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$400 per hour

That's how much people just like you in the

Carpet Cleaning

business are making using a few simple techniques

Bags of MoneyBags of Money
A great workshop is coming to your
area that will teach you a
super profit
add on service that is a perfect fit
with your current business,
and will bring in an amazing
$400+ per hour.

Right now, today as you read this, there are
people just like you, average carpet cleaners,
who have come to this

1 day workshop

and are now enjoying the extra money
they learned to make.

For most of these people it's


of extra money.

Listen to what one recent customer has to say

This is not a new business.
It's an

extremely profitable

add-on service

for your existing business.

You will learn:

How to make $400 or more per hour with a simple service your customers already want - if only they new who to ask

Keep reading to find out what we mean.

No hassles - just a lot of extra money

Would you like to make
$99 - $148 for
15 minutes of your time?

Who wouldn't?

After you take advantage of our one-day workshop,

just 15 minutes

of your time will make you

$99 - $148

again &
again &

We are only in your area for two weeks, and
space is limited, so you may not have another chance
- Don't miss out!

A few recent attendees

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It works for absolutely EVERYONE

If you're a 1 to 4 person carpet cleaning business it will be perfect for you.
If you have a small business with 5 to 25 people you could have a few of those people making you $400.00 plus per hour 10 to 20 minutes at a time. Now that will really add to your profits.
It works as well in small towns as it does in the biggest cities.

What kind of raise would you like to give yourself?

$1000 - $2000 - $2700 a month or more
Having this extra money will make your life a little easier.
It will relieve financial stress, and give you some extra FREEDOM.

Join the $400 per hour club.

15 minute clock = 100 dollar bill

15 minute clock = 100 dollar bill

15 minute clock = 100 dollar bill

15 minute clock = 100 dollar bill

60 minute clock =$400

At $400 per hour each 15 minutes is worth $100

Do a simple 15 minute repair and get paid
$100 or more!

Now you have joined the $400 per hour club.

I'm looking for 10% of the carpet cleaners in your area

I've done some market research and I know that
only about 10% of the carpet cleaners in any area will decide to come to this workshop.
I think that's a little crazy considering how much quick easy extra money you can make just by coming to this one day workshop (It would benefit nearly everyone) but 10% is fine. It just means there is even more money left on the table for you!

You'll be part of the 10% who join the $400 per hour club.

And the winner is

The add on service that is making average carpet cleaners an amazing $400 plus per hour

10 Super high profit & easy furniture repairs

These repairs are so simple that a 12 year old girl could do 9 of the 10 repairs at the end of the day. More on that later
My name is Lonnie LeClair. I used to be a professional refinisher and reupholsterer. That's the hard way to make money in this business. I learned long ago that the way to make BIG MONEY was to focus on the quick & simple furniture repairs. The amazing part is that the repairs that make the most money are the quickest and easiest to do.

Here's what a few carpet cleaners think after my workshop

Absolutely Fantastic! My first repair $165 in 14 minutes
Dennis K.
I made $1486 in my first month doing these easy repairs. Can't wait to see what I do in the second month!
Darrel M.
I've done 16 repairs and I'm going for 100 repairs this year. This has made my life so much better. I now have no money problems. Thanks a million.
Simply put, the best money I've ever made for 20 minutes of my time.
Pheng V.
I just did some open seam repairs on an expensive leather sectional. It took me about 45 minutes and I got paid $348 and had a very happy customer.
Gustavo C.
All my customers have been very happy with the repairs I've done. I now call myself the "Furniture Repair Doctor" Plus when I'm doing these repairs, I'm being paid like a "Real Doctor".
Just like you said at the workshop, I'm getting a lot of referral work.
Carlos B.
The money is GREAT. Thank you for this opportunity.
Barb U.

How easy are these repairs?

Absolutely no skills required, except the easy repair techniques you'll learn at the workshop. I only teach you the truly simple and easy repairs for two reasons:
1st The quick and easy repairs are where you can make the best MONEY
2nd I want people with absolutely no experience to easily and quickly learn all 10 repairs at the 1 day workshop.

He was amazed how easy the repairs are

So Easy that a 12 year old girl can do it.

