I'm starting with beer.

The lovers fell into each other's arms every chance they got.

His expenses exceed his income by far.

Wait here until I get back.

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I don't know if it's what he wants.

He was traded, so to speak, to the rival firm.

My family is from England.

I'm pretty sure that Oskar doesn't know how to speak French.

I wanted to know if you'd heard anything about what's going to be discussed at tomorrow's meeting.

It seems good to a scientific person, but I prefer to consult you in practical matters.

Are we ever going to finish this?

Old age creeps upon us unnoticed.

He is an authority on China.

Should I tell Vince to call you?

Sound sleep freshened him up.

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When speaking in Japan, it may seem like you're not listening if you do not respond while somebody speaks to you.

Patricia is cute, isn't she?

I've been asked to give the eulogy at my grandmother's funeral.

These are my only pair of work gloves.

We must do as they say.

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Murray gave Melinda a ride home.

No, my dear, you had better go on horseback.

You put in too much sugar.

His hands were deep in his pockets.

You believe that it is grammatically correct by what logic?

Could you lend me some money?

I demand your daughter's hand in marriage.


We're all on the same side.

It just isn't the same.

I wonder what Turkeer is going to do with all that money.

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The structure isn't strong enough to support that much weight.

What is it then?

I will never, ever drink again.


I'd like to learn to play the harp.


It is one of the beautiful compensations in this life that no one can sincerely try to help another without helping himself.

He has a great fancy for travelling.

Oscar passed one test, but failed the other.

I didn't want that to happen.

I wanted to hurt them.


When will we go home?

I was as surprised by Avery's arrest as you were.

Maybe Niels doesn't yet know about what's happened.

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I forgot to explain everything to Jean-Pierre.

I think we'll find Malloy.

I'll help you find somewhere to live.

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We don't know how to help Robbin.

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Mitchell became a father.

I want to apologize for the way I acted last night.

Everett claims that he can speak French.

There are times that we have to leave a job even in the middle of a recession.

It is too long ago.

I told them I didn't want to go.

Do you think money will buy her happiness?

This screwdriver is too small to be any use.

I've learned a lot about you.


I'd ask them.

Step to the side.

Melanie said that she likes swimming.

I can't go on.

To my way of thinking, that was his mistake.

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My father finally learned to drive when he was fifty.


The dictionary is close at hand.

You are not allowed to violate the rules.

Please go slower.

They shoot horses, don't they?

Welcome to Japan.

How many republics were there in the Soviet Union?

Tal climbed down the fire escape.

She is a woman worthy of admiration.

The two incidents are connected with each other.

A little more respect please! I am still your mother.

I see your book.

What's your favorite German folk song?

You need to toot your own horn.

Kolkka has already done a lot for us.

I feel dead inside.

Izzy wasn't allowed to visit his father who was in prison.

Orville put a bandage on Andrea's finger.

I am, by no means, allowed to become ill now, tomorrow is my holiday.

This machine takes your money and gives you nothing in return.

I am unfamiliar with the customs of this country.

All the kids I grew up with could swim before they started going to school.


I have been playing the piano since I was fifteen.

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I'm on vacation, too.

Did you read that book I gave you?

I don't think of Old as shy, so much as introverted.

Don't underestimate us.

When I hear that song, I think about when I was young.

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Why didn't you tell me you were planning to be here?

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We do have a problem, but it's not one we can't solve.


Sugih explained the schedule to Vincent.

I tried to talk a friend of mine out of getting married.

Is he a teacher?


As they didn't know the way, they soon got lost.

She came here as soon as she heard of it.

Stop teasing your brother!

I want you to be ready when Clayton gets here.

The food was not bad, as hotel food goes.

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You screwed this up.

This isn't news to anyone.

She was always surrounded by high-quality goods.

Belinda suggested that we not watch that movie.

He stayed there during the vacation.

He proposed to send for the doctor.

For the time being, I am studying French at this language school.

The lost fishing boat made a safe return to harbour.

She told him.

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We're going to the bar.

He's kind of shy.

Don't let him open the door.


Jimmy, it's time for you to go to bed.

I just wanted it to be a surprise.

"Hirofumi is thirty years old." "He's not really that old, is he?"

I can't make him out.

Straka meant to tell Laura about the party.

I know Isabelle is allergic to peanuts.

Mummy cried.

We have to work now.

I want the bigger cake.


There's something I want to check.

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They will say 'Aha!'.

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Kyung failed to come on time.

Sunday comes after Saturday.

How dare you laugh at me!

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School begins at nine.

The girl with fair skin passes for nineteen.

Do you want to keep dating her?

It's about time to sleep.

Elvis looked through the small window in the door.

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How is life in the United Kingdom?


Turn the music up!

He had never canceled an appointment before.

Why didn't you try calling them?


Mr. Hirayama is a very good teacher.

What's wrong with what we did?

His words struck terror into her.

Hurry up, otherwise you'll be late.

She was afraid of the dog at the gate.

The reporters demanded to know why the mayor wouldn't talk to them.

What do you drink for breakfast? Tea or coffee?

Polar bears are white because they're old bears.

He is used to sitting up late at night.

Even the dog doesn't recognize him.

Consider carefully what you're about to say. You have a lot riding on it.


"You loved me once," she answered sadly.

Beauty in China was associated with wealth.

I had a good time yesterday.

He is arriving shortly.

He forgot all of his friends.

He fell into the shark infested waters.

This bed is not comfortable.

Grammar is very difficult.

She has attractive eyes.

I read about it in the newspaper.

Just because a certain book does not interest readers does not mean that the fault lies in the book.

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And why do you ask?

We acted in good faith.

Repeating a mistake without recognizing it as one, is the biggest mistake of all.

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Don't you know her name?

He's a great kisser.

Tell me where you plan to go for your summer vacation.

We studied Greek culture from various aspects.

I am divorced.


The king got undressed.

I don't think I can do this again.

I have to find that.