Geological Computing Services to the Mining Industry

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Highland GeoComputing, LLC (HGC) provides geological reserve models, mine specific GIS solutions and custom database applications to the mining industry.

With more than 30 years of specific geological modeling experience in most of the world's coal basins, HGC can create the appropriate geological modeling solution for deposits from the simple to the complex.

Highland GeoComputing, LLC

HGC endeavors to provide accurate geological reserve models for operating mines and their corporate owners. Most operating mines have minimal staff dedicated to mine geology and geological modeling. Therefore, HGC provides mine specific geologcial consulting services tailored toward each mines' specific geological circumstances.

HGC believes that knowing the mine geology and planning for geological risk factors is one of the best avenues for maximizing profits. Profit margins within any mine are thin. HGC believes that profits resides in the details and planning of a mine. Furthermore, HGC believes the foundation of a solid mining plan resides on good geological models built with sound geological data.

HGC is committed to providing thorough, professional geological services. The success HGC provides mines is most often realized over a period of time. Therefore, HGC works to develop long-term relationships, through geological services agreements to maximize overall value and minimize overall cost.