Human-assisted translataion function implemented.

    ・Credit card and Paypal payment function implemented.

    Shipment Functionality

    ・Implementation of the 'Japan to other countries' package tracking system.
    (We have already formed a
    partnership with Japan Post)

  • Phase 1 - Development of the arium2.0 Platform

    Development starting in Q3 2019, expected completion in Q1 2020

    International compatibility (international website, language translation, international shipping)

    ・Delivery system app development

    ・Translation affiliate system development


    ・Partner selection with shipping companies in China and the USA

  • Phase 2 - arium 2.0 Expansion

    Estimated completion from Q3 2020 to Q1 in 2021

    ・Public release of the arium2.0 platform

    ・Introduction of the domestic shipping system within Japan (open beta test of the app)


    ・Sign contracts with shipping companies in China and the USA and prepare for introduction of the app.

  • Phase 3 - Logistics Diversification

    Estimated completion from Q3 2021 to Q4 in 2021

    ・Introduction of delivery system in China and USA

    ・Introduce the cryptocurrency payment system (a method to buy XRM tokens, acquisition of a cryptocurrency exchange)

    Distribution System

    ・Partner with shipping companies in various countries, starting with the countries that rank highest in terms of their international e-commerce market size, and expanding to further countries in descending order of market size.

  • Phase 4 - Public Release of All Functions

    After 2022

    ・AI translation function development

    ・Advertising function development (development of a range of effective advertising options using the arium 2.0 purchase data)

    Distribution System

    ・Open the translation and shipping applications for third party platform to use.


Takashi Narita

Representative director and president of SPECIAL & PLEASANT PTE. LTD (Singapore) and SP Corporation Ltd. (Japan). Currently 33 years old, he has been working in the IT industry since he graduated university with a degree in legal studies. He has participated in the planning and execution of e-commerce projects with revenue exceeding 50 billion yen, and worked on web development projects. Started working independently 4 years ago.

Gregory Snelgar

Journalist at ALTCOIN MAGAZINE and marketing manager for the arium 2.0 project at SPECIAL & PLEASANT PTE. LTD. Majored in macroeconomic theory and international finance at the University of Auckland. Also works as promoter for models and actors in Japan and does modeling and acting work himself. Taught himself programming in the BASIC programming language from the age of 8. Since 2001 he has been researching distributed product distribution networks such as BitTorrent. Has shown interest in cryptography and the social implications of blockchain technology since the Bitcoin whitepaper was released in 2008. A published author on topics ranging from quantum mechanics to comparative sociology, and currently writing a book on cryptoeconomics, 'Blockchain and You'.


Born in Bangkok, Thailand. In 1976, received a Japanese government scholarship and came to Japan to study at a Japanese Language School, and then in the Faculty of Engineering at the University of Electro-Communications, Tokyo. After graduation, he worked at the Thai Embassy in Tokyo. For 36 years he worked for various departments including the Consular Division, Political Economy Department, Public Relations Department, Ambassador Secretary, Ceremony General Affairs Department, he left the job last September. During that time he entertained many VIPs (Thai royal family, government leaders), worked together with many agencies of the Japanese government, and worked to become a bridge of friendship between Japan and Thailand.

Shinya Takayanagi

Since 2011 he has been in charge of IT consulting with many domestic clients, and has simultaneously been working on development of many websites and smartphone apps. Since 2015 he has gained experience creating many new businesses as product manager for the Japanese startup company Chapter 8 Inc. (/ Currently operating a business handling the last mile of delivery to end-users.

Yuta Toyosaku

Has experience as operating officer and sales manager establishing various startup companies with venture capital. After that he pursued independent programming studies and became a software engineering contractor. Simultaneously he founded Hacks, Inc. ( and gained experience developing various new companies, web services and smartphone apps.

Kevin Ring

Over 20 years experience in IP patent consultancy services. His niche areas are technical business development, project management, blockchain and crypto services; all of which he provides throughout the Asia region. He heads up a group of companies which provide solutions for cyber security, crypto technologies, and IP protection. The group annual turnover exceeds $50 million. Together with SPECIAL & PLEASANT PTE. LTD. he will focus on improving the business development strategy for the project and liaising with major investors.

Yoto Takase

Member of the board of directors at SPECIAL & PLEASANT PTE. LTD (Singapore) and SP Co., Ltd. (Japan). As a sales manager, he cultivates relationships with domestic clients such as TV stations, financial institutions, and the print media. He also acquires contracts for web system and smartphone app development projects. He has studied abroad in Australia and so is fluent in both English and Japanese.

Kengo Ozaki

Over 20 years experience as a tax accountant and accounting firm director. Has experience listing multiple Japanese companies on the stock exchange and is representative director of several companies in China and Singapore. He also has extensive experience investing in shares and foreign currencies and is currently serving as representative of investment company. He is a also a member of the board of directors of SP Corporation (Japan) and SPECIAL & PLEASANT PTE. LTD. (Singapore) and has been an acquaintance of Takashi Narita for 10 years.

Takaaki Sakai

CEO of ARTIX Corporation Ltd. (/, and technical manager/lead architect for the arium 2.0 project. Graduated from Keio University. Specializes in fintec development such as statistical simulation and optimization of financial systems. For the past 2 years he has been working on blockchain development, and has extensive knowledge about blockchain technology.

Yoshiro Moriyama

In 2011 moved to Singapore and set up CENTRASIA PARTNERS PTE LTD there.Has assisted numerous Japanese companies to expand their operations to Singapore. Singapore has many investment opportunities more lucrative than those found in Japan, and he personally invests in theseas well as excelling as a comprehensive financial advisor for many individuals.