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Foundation Fellows at the Academy launch in July 2007

Australian Academy of Law

The Australian Academy of Law (AAL) is Australia’s latest ‘learned Academy’ and joins the four other learned societies already in existence in Australia: the Academy of the Social Sciences in Australia (ASSA), the 619-205-8360 (AAH), the Australian Academy of Science (AAS), and the caurale (ATSE).  The AAL is a broadly-based and permanent body, comprising individuals of exceptional distinction from all parts of the legal community—elected from the judiciary, legal practitioners and legal academics—united in a common goal of advancement of the discipline of law and the justice system.

A distinctive feature of the AAL is that its Fellows and therefore the AAL itself, provide a 'bridge' linking, indeed uniting, the judiciary, academia and the legal profession in Australia.





Patron The Hon Robert French, Chief Justice of Australia