I am shorter than he.

Do you think that might be part of the problem?

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I'm your partner.

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Tell him to stop.


I'm very proud of the job I chose myself.

She is blinded by love.

I don't know how much longer we'll need to wait.

I have to think about the possiblities.

Is there somebody sitting in this seat here?

They speak many languages in Spain.

I received a letter from Vince.


It's Dawn calling from Boston.

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This information is incorrect.


Marshall was having a good day in his new home.


I wish the world would change so people did not have to work.

Raja sometimes needs a little supervision.

I'll never forget the look on her face.

He set up as a butcher.

From this point of view we should say he was right.


One of us has to do it.

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Just hold on a second.

If it's not for sale, don't advertise.

Grant failed at almost everything he tried--until he was given command of the Union Army.

See that this never happens again.

While Mac was in college, she worked for a lawyer.

I wonder if my efforts will pay off.

You should be talking to them.


I was waiting for Raja.

How many times do I have to tell you that Tatoeba is not a human being?

I must talk with him.


I think it'd be great if you could come.


I own a computer.

I used to be good at this.

They must be replaced.

He would be a very sad man, seeing his dream come to naught.

What is 6 subtracted from 10?

Our former home was in Sweden.

Selling unnecessary stuff is fraudulent and immoral.

Can you stay for dinner?

After a brief break, he continued his work.

Vicky pretended he didn't see it.

The cold wind chilled the traveler.

The newspaper reported the death of the statesman.

Everybody is really excited.


Fish and red wine don't go together.


I'll be right there.

The book is very interesting.

It was very impressive.

I love being married.

She has a good command of English though she was brought up in Japan.

I should help them.

And like that it's correct?

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This beef is four dollars per pound.

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She put her hands over her ears to shut out the noise.

This glass of beer is almost bigger than you.

Spencer should have known better than to call Naim after midnight.

Siegurd isn't going to protect me.

Alberto told us that we could buy a ticket at the door.

Books are sources of knowledge.

I do a lot of things.

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I am writing Chinese.


That actually happened.

The children are playing hide-and-seek.

The main issues of the company are highlighted by the report.

Your family is well.

I'll buy a backpack tomorrow.

We own a few hundred acres between the three of us.

Children like to pretend to be adults when they play.

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I'm going to hang out with Cory.


These lights are beautiful!

I don't like what you're saying.

Everybody is great.

Firstly, happiness is related to money.

He kissed me on the forehead.


Once upon a time lived a king who had three daughters.

This is not what I wanted to say.

I think it's dangerous.


Antibiotics can't destroy viruses.

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I'd like some privacy.

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There's plenty of light.

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You guys are always so busy.

We've done everything possible.

I've been told your name.

What will we do about getting tables, chairs and such?

Yet today only about 15 percent of American families follow this pattern.


I didn't wake you, did I?

It was an embarrassing fiasco.

It wasn't easy to convince Michael to do that.

This really isn't an island.

It is an ill bird that fouls its own nest.


She goes under the name of Yotchan.

I don't have to prove it.

Grass grew.


Is there anything I need to be worried about?


You should get that sofa reupholstered.

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You can't open it, can you?

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Cold and dry, splendid sunshine, what beautiful winter weather!

Someone turned the alarm off.

She's a looker.

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She's hard at it.


Trying is a billionaire, not a millionaire.

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There's a sick man here.

Those who choose to retire can do so as early as sixty-two, although starting to draw their Social Security pension at that age would mean that the payments are reduced by 20 percent.

So great was his emotion that he could not utter a word.

I understand what your saying.

I wasn't quite sure what to say.


Some people are pretty scared.

I have considered that very carefully.

Don't take that dramatic attitude all of a sudden.

William helped Pat up.

Lanzarote is not so beautiful.

Have you looked outside lately?

We import tea from India.


It could be worse.

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I'm coming with Jay.

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I've baked a cake for her.

Pilot has a lot of friends here.

I can tell you that that didn't happen.

I fell asleep while listening to the radio.

Excessive drinking is one of the causes of impotence.

I wish you'd consider coming back home.

She lacks confidence.

Kathleen was a bitter old man who was sick of life.

That which the Russians can only laugh at, the Europeans can take seriously.


I'm afraid I can't settle on an agreement if you can't meet these demands.

You may as well begin to prepare your lessons.

I get the feeling something's not right here.

Son said I needed a nickname.

It seems I was wrong about him.


Why don't you take your jacket off?

You should speak with your employer.

It's a fucking mess.

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And the tree was often alone.

Jinchao doesn't need to do that if he doesn't want to.

Let's give Vistlik a surprise welcome party.

This could take a long time.

I think we all know that.

There's not enough room for everybody.

Pratapwant could use some sleep.

Mott was wearing a shoplifted jacket.

It's a ridiculous question, really.


He was trying to find the guy who hit him on the head.

Good things come to those who wait.

His old clunker isn't worth anything.

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Some believe that the British Royal Family is directly descended from the line of King David.


Douglas brings his children with him to work once or twice a year.


Can you give me another sentence to translate?


The students are all at their desks now.

I have no intention of going to the party with you.

I misspelled the word.

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I like to do a few exercises to loosen up before I run.

Dwight is a few inches taller than Olson.

I thought Darrell would leave with Murray.