That'd be dangerous.

Mother comes to stay with us at least once a month.

I should probably not have done that.

But the person in charge is there precisely to take responsibility.

I like strawberry ice cream.

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We thought it natural that he should be punished.

It is this watch that my uncle gave me as a keepsake.

If it had not been for your raincoat, I would have been drenched to the skin.

I don't like such sports as boxing and hockey.

Is this a hoax?

I'm into your hands.

Micheal doesn't know where to look for Ritalynne.


Hal is the only one in our family who is any good at cooking.


Our profits exceeded even the most optimistic estimates announced last year.

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Shyam removed his gun from his holster.

My grandfather died shortly after my birth.

He never saw his mother again.


Are you going to go swimming this afternoon?


Do you have a petting zoo area?


I disagree with you on the matter.

Tim doesn't know what Rafik means when she says that.

Alana and Nila went clubbing the other day.

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This room is capable of holding fifty persons.

I burned them.

I was glad at the news.

Jelske comes from a culture where women artificially color their lips and put holes in their earlobes.

Just because he likes painting doesn't mean he's good at it.

Manny told Richard not to do that.

It wasn't all that great.

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The rescue worker went into the disaster zone with a helicopter to save people.

Can we do it this week?

Smile, you're on camera.

I don't think you were followed.

We can go somewhere else if you want.

Your prayer will be answered.

You're learning Esperanto.

I wish this job was over.

What's in your backpack?

What do you guys think of me?

We joined in on the chorus.

Can you imagine what life was like before electricity came along?

No was always different.

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Because I don't want to marry, my grandmother called me a cripple.

Christian can't speak either French or Spanish.

You think you can toy with me, but I don't play games.

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What could Rafael have been thinking?

The new constitution will not solve the problems of Egypt.

Thanks again for the opportunity.


The traffic accident delayed the cars last night.

It's five before four o'clock.

Eat and drink all that you want!

What's your favorite spectator sport?

We already looked over there.


Shari is abusive and manipulative.

There've been some big changes made around here recently.

Damone doesn't understand how Kinch feels.

Spock has a goose-down pillow.

Give us everything you've got.


That's all going to change.

It's a deal.

Are we still going to go over to Nou's after school?

Teri is Casper's agent.

Brett began to feel faint.


He saved all of what little money he earned.

He goes to the movies as often as three times a week.

Do you bring peace, or warfare?


My uncle made a fortune.


Can't you get her to stop?

The accused remains in custody.

We want your advice.


That's not what I told her.


You look tired. You ought to rest for an hour or two.

The whereabouts of the suspect is still unknown.

The car's almost out of gas.

You will eat.

Scott is complaining to the manager.

She ordered the book from London.

It concerns the State.

It's your call, Carlos.

My great-granduncle's doctor advised him to adopt a low sodium diet.


This is an important letter.


In answer to her shouts, people ran to help her.

He will play baseball tomorrow.

The outsiders don't quit their philosophy of novelties.

I'll have to tell her the truth tomorrow.

It never occurred to him that she would get angry.

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What was he doing there?

I haven't heard that word in a long time.

I'm not so sure it was them who did it.

My daughter held on to my coat sleeve and would not let me go.

He looked at the ship through his telescope.

Mwa says it's hot.

I'd better go see what Franklin found out.


Kirsten doesn't have a date for the Saturday night.


You must do as you are told.


This gift is from us.

My computer has got to be useful for something.

Are you finished reading the newspaper?

The teacher intervened in the quarrel between the two students.

My father died, leaving a large sum of money.

Dalton is in his late thirties.

Lui would like a sandwich.

Pria swore he wasn't going to say anything to anybody.

She will be missed.

What did you major in at college?

Do not eat fatty, salty, sugary food. Do not drive too fast, eat your five fruits and vegetables a day, do sports... and if you have time left, think about living, as simple as that.

Robbin is sure to try and stop me.

Accidents happen every day in this sport.


Shut the book.

Corey shoved his books into his backpack.

I don't believe the rumours. Do you believe them?

I must say I'm a bit disappointed.

Harry is ashamed of having lied to Sally.

I want hot water.

Would you excuse us?

I never heard back from you, so I thought you wouldn't be here today.

Can you give me your phone number?


Bill is the smarter of the two brothers.

Perhaps it will rain tomorrow.

I think Maarten is callous.

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The flower is yellow and the others are blue.

Alison waited a moment.

You're a doll!

I want to buy this house as much as you do.

You idiot! I swear! Screw this up one more time and it will be no more "Mr. Nice Guy". Capiche?


Mosur didn't even kiss Erwin.

Who did you have in mind?

I have about 5,000 yen.

He made a dash for the bus.

Larry is probably the best singer in our class.

We should have the results in a couple of hours.

You can't fix it in the amount of time you have left.

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Saumya and Konstantinos went on a safari and saw many animals, such as lions, giraffes, zebras, and hippopotamuses.

That was a very brave thing to do.

Judith wondered what Jerald would do about the situation.

We could not convince her of her mistakes.

Did you catch his name?

I'm not a tyrant, but I rule a country without the consent of the majority of its population and intend to make drastic changes that most of them don't want.

I've had this happen before.

I am plowing my land.

We had a real good time.


Trust me, I've been there.


More and more people are becoming seriously overweight.

The ship foundered in the stormy sea.

He doesn't give a damn about that.

Drive carefully! Those are treacherous roads up there.

We need to get this done before tomorrow.


Winter is coming on.


I prefer the view from up here.

The chakras are constantly spinning. If they weren't, the physical body couldn't exist.

You have enough on your mind without worrying about my problems.


Paul is a real competitor.

Alejandro laid the book aside and looked up.

Would you get that, please?

Toronto's mayor was caught on tape smoking crack.

The police think that Derek poisoned her husband.

Could you please repeat what you just said?

Julian would have liked to attend Lyndon's party. Unfortunately, he had other things he had to do.

I'm not patient.

I won't cut corners.

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Your parents can't keep us apart forever.

Gregge met Tanaka while studying at an art school.

I see you nodding.