Lars might have missed the last train.

Every student passed the driving test.

I want everything you just said written into the contract.

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When does school break up?

Dick is following right behind us.

God created you.

How was that overlooked?

I felt safer.

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I'm looking forward to seeing you again.


The question is are you going with us.

I'm the one who has to do most of the work.

I only had three left.

Frederick is my baby.

It will probably rain.

Today, he is not allowed to eat anything sweet.

He fainted and fell on his back.

Cristi tossed the rotten apple into the garbage can.

She gave me a ride home.

Come and see me after work.

I want something to do.

You're not telling the truth.

This law is unjust.

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Beverly has been in prison for three years.


May I introduce myself?

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We collect stamps from all around the world.

This is the first time I've ever sold a house.

I was just about to say that.

Ira dated Toerless's sister before he dated her.

She served me coffee.

I'm definitely better now.

I heard him play the piano only once.

Your friends will miss you.

Jan has a facility for acquiring foreign languages.

Lori has been living in Boston for the past couple of years.

No one was prepared for what happened next.

We lost all of our money.

We deposit money in a bank.

It's the dry season here.

It's the flight from Recife.

You complain a lot, don't you?

What should I do with her?

America is a large, friendly dog in a very small room. Every time it wags its tail, it knocks over a chair.

The clock was working, but the alarm had not gone off.

I think we have to go.

Do you have your driver's license?

Thank the Lord.

Can I help you with anything?

We have to get Janet out of there.

John covers the Kanto area and Taro covers the Kansai area.


The soldiers fired.

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I don't like your friends. They're always complaining.


We're closed tomorrow.

She said that they were good friends of hers.

Jeremy is Cory's oldest son.

Do you want to go for a drive?

Are you telling me you don't know where Jeannie lives?

Huey is staying at his uncle's.

It is not the best solution.


They're lying.


He's afraid of snakes.

Jeff may be back by then.

That is sensitive apparatus.

Take a wild guess.

You should do whatever makes you happy.

Pilot will probably only sleep about three hours.

Sharon only eats kosher food.

I want her to come with us.

This school supplies students with textbooks.


We have never gone there.


Rajesh pointed to the broken headlight.

We're all back safe and sound.

Her carelessness resulted in an accident.


No, but I like going to watch baseball.

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The cat drinks milk.

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I bet you have to twist your body into uncomfortable positions to be able to apply sunblock to your back.

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Luc hates driving when it's foggy.

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He excels us at tennis.

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I finally have everything I need.

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Panzer sat with some of his teammates on the bench.

I'm dying for a smoke.

Do you think the shooting was accidental?

What's the job?

The document records that the war broke out in 1700.

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We have had fine weather this week.

It looks like Sonny has gotten into the tequila.

We will return home after one hour.

I'll act as a guide for you.

Someone is tapping at the door.

I'm no longer sleepy.

We're early.

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You look good with those glasses on.

You have said quite enough.

I'm Charles and this is my sister, Maria.

It's their business.

His remark has nothing to do with the subject.

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I'm headed downtown.

I want to stay with Sehyo.

My hubby and I used to go mountain climbing together.

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I didn't see anyone writing.

Some holy men affected sackcloth and ashes.

Where did you put the screwdriver?

It wasn't Dwight who kissed Saiid.

Ken has located Hartmann.

Andries ran out of time.

They are sculpting a statue out of marble.


Andrew came across Siegurd on his way to school.

Do you have any idea who'd want Arnold dead?

We can always coordinate.

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You're not that crazy.

We can hardly keep alive on this salary.

I hesitate to ask her to help.

He is busier than Taro.

Don't worry. Didn't I say that everything would go well?

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He had three servants to wait on him.

He probably won't approve your proposal.

That was our job.

You guys can't be serious.

I love what you've done to this place.

Kelvin hugged her doll.

This author's books don't suit me because the erotic descriptions are too perverted.


Eliot let Raymond play his guitar.

When you go, I'll miss you very much.

That gives us hope.

There were only five people present altogether.

Dory made the football team.

I heard about Andries and Cristina.

It is a very difficult job for us.

Roy washes his hair without using shampoo.

The grass sprouts all over the garden.

We elected him president.

She has a broad view of things.


We've been on a roll.

The high school students are studying in the classroom.

I shouldn't be doing this.

He is a very good friend, yet a little lazy.

I love this job.

They are good friends of yours.

Why is Jill downstairs?

The toilet doesn't flush properly.

Why did you invite them?

"I don't love him." "Yes, you do."

As Victor Hugo said, "there is nothing in the world more powerful than an idea whose time has arrived."

What did you have to drink?

Would you like me to tell the truth?

My dream is to be a firefighter.

Olson, what's your problem?

I want something cold to drink.

Shouldn't this be in the refrigerator?

It's complex.

An anonymous benefactor bequeathed several hundred thousand dollars to an animal shelter.

What's her job?

We're going to try to be there on time.

It'll cost about 2,000 yen to repair it.

I'll meet you in the lobby.


Lois is pretty good at golf.

Japanese industries export various products to America.

I have to ask Anita first.


That country has a mild climate.

If there's anything I can do to help, please just ask.

I personally don't care anymore.


She dressed herself quickly.

The festival is free.

Thank you for saving us.

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That's right up my alley.

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I didn't know you at that time.