I hate that trumpet.

Maybe Heinrich doesn't have children.


I'll see Anton later today.


He has experience as well as learning.

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Practice is as important as theory, but we are apt to value the latter and despise the former.

Bjorne makes a lot of mistakes when he speaks French.

You don't have to get your panties in a bunch about it.

More than 70 percent of the inhabitants are in favor of the program.

He went through a very hard time.

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I only live a few blocks away.

Who was that woman I saw you with?

The flowers in the garden are beautiful.

Devon doesn't want to see anyone.

It was sink or swim with me.

I already told Swamy everything I know.

Thank you for coming by.


They majored in literature at the university.

This cake doesn't really live up to its reputation.

I think you did a great job today.

Will you support me?

People who are afraid of making mistakes will make no progress in English conversation.

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We're going to help.

My husband lost his job.

What man is that with blood all over him? From the looks of him, he can tell us the latest news of the revolt.

She let her go.

It's downright scary.

There were no flowers or trees on his street.

I forgot to call her.


I anticipated that.

Magdalena is interested in geography.

The convention voted.

Rolfe didn't provide any details.

Frankly I am hungry.

I imagine that scene

Does anyone know what time it is?

Does anybody recognize him?

Isn't the weather great?

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You didn't see everything.

The dog followed me to my home.

I want to meet him to see whether or not he gives me useful information.

My father works hard because he wants to give us everything we need.

I want you to go back over to other side.


Are you going home now?


The two ships went down at once.

I've known them since college.

We want Ann to help Siegurd.

How many people are likely to show up?

This basement is huge.

He laughed in my face.

They did everything in order to make money.

She knows many bigwigs.

He is like his father.


Brooke decided to become a monk.

I really need to hit somebody.

Divers have found hundreds of Spanish gold coins off the coast of Florida.

We're parents.

Laurie could hardly understand what Gordon said.

Jack once gave a helping hand to Robert, who was in trouble; and now Robert, in turn, is of great help to Jack.

Bird watching is a nice hobby.

Wilson really likes talking.

Do you want to go to the opera with me?


It's not anybody elses' business.

We are an open community.

Some high-pitched sounds are inaudible to adults, but can be heard by children and teenagers.

Michael was seen to leave by the side door.

Olof likes to gossip about celebrities.

I didn't know what to say, but I called her anyway.

Let's talk about what happened yesterday.

How long do you want to stay in Boston?

Both of my parents died when I was five.

There's a fire in my kitchen.

Dale is outspoken, isn't he?

We have to deal with this, Florian.

We have to allow for the delay of the train.

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I'll handle things.

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His hat was very funny.

She lost her balance.

I'm really not very well.

I haven't asked him.

I bought Srivatsan's new novel.

I hate people like you.

I heard everything you just said.

Were you all talking about me?

We're pretty busy right now.


I'll take care of the dog till tomorrow.

I thought you'd be in Boston by now.

Put away such a foolish idea.

I'm afraid of reptiles.

Could you all please just go home?

You must not think about your immediate profit only.

Are you interested in the job?


Kriton wants to change all that.

Your shirt is wrinkled.

Piotr doesn't want to buy an expensive engagement ring for Ann.

Do you know anything about predicting the weather?

I punctured a tire.

They have something to do with the scandal.

How does Sarah do that?

Laura doesn't want to be late.

I saw her at it with great enthusiasm.

Would it be OK if I stayed home today?

She's just trying to manipulate you.


We don't fight for trendy clothes, we fight for justice.

"Liberty, equality, fraternity" is a French motto.

Are you prepared to just let that happen?

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Of course he thought it was a joke and let it slide with a "hm?" but he was seriously annoyed. I mean, just don't say things like that even as a joke!


A child develops rapidly between the ages of 13 and 16.

How many flights to Boston do you offer a day?

We were worried about her.

You're a good assistant, List.

Louiqa is shoveling snow.

I don't know who started it.

That's a long way to go for work!


Caution! Wet floor.

Loren is becoming more like his mother every day.

Ramneek thinks he'll get straight A's.

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Angus has long blond hair.

There were three buttons on the lower back of the robot.

I can't put up with this smell.

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A good knowledge of numerical analysis, stochastic calculus and programming in C++ is important for a job in banking my lecturer said.

I think I know who might've done this.

I don't want you to harass Eduardo.

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The farm production of this year is better than we expected.


I can't hear it.

Do the police still have Cindy in custody?

I know it doesn't make sense.

They just want to talk to him.

If we should miss the train, we'll go by bus.


Anne didn't know the reason why Lonhyn couldn't go bowling.

I work all day long.

I know how dangerous it'll be.

You shouldn't try to do everything by yourself.

Plans are meant to be changed.

She likes short skirts.

Just don't go outside.

I hadn't heard about that.

Manny broke down.

"Well, do you get it now, Styopa?" "Of course I do, now I know this. But, Professor... it's better, I dunno, if we never speak of it again." "Alright."

This design resembles his earlier work.

Edmond took off his wedding ring.

I don't know if you know this, but I'm not as smart as you.


Don't worry. Chicks dig scars.

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We played tennis yesterday.

Norm wore a new coat to school today.

He is qualified as an English teacher.

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Toby shot the dog that attacked Vadim.

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When will we eat dinner, Mom?

It wouldn't hurt to tell her.

Why do people do this?

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Forget your troubles for a while and come and have dinner with us.

Is your gun loaded?

I thought you wouldn't recognize me.

The gate had already been closed when he returned.

I'll join you shortly.

Turn the volume up so that the students at the back can hear.

I've been studying English for three years.


Don't be so angry.

Supermarkets often use alcohol as a loss leader to draw in other more profitable sales.

Is this some sort of joke?

Lindsay is breaking the law.

Kumi did not make boxes.


In my opinion he is not fit for the work.


Leo packed some essentials into his knapsack.

That is not Sassan.

No one was listening to me.

No, Rik, don't do that.

Your Majesty, open the door. It is cold out here.