Kenn was the one who did this for you.

Harvey got sick.

I'm taking a bubble bath right now.

You've been waiting for this, haven't you?

He took the trouble to assist the poor man.

I need your full attention now.

Mat asked her if she was Duncan.

How long can I borrow this book?

Piotr is always up-to-date on the latest fads.

He was a member of the Republican Party.


We can all do better.

The camel marches while the dogs bark.

Why is open source such a sausage fest?

We have to get you home somehow.

Almost everyone was dead.

That's the word.

He assimilated what he was taught.


We all die in the end.

Why has this happened?

Panacea realized that he was wrong.

This isn't a diamond. It's just plain glass.

The price index hit an all-time high.

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The nurse gave us flu shots.

We don't care about the money.

You've risked enough.

He ascended the ladder halfway.

Do you miss them?

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There is an urgent need for improved living conditions.

This isn't so much fun.

I was supposed to take Pandora to dinner.

While you're in the classroom, take off your caps!

Vick got into trouble.

Hume seems a little distracted.

Where's the nearest bank?

Take your hands off my things!

I have fought.


On his recent visit with his grandparents in Boston, Saad listened with growing empathy as they related tales of their hardscrabble childhoods and their coming of age during the Great Depression. His grandfather also spoke of enlisting in the army during World War II.

I was looking for something to do.

I can vouch for you.

I assume you know how to get to Joubert's house.

I need some mental stimulation.

She was often late for school.

Stop being a jerk, you meanieface!

When was the last time you took a whole day just for yourself?

The doctor's quick arrival brought about her very speedy recovery.

What's going on over there?

I can't believe that you went to Germany and you didn't learn German!

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Everything I once loved has been destroyed.

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She loves us.

We know Norma is poor.

Why are we moving to Boston?

That's actually really mean.

Is Murat too young to play baseball?

I'm fairly sure Ramadoss is in Boston now.

There's no need for Serdar to hurry.

Could you pass me that wrench?

You need a good night's sleep.

You know better than this.

Would you lend me a hand, Taro?

Call me after you talk to her.

Hand me the hammer, will you?

Any car at all will be suitable, as long as it works.

You can talk to me about anything you want.

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That better be good enough.

Novo didn't get paid.

Antonella's dog enjoys being vacuumed.

Nobody must know.

He could not help seeing that you were about five times as pretty as every other woman in the room.

Babies want plenty of sleep.

He should be back any minute now.

They're inquisitive.

I still have to get the rest of my stuff out.


Don't tell anybody where Jacobson is.

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Why don't you tell me what to do?

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The whole thing doesn't make sense.

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An income tax is levied on any income that exceeds deductions.


How far is it to the museum?

Life's a bitch, then you die.

Don't be offended. Samuel's that way with everyone.

Maarten is never here.

Go and look for Miki.


I haven't forgotten Lars.

The people in the village fell ill one after another.

Stu showed me some pictures of him when he was a kid.

Whoever says so, I don't believe him.

The girl that we were talking about lives here.

I got Saiid to buy it for me.

Be careful what you wish for. It just might come true.


I almost understood it all.


I didn't even notice.

Liisa eschews public attention.

He is the person who is difficult to come to terms with.

This is the highest selling book of the month.

The book's weak-point is that it lacks credibility when a married writer recommends remaining unmarried.


We are having lunch.

I think this is pretty nice.

It's Friday, and so we have to perform our prayers.


Vince, I've got to talk to you.


Seeing that her husband was feeling bad, Ana called for the doctor.

Everything happened just the way Marc said it would.

I didn't take your umbrella.

I do not know if, to use your manner of speech, he loves you; but I know that he will return.

He felt a resentment against his uncle for taking him in.


He attributes his success to good luck.

I haven't received any notice that she's coming.

This car can go thirteen kilometers for every liter of gasoline.


In order to improve the environment.

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Boyd said that nothing like that would ever happen again.

Since I'm here, let me help you.

I never see you without thinking of Ken.

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When was Juliane supposed to get here?

He is sure to succeed in the attempt.

Hienz wasn't exaggerating.


I keep science for Life.


Not much has changed since then.

I don't know if there is time.

Kerry was on the other side of town at the time of the shooting.

What can I get you today?

Keep in mind that even Job's patience can be lost.

Heinz will have breakfast early tomorrow.

They charged me with the important task.


We can't just leave him here.

The bus driver was not impressed when Christofer pulled out a $50 note to pay his fare.

I recommend that you read that novel.


Jill is an amazing skier.

This should relieve the pain.

My computer suddenly stopped working.

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Archie had almost forgotten all about what had happened.

It's a little easier said than done.

But the farmer smiled at him.

How many kids does Oliver have?

Bring your brother with you.


Break the chocolate into small pieces.

Vishal must've changed it.

There's really nothing more we can do.

Could you give me a few more minutes?

This has become a yearly tradition.

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In case there is an accident, report it to me at once.

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I was on my way to see Walt.

Why are people clapping?

It is not easy to be an umpire today.

I hung up the phone.

She didn't go there yesterday.

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If you really want to know, all you have to do is ask.

Daniel is making calamansi juice.

We got to the top of Osaka Tower.

I actually had fun tonight.

How large is the audience?

That book is of no interest to me.

I have been anxious about my son's safety.

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She paged through the magazine.

Lucy would often play the piano after dinner.

Don't let anyone pass.

I suppose I should be flattered.

Myron earns twice as much as Janet.

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Humanity has never had it so good.

I'm actually a mutt.

Why don't we just stay in?

I want to know where I can buy something to eat.

This information is not as up-to-date as it should be.

Melanie is eating an apple.

Please give me money.

Mommy is not home at the moment.

He is the same age as me.

He slipped outside to meet up with a girl.

I take my vodka straight.