This post was inspired by Niccolò Brogi’s awesome article on the common developer/designer freelancer’s inability to differentiate when they are working, and when they are living. When it comes to people like me who began pursuing a career in design and development because we already did it for fun, this line is extremely thin. This has all been on my mind ever since I started getting busier with new work coming in, more e-mails to respond to, »

Freelancing and the Importance of Leaving Your House

One of the first things many people learn when they begin their freelancing journey is that you shouldn’t bring your work home with you. I try to follow this rule as often as possible. When you start bringing your work home with you, the black and white areas of your home life and work life tend to blend into a pretty ugly grey. However, this reasoning isn’t exactly why I’m writing this post. Today I decided I’ »