• Collier's Welsh Heritage

    Collier's Welsh Heritage

    The idea for the Collier’s brand was sparked by Wales’s proud industrial heritage. Collier’s Powerful Welsh Cheddar’s characteristics are those of the Welsh coal miners: reliability, power and integrity. Collier’s founder’s grandfather was a miner. As a child our founder was struck by the strength of the mining community and the sense of camaraderie from the miners who worked in such harsh, dangerous conditions. Cheese was an important part of the miners’ diet. It was nutritious, tasty, simple to pack, with no waste. It was the ideal food to sustain miners as they worked below ground for many hours at a time. Collier’s Powerful Welsh Cheddar is a tribute to Wales’ proud mining tradition and a reflection of today’s appreciation of quality and taste.

  • The Taste

    The Taste

    Collier’s Powerful Welsh Cheddar delivers an extraordinary taste sensation. This uniquely powerful cheese produces a fine balance of savoury and sweet, without the sharpness that is delivered by many strong cheddars. Collier’s has a distinct texture, open, slightly crumbly, yet smooth and creamy in the mouth. Unusually, it contains tantalising “crunchy bits” which are actually calcium lactate grains that develop during maturation and are evidence of the cheese’s high quality. Collier’s long, deep, powerful taste releases slowly in the mouth and lingers, for you to experience this unique taste to the full. These are the factors that set Collier’s Powerful Welsh Cheddar apart.

  • How is Collier's made?

    How is Collier's made?

    As you would expect with something so special, the exact recipe Collier’s is a closely guarded secret. Indeed, today this nationally loved product has a team of only three people who are able to grade the cheese. What we can reveal is that Collier’s is made at a single creamery in Wales using carefully selected milk to a single recipe. It is carefully matured for up to 20 months, then it is graded to ensure it has attained the excellence required to be selected as Collier’s Powerful Welsh Cheddar.

Collier’s Powerful Welsh Cheddar is a single creamery cheddar, made exclusively at a creamery in North Wales, to a single recipe. Collier’s was created on firm principles: to deliver the finest quality cheddar cheese, with a distinctive, long and powerful taste. Collier’s is recognised today for its unique character and a taste that sets it apart from other cheddars.
Result! Collier’s brand wins Bronze, Silver and Gold at the International Cheese awards.
Result! Collier’s brand wins Bronze, Silver and Gold at the International Cheese awards.



Collier’s competed in the world’s largest cheese exhibition on 29th of July, against a record breaking 4,443 entries in this years Nantwich show. That didn’t seem to falter the 200 judges from recognising Collier’s powerful flavours, resulting in a bronze in the extra mature class, silver in the Welsh class and even a VHC (very […]

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I Love My Rarebit
I Love My Rarebit
Welsh Rarebit Day


Welsh Rarebit Day

COLLIER’S Powerful Welsh Cheddar has labelled Monday January 20th 2014 – widely accepted to be the most depressing day of the year – as “National Welsh Rarebit Day” and is urging everyone to lift their spirits by tucking into one of the fastest and most satisfying comfort foods there is – a Welsh Rarebit. The […]


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Serving Suggestions

Darren Gough is best known for his skills on the cricket pitch and more recently on BBC’s Strictly Come Dancing, but his big love is cheese, and he says Christmas wouldn’t be Christmas without a festive cheeseboard to round off the Christmas Day feast. The TalkSport Radio presenter says that although he loves turkey and […]

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