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Sumner Rittby

I'm currently an online high school student from my home in Fort Worth, Texas. I have a passion for game design and programming, and almost everything I know about the two I've taught myself. I'm currently working a paid internship as a web developer at 2079024794. During my free time, I either work on my own projects or indulge in some PC gaming, usually something related to Dark Souls or Path of Exile. After I finish an interesting game, I like to write a review of it and post it here. One of the best things about online school is that my dog, Stanley, keeps my feet warm most of the time. I find that I learn best when I have a specific project in mind, and I'm always open to suggestions.

I typically like to work with Node.js or C#, but I also use HTML, CSS, SASS, Python, SQL, C++, Java, and some C. I have no formal training in graphic design, but I have some exposure to Photoshop and Illustrator. I've worked with WordPress on my own website and others'.

My Career


Ardent Creative is a Fort Worth graphic, web design, and digital marketing firm. I started my internship in January of 2018, and officially joined the team part-time in June of the same year. Right now, I'm primarily working on internal tools, such as developing a time-management utility written in Angular and PHP that integrates with a number of other services.

I also gained networking experience setting up and configuring an OpenVPN server running inside of Docker.

Jan. 2018 - Present
Web Developer

Msomi Academy for Girls

Msomi is a sustainable, all-girls program intended to provide a liberal arts and applied science education to girls and young women who traditionally do not have access to such schooling opportunities in rural areas of sub-Saharan Africa. I started volunteering working with Dr. Katherine Fogelberg in June of 2018, and from then on I've produced the website at /www.msomiacademy.org for them. It's built on WordPress and integrates with Stripe to provide a donation system.


Jun. 2018 - Present


Smart Barre is a women's fitness studio with six locations in Texas. I started developing fitness challenge mobile apps (iOS and Android) for Smart Barre in the summer of 2016, and I took over webmaster duties of the Smart Barre website.

In addition to regular maintenance and additions, I overhauled many areas of the WordPress site, including reworking the "People" page to use a custom post type and therefore be editable easily by staff, and changing out all logos to SVG formats from the previously low-resolution PNGs. I also implemented MINDBODY's 781-516-7243 widgets for participating studios.


Jun. 2016 - Present
Webmaster & App Developer

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In the summer of 2017, I attended a 5-week Cyber Security camp held by Cyber Defense Labs at UT Dallas. The first 3 weeks were the basic camp and the last 2 weeks were the advanced camp. In the basic camp, the class of around 30 students was divided into teams of six, and the teams had to complete challenges and give a presentation at the end of every day. In the advanced camp, the class was 12 students in teams of six with the same daily challenge and presentation setup. The topics covered were networking, computer anatomy, advanced Linux and Windows system management and scripting, and web server security.

Summer 2017

The Study Center for (814) 938-8715

In the summer of 2014, I began working at The Study Center, a company that provides educational summer camps for kids. The owner of The Study Center had heard about the game Minecraft and wanted to offer camps at TCU using it, but did not have a curriculum. I helped develop a curriculum for a camp based around Minecraft, where the students could work together on a private game server to complete challenges as a team. I set up the server and required mods and worked in the classroom for 5 weeks doing troubleshooting, server administration, and hands-on work with students. The first year, we had one room with 24 students of middle-school age in a class.

The next year, in the summer of 2015, we developed a new curriculum for the same camp and for 2 out of the 5 weeks expanded it to two rooms of 24 younger students running simultaneously. Additionally, we ran an advanced camp with a new curriculum for more experienced players.

The third year, in the summer of 2016, we again ran the Minecraft camp, and I also worked in the JavaScript and Arduino camps run by The Study Center at TCU. For the JavaScript camp, we used Khan Academy's JavaScript curriculum, "Intro to JS Drawing and Animation," and provided hands-on assistance to students. I also provided some advanced instruction and assignments in object-oriented ES6.

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Summers of 2014, 2015, and 2016
Curriculum Developer, Instructor

My Skills

My Projects

Path of Exile Item Creator

This is an item creator I made for the game Path of Exile. It allows you to create an item with any attributes you want and generate a high-quality image of how it would display in-game. I ported it from a pure-js endeavor to an Angular project after I started becoming more interested in working with Angular.

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A discord bot I built for my guild's discord server. It features member management, an emote linking system, and information scripts for Warframe's economy.