I never tried to butt in.

Sanand is going to make it.

Cuba is in South America.

That just might happen.

They stopped to stare at him.

Don't leave the doors open.

You're a liar.

He is, without doubt, much better than you.

Don't go up there.

Have either of you run into any problems?

A Roman coin from the third century CE is the centerpiece of his collection.

Where else was I to go?

I speak Japanese well.

I hope the sentence will be confirmed.

Conrad quit his job.

Frankly speaking, I don't like your haircut.

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Where can we exchange yen into dollars?

Did you get a beer?

I lost my way in the crowded street.

Something good has happened.

Do you know where I can find him?

Soohong owns two houses and a boat.

Did you come to my wedding?

We love it.

This cheesecake was too sweet.

They stayed up all night.

It is a sin to steal even a pin.


I can't make promises.

We need this.

What do you really want to eat?

Brandon also plays the violin.

I said let them go.

I'm positive.

Whatever happens, I'll not tell anybody about it.


I have almost no time to study English.


I found this one.


Why are you mad?


The meat was overfried.

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I had lunch around eleven because I was hungry.

To confuse matters further, her sister is married to her husband's uncle.

I was very, very lucky.

Mohammad doesn't know anything about Hilda, other than her name.

Joyce refused to go to bed.

Please remember me to your teacher.

Japan does a lot of trade with the United States.

I will visit my uncle in Kyoto this summer.

Dawson could tell that Dale wanted to be somewhere else.

The elevator is out of order.

Think whatever you want.

Advice when most needed is least heeded.

It isn't Kris.


Born in Japan, I make it a rule to have rice at dinner.

I feel good after exercising.

I speak Esperanto.

Robin is ready for the worst.

She got Susanne.

In my language, the "," is called comma, the ";" is called semicolon, ":" is called colon, "..." are called ellipsis, and this sentence ends with a period.

Let's go to Juliane's place.


She must love you.

Why tell me this?

Why did Allen come back?


The house was on the verge of collapse.

We're desperate now.

After three full days of interviews we've narrowed it down to two candidates.


Don't tell crude jokes in the presence of my father.

In the U.S., you have the option, when you enter a restaurant, to sit in the smoking or non-smoking section.

Laurianne has been dating a part-time janitor.


This theme should be treated in more detail.


I'll have them repair my car.

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The Speaker of the U.S. House of Representatives resigned in disgrace after being reprimanded for cheating on his taxes.


Niall seems to be eating all the time.

Just as it is better to illuminate than merely to shine, so to pass on what one has contemplated is better than merely to contemplate.

Come in and lock the door.


She is five years younger than me.

The dog who he kept sometimes barked at strangers.

Sorry about the last time.

I'm not going to talk about that.

You've got to stop her.

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Christian is cantankerous.

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You began to learn Esperanto.


Torsten and Vaughn don't agree with you.

I think Brad might have taken something he shouldn't have.

These are yours, right?

An hour has sixty minutes.

How did you guess I was Danny?


You need our help.

It's not as bad as I thought it would be.

May you have a very happy married life!

Come to me if you are in difficulties.

Ed is sitting at the table near the window.

The advisory board had a lot of qualms about her latest album, which she ended up releasing independently.

The thermometer is almost my best friend.

Land prices are running higher every year.

Turkeer was worried about his grades?

He bathed and dressed.

Sophie, who was hungry, ate everything that she could grab.

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No matter how hard you try, you won't be able to finish that in a day.

Nothing is so pleasant as traveling alone.

Tai already knows you're my best friend.

Some people enjoy solitude.

He is facing many difficulties.

Would you bring me some salt?

She wasn't able to explain this situation to me.

Apparently, they're trying to patch up their marriage.

I have a lot of faith in you.

Don't doubt the effectiveness of this medicine.

My name isn't Starbuck. It's John.

Win visited Boston.

Baskets are being made nearby.

Tonight was tough.

This table is fine except in one respect - it will not fit into my room.

I want something to drink.

"I'm hungry," said the small white rabbit, so they stopped and ate the flower from a large hyacinth.

I can't wait to see you all in Boston.

He noticed a letter on the desk.

I remember your father.

I'll stop by later.


We took a wrong turn.

I couldn't leave Felix to die.

Strictly speaking, a tomato is a fruit.


What kind of stuff do you need?

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It's not for me to say.


He melted her heart.


Saiid never got into any trouble at all.


Yes, this is my house.


Farouk was fun.

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I hope my theory of what happened to the plane is wrong.


Dan didn't even apologize to Linda.


I've only seen Masanobu once.

I hate moving.

You can't win all the time.

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I don't buy that. Your logic is faulty, and your example is nonsense.

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I would like to go to Japan.


Do you think you can help him?


It's too late anyway.

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Let's decide together where to go first.

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Dawson came to my office today.

Why have I never heard of Kristin?

Don't you love this place?

You scared them.

Who taught you to surf so well?

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Swamy took some money out of his pocket and put it on the table.


We do it the way they demonstrated.

According to pernickety moderators, non-sentences constitute a mortal danger to Tatoeba.

She always smiles at me.

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Maybe your problem is that you don't know what to do.


A heron, a crab, lots of fish and other creatures used to live in a pond.

I don't like it when Floyd does that.

He often absents himself from meetings.

Someone left you a message.

I'm looking for a sweater.

Have you read the notice?

What a stupid boy he is!

We should be getting back.

Do you smoke cigars?

I think it's very good.

I don't want to ruin Nici's holiday.


There are no hats in that store that fit me.