Trey is already a father.

Do you have something to write with?

It isn't music.

Did you feed the dog this morning?

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I told the police everything I know.


I'll call back as soon as I can.


Have you ever been on TV?


There's obviously been some misunderstanding.

Price isn't an issue.

Moe might win.


It is said that "Hamlet" is the most interesting play ever written.


We like people who bravely tell us what they think, as long as they think the same what we think.

I'll go and give her a hand.

Mr. Johnson's workers are loyal to him.

I need a plumber.

But my mind tells my fingers what to do.

He drove his car to Yokohama.

Nothing has been sold yet.


I really feel at one with nature.

I fear that the clients aren't happy.

I heard what was said.

There are some people who think it's a bad idea.

Roberto's inattention at the wheel cost him his life.

My younger brother really likes to take photos of mountains.

Tao had a problem at home.


I want her to call every day.


I don't feel good right now.

People sometimes make illogical decisions.

Mann felt confused.

Aren't you being a little presumptuous?

He lives within a stone's throw of the school.

I'm so tired of keeping secrets.

You knew I was here.

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Do you know what you need?


We're going to play a game.

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An eagle flies in the sky.


Lanny died of breast cancer.

Shall we take a picture here?

Condors have never bred in zoos.


The city perished in the earthquake.

Jenine finally talked Shirley into buying a new computer.

I thought Natraj was an electrician.

I was born in Australia.

It looks like she has a lot of friends.

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This is the hard truth.

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We're your neighbors.


Gerald has a Murphy bed.

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The car is bad.

His speech charmed the audience.

I'd like to meet them someday.


Don't let that dog go.


Rudolph took off his coat and hung it over a chair.


There were quite a few passengers on board.

I really want to go.

Sherman got into the car with Nate.

Eternal love doesn't exist.

I'm too tired to do anything now.

I thought Paola was your enemy.

Siegurd is working as a model.


That singer is very popular with people in general.

We're not entirely sure.

Koalas can only be seen in Australia.


Everything is covered with dust.

You're the computer expert.

You should turn in your paper by next Saturday.


I kind of enjoyed doing that.

Not only they but also I was scolded by the teacher.

I have gained weight.

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They laughed at my idea.

It still hurts.

Would you like me to shave the nape of your neck?


Please do it quickly.

Vicki has never talked about it.

Can you remember how much you paid for this?

I lost my purse on my way to school.

They didn't oppose the project just because they feared public opinion.


I hope you're not talking about me.

Why do all the guys like her?

Life is by no means a series of failures.

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Take off your tie.

I suspect Barton knows more.

If you wanted more cake, all you had to do was ask.

I won't tell Those.

I cannot bear this pain.

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Please send for help.


Prior to the meeting, they had dinner.


Olof kept his end of the bargain.

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As long as you have lots of money, you have lots of friends.

This print is too small to read.

Don't enter the room until I say "All right."

We have nothing to talk about.

They were deep in the red and closed up shop.

Here's where it gets complicated.

I'm trying not to cry.

Julie gave Ronald a lift home.

I hope you behaved well at school today.

Freedom of speech was tightly restricted.

Why does it matter anyway?


An increasing number of American parents are opting to home-school their children.

I'm an adult.

Kurt was an Olympic swimmer.

He's well built.

You're free to leave.

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There's a fine line between what's acceptable and what's not.

Kit didn't suffer from dizziness.

I came to have the water.

The Japanese are not punctual as a rule.

In such cases, adults should not scold them instantly, but be patient with them, considering their mental growth.

I don't have any clean clothes to wear.

He is fluent in Chinese.

Do you have the picture?

Could we get out of here?

The town is 3 miles from the place.

We didn't want to do that.

Eric has a lot of money in the bank.

Let's get cracking at 8.

We expect to win.

What should I do if Kylo calls?

You'd better go help her.

I wonder who he really is.

Oh, by the way, I have something to show you.

Theo needs some help from us.

We build and maintain relationships with others.

I need a translator.


We weren't allowed into the building.

We bought two crates of beer.

Arne was arrested for carrying 30 grams of cocaine.

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Drew looked around to see if anybody was watching.

You are still at risk for sexually transmitted diseases.

When people are too well off they always begin to long for something new.

His impressive body of work made him a leader in scientific research.

A pony is a small horse.

When I awoke this morning, I felt hungry.

Why are you so upset?

Why in a million years would I want to do something like that?

I don't like that he comes to my house so often.

He will pass the next examination.

I want to know about your country.


It is not acceptable to our moral code.

The skaters skated around the rink.

I bought a green couch yesterday, but I couldn't fit it through the door, so I had to return it.

The farmers didn't know what to do.

What does that matter now?

The development of the personal computer has revolutionised the way people work, the way they live, and the way they interact with each other.

Do you have anything to declare?

A flattering friend is your worst enemy.

I have already been waiting for him for several years.


You'll just have to wait.

Tell me you didn't take it.

That child was clinging to his mother.

Claudia doesn't know about those kinds of things.

Sherri says you've never been to Boston.


Come here. I need a hug.


Norbert was so annoyed that Ram was late yet again.

Look at everything as though you were seeing it either for the first or last time. Then your time on earth will be filled with glory.

Thomas is watching a movie.

He said such awful things to me.

Don't you think I would do something about it if I could?

Children should keep away from the river. It's dangerous.

We were very impressed by his new book.