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I actually really liked it.

You liked to swim.

I went to see the baseball game yesterday.

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Didn't your mother teach you to say thank you?


I really like TV.


Sri won't want to play tennis with you.

It's a double-edged sword.

He gave her a diamond bracelet.

Let's sit around the stove and have a chat.

The mission took the direct route by air to the boundary.

She has been studying French for a few years.

He can say such things.


Let's start where we left off yesterday.


Think for a moment.

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Why are you so sure Pam is Canadian?

Ernest has already told Elliot what happened.

I'm sure Bruno will do that.


Romain's had a string of failed relationships.


We're pretty confident.

He had little social life.

The flickering black-and-white television set irritated my weary eyes.

I walked up the hill.

There's a lot of room left for improvement.


This hat is too small. Please show me another one.

Nikolai wishes that he could be a better French speaker.

I am anxious about his health.

The only thing Kate has been talking about recently is his new house.

The more I spoke, the wider her grin became.

Stop being so nice.

The brothers cared for one another.

What can make you to change your mind?

Emily flashed her smile at him.

What do you think happened to it?

You hurried to the bottom of the stairs.

What is a language? It's a dialect with an army and a navy.

Try on that shirt. It's made of fine cotton.

My brother fell out of a tree and broke his arm.

Patrice is watching the baseball game with his friends.

You had better begin with easier questions.

Capitalism might be the best means we know of for generating wealth, but it is not a perfect system for distributing wealth.

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We are leaving this country for good.

That boy's hair is black.

You can't teach your grandmother to suck eggs.

Is somebody here?

Bertrand usually drinks coffee without sugar.

I didn't know you were going to be here today.

I don't hear that often enough.

Would you like to go out with me tonight?

Someone started screaming.

It's been over a week since I last saw Michael.

Do you think Knudsen will like that?


We must rescue the environment from pollution.

Is that long chimney broken?

I'll just keep quiet.

How about tomorrow night?

Just reading the medicine made the cough go away.


I told you we'd be late.


I assume you know what to do.

He is possessed of a strong fighting instinct.

Yesterday morning I saw many birds.

I can't explain those disappearances, but it wasn't me.

He didn't say a word to me all day.

Every house had a garden.

What kind of name is Plastic, anyway?

Ian walked in wearing a tuxedo.

I found him a job.

What's the best way to lose weight?

I'll leave it in your hands.


Birds are indicators of the environment. If they are in trouble, we know we'll soon be in trouble.


Between you and me, he was dismissed for bribery.


My parents are probably starting to worry.

I don't believe anything I haven't seen with my own eyes.

I don't have friends to play with.


I want to tell you what happened.

Do you really know where Spencer went?

We expect you to carry out what you have once promised.


One must have conviction in law, or its existence will be superficial only.

Robin can't play the piccolo.

Dads are usually the figures that pass on their musical taste, from what I've gotten from other people.


Why was Eli in there?

Jochen and his friends went to the circus.

What's the chemical formula for hydrogen peroxide?


Are you and Lukas friends?

I don't know why I have to do this.

Father often tells me to keep things clean.

Newspapers, television, and radio are called the mass media.

I miss it.

Light waves travel through space and various kinds of materials.

My mother gave me her sewing machine.

I ran into a friend of mine on the bus.

Good night, sweetheart.

"Who is the captain?" "Darin." "Oh no, we're in trouble."

What's wrong with you today?

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I didn't order fish.

How much do these cost?

This destructive world has already experienced two world wars.


Mussolini was a dictator.

We're still awaiting an answer.

Now let's talk about what we're going to do during the new semester.

Her dress was very unbecoming.

I never want to see his face again, so I tore all of his pictures into pieces and burned them.

It was very good.

I wouldn't care if Spy did that.

Dan began dating his childhood friend, Linda.

We stayed an extra two weeks in Paris; and we spent it seeing the sights.

You're not fooling anyone, Audrey, we know it's you.

Mariou hadn't thought about Sanjib for days.

I'm going to chock the wheels so the car won't move.

Tigger had a tiff with her boyfriend.


I enjoy cooking, but I don't like the cleaning up afterwards.

Let's not talk about sports.

You're pretty good at that.

Elizabeth came by bus.

You're mumbling again.


Whoever causes trouble will be the victim of the trouble.

She took out a loan in order to buy a car.

She gypped me out of my money!


The audience could hardly wait for the concert to begin.

This flower is more beautiful than that one.

I have an older brother who lives in Boston.


Vance can see me.


It'll take approximately three hours.


My shift's almost over.

That she was there is certain.

I just cracked a rib.

The ship dropped anchor.

They don't talk to us anymore.


I wish this was all over.

The way I see it, as larges cities, Tokyo and Osaka are essentially the same.

Vidhyanath hasn't been on speaking terms with Edith for years.

I had a tooth extraction a week ago.

He did not ignore our request, and neither did she.


How many teams participated in the championship?

Almost all the workers objected to working at night.

Why do you have so many cats?

You'd better shut up.

How deep is the abyss?


The Queen of England is related to the King of Sweden.

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She knows many bigwigs.

Vadim disabled Rakhal's video surveillance system.

I'm not famous yet.

I beg you to do it carefully.

I want to do this as quickly as I can.

She thought in a good way to get money with the help of the internet.

The country's main products are cocoa and gold.

I really didn't have any money.

Would you like me to carry your suitcase for you?

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What's Jos really like?

Kirk disgusts me.

Vaughn's systematic problem-solving skills stood him in good stead for promotion to branch manager.


It sounds very strange to me.

I'm sure that he's happy.

I'll have your son.

I'm glad I was able to help.

Tonight will be fine. Let's make it for 6:00.

They accept other opinions.

I will go even if it rains.

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How am I supposed to know where she's hiding her money?


All you have to do is to meet her there.

Is this sentence correct, teacher?

Good leather will wear for years.


I want to have my own room.