I had a twelve year old girl come with her mom to one of my workshops. The mom lost her day care last minute and had no choice but to bring her daughter. She was a bright girl and I had an idea. I asked the mom if she could participate in the workshop (free of charge) I wanted to see just how easy my ten repairs were. This little 12 year old girl not only had fun that day, she also learned to do most of the ten repairs with no problem.
If a 12 year old girl can do this, you certainly can!

I guarantee that anyone who comes to my workshop will be able to do 9 of the 10 repairs within one week of attending the workshop. Most people will be able to do all of the simple repairs and start making great money the next day.

Millions & millions of these quick easy furniture repairs that are just waiting to be done right now.

Over the years I've watched as the quality of furniture has gone lower and lower. It's so made these days that something like 80% of furniture sold today will need one or more of the 10 simple & quick repairs we teach at our workshop within 1 to 3 years of purchase. I've been doing this for 30 years and right now I'm busier than ever.

Someone will make a lot of money doing these repairs

Why not you!

What's possible for small one and two person operations

After many years of doing these simple, quick repairs, I've found that the average repair cost is $189. On some repairs you can make as much as $300 or more. Other repairs have a lower cost. They average out to about $189 per repair. (Not bad for only 15 to 20 minutes of your time.)

Your 1st repair
You'll have made approximately $189
In 15- 20 minutes you will have made more than some people make working a long 8 to 10 hour day

After 10 repairs
You'll have made approximately $1,890
Some people are so excited after the workshop to start making $400 per hour that they do 10 repairs within 2 weeks

After 50 repairs
You'll have made approximately $9,450
Be very happy, this is all extra money

After 100 repairs
You'll have made approximately $19,000
(you can make this doing just 2 repairs a week)

This is my goal

I want every single person who comes to my workshop to do at least 100 repairs a year. Some will really work and reach much more than 100, others won't really try and may not get quite there. But one thing is certain
Everyone will make lots of extra money

Companies with 5 to 25 people

If you're a bigger company with 5 to 25 or more people, you can multiply the above results by 4 or 5 times. Now we're talking some serious extra profits. Imagine having 3 or 4 of your techs out in the field making you $400+ per hour a couple times each week. Low investment, high potential return. We have some nice discounts for companies that send 2 or more people to our workshop. (More discount information on our signup page)

What if I want to do more than 2 repairs per week?

Go for it!
As I've mentioned earlier, there are millions and millions of these repairs just waiting to be done, many right in your existing customer's homes. Once you start doing this repair work, especially if you use one of the promotions I give you at the workshop, you'll find that you have lots and lots of this high profit repair work to do.
I've only recently started doing these workshops and I already have people reporting back to me that they're doing 3 to 5 repairs per week (that can bring $1000 a week.) would that much extra money make a difference in your life? These are average carpet cleaners who wanted or needed extra money and decided to take action and come to this workshop.

If they can do it, you can too!

I want to keep reminding you that this is
extra money!
Most people will keep doing their business just as they've always done. And this new service will be extra money in your pocket. A big fat bonus, it's not meant to make you rich, it's meant to give you a nice raise, to relieve some financial pressure and to give you more money at the end of the month.
Listen to how it's helped these people.

Do you want a lot of this high profit repair work?

3 Simple ways to bring in lots of this high profit repair work. Everyone who comes to the workshop will receive my own method for bringing in a ton of this high profit repair work. Over the years these three simple promotional tools have kept me extremely busy with hundreds of thousands of dollars of these high profit repairs. I was hesitant to just give my best ideas away, but I decided:
I want everyone who comes to my workshop to make a lot of extra money. All three promotional tools are included free with the workshop.


Before you use any of these promotional tools, make sure that you are

100% ready to GO!

The high profit repair work will quickly start coming in and you'll need to be ready to start doing these simple quirk repairs that will make you $400 plus per hour. Make sure you've reviewed all the repairs and that you have all your tools ready to go.

Finding money

Imagine you know the feeling you get when you put on a pair of pants and reaching the pocket and fined $10 or $20.00 bill. "nice" it feels like free money now imagine finding $190 in your pocket once or twice a week. That's a bit what it feels like when you're doing these easy furniture repairs.
It adds very little time your day and zero extra cost, but it adds a lot your wallet.
It's a win win. Your customers happy to keep their per repair and made it so convenient for them if you're happy to be making $400 plus per hour.

