He is also twelve years old but he is still younger than her.

His elder son is studying at college.


Sangho has no experience.


I heard that Ping doesn't swim anymore.

I asked him for some advice.

It is a pity that the teacher is leaving our school.

Do you need my assistance?

He's a weird guy.


"Come into my parlor," said the spider to the fly.

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I don't think it's a good idea for you to hang out with Ronni.

I need you to do this for me.

I'm really not in the mood.


One quality of oil is that it floats on water.

I'll get a fire going.

Can't this wait until things are back to normal?

The man sitting over there is a famous singer.

Don't take any notice of what he said.

Jin has gained a lot of weight recently.

He's a meth addict.

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Don't let them scare you.

Bill was single until he tied the knot last week.

Eric is discontented.

When she heard this Elsa grew white with horror, for she thought she was selling her soul to the evil one.

I am at vocational school.


Have them send you an application form over the Internet.

A person named Sato came to visit while you were out.

Allan is really strong.

Mikael blushed a little.

I can't speak Vietnamese.

Why didn't you just ask them?

The news is good today.

This is a unique situation.

Were there any customers while I was gone?

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Antonio and Sjaak didn't recognize each other.


Better a new friend than an old foe.

Have you told him already?

He is not a doctor.


Graeme doesn't seem to have noticed.

Okay. Sorry.

What made you decide to come here now?

We can make the world stop.

Simon walked inside.

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He's an albino.

Gill acted as the boss whenever the boss wasn't around.

We've got plenty.

It's so good to finally meet you.

Helge said that he would come back.

I would like to have my hair cut.

For some reason or other she shook her head.


When you contact me, please do so by phone.

I was just trying to be funny.

This is the last time I'll annoy the teacher.

We are in the tie-up.

What songs would be on your list?

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I need to buy stamps.

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I have a sensitive skin.

Jane is eating a sandwich in the lunchroom.

Nobody forgets my country.

Stop fooling around and help me!

Liyuan made me promise not to tell Sabrina.

We were having problems with Robin.

If the difference between order and chaos or preservation and ruin were the same as that between high mountains and deep valleys, or between white clay and black lacquer, then wisdom would have had no place: stupidity would also have been alright.

How many Spanish words did you learn yesterday?

Let me show you the way.


Susanne is such a jerk.


This vowel change has much to do with the overall accent pattern assigned to each word.

I think Arthur is naive.

Mr Brown is our English teacher.

I'll be thirty soon.

I've been dead before, and it wasn't too bad.

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He turned his thoughts toward home.

I'm not supposed to talk to you about this.

Paracelsus influence was intense and long lasting.

Edgar has things to do.

He seems to be very sleepy.

Rahul grabbed the opportunity with both hands.

Can we talk with her?

Don't leave the bicycle in the rain.

Rogue promised Nate that he'd come home early today.

I have no idea what death is like.

I am tired of my monotonous life.

Adlai is the winner.

She was a child, but she wasn't afraid.

That's not how the world works.

This isn't my blood. It's all splash-back from my opponent. There isn't a single scratch on me.


How can we be of help?

I need to help him.

Could you go to the store?

Gil asked Archie to come to Boston.

I can get us some tickets to Jeff's concert if you want to go.

No one suspected her.

We ran all the way to the station.


Naren didn't want to sell his car, but he had no choice.

It doesn't get any easier.

You live in Rome? Me too!

You were pushy.

Set me free!

I have a lot more homework than Pratt does.

Water bleeds through paper towel is if it were a sieve.

I can't bear the thought of her with another man.

Heather put on his helmet and got on his bike.

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They'll never reach us in time.

My sister has become a good pianist.

Why haven't you been showing up to work lately?

The girl I told you about lives here.

I won't do it again.


Most souvenir shops are filled with worthless knick-knacks.

He is eager to succeed.

What's the good news?

They claimed that my name had been inadvertently eliminated from the voter registration list.

Nobody listened to me.

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"Does he like music?" "Yes, he does."

What an awesome deal!

The drivers are at the starting line and raring to go!

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Is this safe to eat?

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Do you have an alibi?

The others are playing outside.

I usually have dessert after dinner.

Next to smoke, don't make someone cry.

I went up to the 5th floor in an elevator.


Emma drove his family to the beach and they spent all day swimming.

You're older than her.

The problem is important on that account.

I don't see anybody inside.

Donovan suggested another plan to the committee.

I felt like I was dead.

We don't have enough data yet.

It was a fabulous show which brought us an endless delight.

My brother died in a traffic accident.

That happens every day, doesn't it?

I love to dance.

You let Donna get away.

You have to do that somewhere else.

Eddie ordered a glass of orange juice and a cup of coffee.

I hate the politicians of the world who put their personal interests before those of their country.


I really don't have any questions.

You're taking a lot for granted.

The children played with magnets.

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Are you sure you don't want to stick around a little bit longer?


He doesn't speak English either.

I cannot check my mailbox. There is no Internet here.

She was happy because her dream came true.

Can you prevent it?

Can you repair my shoes?

We all work together.

This chair is ugly.


It seems to me we need to talk to Loukas.

We have our differences.

I saw my sister there.


If you hadn't had my advice, you would have failed.


It all came to nothing.


I'll go and see him myself.

He is telling a lie.

I will call you tomorrow afternoon.

I am afraid it will be rainy.

I was taking care of him.

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Don't you hate dogs?

In a store if you break something you must pay for it.

Who has torn the envelope open?


She got so carried away when arguing with her husband that she burst into tears.

You must've known.

The debate has been interesting, confusing, and sometimes horrifying.

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You were never like us.

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It only adds fuel to the fire.