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Van Wert County Auditor Nancy Dixon presents a real estate search where you can easily search by name, address or parcel number. Click on Real Estate Inquiry under Quick Links to use this search. This search is best viewed on the latest browsers.

Forms & Publications

Always check with the Ohio Department of Taxation to make sure you have the latest version of the form.

Real Estate

2 1/2 % Application for Tax Reduction on Home (DTE 105C)
Real Property Conveyance Fee Statement of Value and Receipt (DTE 100)
Statement of Reason for Exemption from Real Property Conveyance Fee (DTE 100EX)
Complaint against the Valuation of Real Property (DTE 1)
Application for Valuation Deduction for Destroyed or Damaged Property (DTE 26)
Combination Request Form

Tax Increment Finance ("TIF")

Please note that the TIF do not appear on the Real Estate Inquiry as they are billed and distributed to pay infrastructure debt. The values, however, can be seen on the building information page on the Real Estate Inquiry.

Real Estate Transfer


Manufactured and Mobile Homes

County Manufactured and Mobile Home Registration Certificate (DTE 41)
Manufactured and Mobile Home Conveyance Fee Statement of Value and Receipt (DTE 100M)
Application for Tax Refund of Waiver for Destroyed or Damaged Manufactured Homes (DTE 49)


(312) 350-3520
Homestead Exemption Application (DTE 105A)
Instructions to Accompany form DTE105A
Continuing Homestead Exemption Application (DTE 105B)
Homestead Certificate of Disability (DTE 105E)
Addendum to the Homestead Exemption Application (DTE 105G)
Homestead Exemption for Disabled Veterans and Surviving Spouses (DTE 105I)

Owner Occupancy reduction



Initial Application for the Valuation of Land at its Current Agriculture Use (DTE 109)
(385) 236-7869

Miscellaneous Licenses

Dog Tag Application
(512) 312-4993
Vendor's License Regular Application (ST 1)
Vendor's License Limited Application (ST 1T)

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