Small sized carpet cleaning company wanted 1 to 5 people

if you're a 1 to 5 person operation this is an absolutely great opportunity for you. You guys will benefit the most. The extra income you will be making will most likely make a big difference in the quality of your life.

It won't make you rich but you might

feel rich

when you're making $400 plus per hour.

In a small way it will improve the quality of your life

I know it will relieve stress to have a new high profit source of income flowing in. I was a four person shop for years. I know what it's like to deal with the overhead always going up, and to always be rushing and pushing to make sure your work calendar is full, we just to pay the bills. It was a great relief to me when I started doing 10 very high profit furniture repairs. It brought in an amazing amount of new money.

What a great feeling

Think about this

You're at a customer's home on one of your normal work days. You see one of the simple, quick furniture repairs you learned at the workshop. You talk to your customer and they say " great" go ahead and do the repair.


You just made approximately $168 to $198 for about 15 to 18 minutes of your time. Do that five two eight times a month and you'll add a lot of money to your income.

Why can we charge so much for these quick simple repairs??

Three simple but powerful reasons.

1st: Price expectation

People really don't know what it might cost to do a furniture repair. It's not something you see advertised at a low price. When we give our price people are open to the cost because they have nothing to compare it to. They don't have an expectation on what the cost should be.

2nd: You're the expert

When your customer has a damaged piece of furniture, to them it may look terrible, or it bothers them but it's not as comfortable as it used to be. They may also think the repair will be tricky or hard to do. We know that the repairs are very simple and quick, but your customer is most likely thinking it will take an expert with a lot of experience to do a good repair. Again this leads them to be opened your price. You're the expert, you know what to charge.

3rd: Convenience

People are very busy. You're already in their home doing your work. If that person has a nice piece of furniture that needs one of the 10 repairs that you are now qualified to do, nothing could be more convenient for your customer.

Quick example:

a customer that has a $1600 sofa that needs repair is almost always happy to pay you ($99.00 to $198 or more) to do that repair. Of repair that will only take you 15 to 18 minutes.
Now this customer won't have the hassle of finding the right person. Who do they call? Scheduling an appointment, and hoping that person shows up on time and does a good job. Or worse they may have been told that they'll have to bring their furniture in to someone's shop to get it fixed.
You've made it super convenient. They'll be happy to pay your price.
To sum up:
Most of your customers won't have a clue on what the furniture repair might cost, so they'll be open to your price. They view you as the expert, and to top it off you've made it super convenient.
That's how we make $400 plus per hour 10 to 20 minutes at a time again and again and again.


It all adds up to

if you want or need extra money in your life, Go to this one day workshop

What's included with the one day workshop

Bottom line

You'll receive everything that you need to start doing this high profit
repair work the day after the workshop.
Very soon you'll be making $400 plus per hour.

If you need a little more money
Join us

If you need or want a lot more money
Join us

90% of the people that do your kind of work will stay the same, and complain
that they have to work so hard and still not have all the money they need.
You'd be part of the 10% who will join the $400 per hour club.

Do just five easy repairs and you'll have paid for 100% of the workshop

1 2 3 4 5 workshop paid in full

Do five more repairs

and you'll have

$950 in profit.

Every time you do five repairs you'll make another $950
Some people will do five repairs every week and some five repairs a month.
It's up to you.

$950 $950 $950 $950
$950 $950 $950 $950
$950 $950 $950 $950

Week after week month after month the extra money will keep coming in.

- Most workshops will sell out -

Only 18-21 people can attend each workshop.
If you want a spot at the workshop

Don't be sorry!

When the workshop is full, 21 other people will be to learning to make $400 plus per hour.

* Don't let this happen to you. *
* Don't get left out because you were slow to make a decision. *
* Don't let someone else take your spot. *
* Make this extra money for you and your family! *

I still go out almost every day to do repair work!
It's hard to turn down $189 for 15 to 18 minutes of my time.
Now 21 people in your area will also have the opportunity to make crazy good money
doing these quick - simple repairs.

If you've read this far, you're the type of person I want at my workshop.
I know you'll do great.

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We will sell out.
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