The plane flew out of sight.

A burglar broke in while he was asleep.

He wants to be different.

Confinement can drive you insane.

Please, let me speak!


Enjoy your meal.


I'm trying to stop Theo from making the same mistakes I did.

What do I do till then?

He invited Joachim and her sister Jane to a party.

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Thank you for coming!

He didn't want to disappoint his father.

I just want to help you.


How long were you married to Srinivasan?

Margot knows how to answer the question.

"Your Majesty, I have become invisible!" "Oh! Where did you go?" "Right here!" "Oh shit, don't frighten me like that!" "My apologies, Your Majesty." "...Say, that gives me an idea. Go scare the hell out of Morshu. See how he reacts."

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What you saw was a dolphin.

It is necessary that every member observe these rules.

It gets the job done.

Science rests upon observation.

Jem doesn't seem to be able to get started today.

Dan's home phone was tapped by police.

I mock it.

My middle name isn't Will.

Not to brag, but I'm a really smart guy. Really. I took an IQ test once, and the results were off the charts.

The bus takes fifty people.

He didn't break my heart. He broke my spirit.

Is Jerrie on duty?

We barely had time to do everything that had to be done.


Terri was suddenly very tired.

The ground was waterlogged after several days of rain.

Another factor to be taken into consideration is that the present situation is favourable to us.

I called her Cathy.

Where do you guys live?

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It rains in early autumn.

You're on the home page.

They took off after her.

Happiness does not lie in things. It lies in the souls of people who reflect upon or contemplate them.

"Do you think he's okay?" "I don't know."

I can't believe it!

Basket weaving is a dying art.

Wolfgang is fantastic.

Take the fork out of the electric socket.

The number of students who come late to class has lately been increasing.

Did Marilyn ever ask about Heather?


You need to pay closer attention.

Shall we walk to the station?

Have you got through with the paper?


She often changes her mind.

Francis wasn't nervous.

Sorry, I'm a stranger here.

Good night, Miss.

Can't we tell him about it?

Cristi and Julius are trying to sell their house.

He's mowed down a parade of challengers before.

We slowly approached them.

They all called him Penguin, due to him being short and fat.


I'm sorry I haven't been able to give you my cousin's contact info.

Rajiv knew Clarissa wouldn't be able to convince anybody.

Could you please say that once again in French?


Thank you for asking me, but maybe next time.

Let's introduce ourselves to our neighbors.

I prepared a weak solution of sugar and water.


It's an embarrassing illness.

We can't drink milk.

I don't know what happened after we left.

That was a serious mistake.

It's very valuable.

Don't lean against the doors.

I don't even know her.

Farmers have to get used to dealing with the variability of the weather.

Either you act now or you get nothing.

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I'm thirty years older than you.

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I don't think I can answer that.

Jeany finally caught the chicken.

Tatoeba: Where quotes go to die.

Something incredible happened.

Give me some more.

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I went for a walk in the park.

I asked Janos to play a song for me.

He gave up the attempt in despair.

Excuse me, where's the Ladies?

I can not get there in an hour.


I solved one.

I'm champing at the bit like a wild horse.

They picked Danny's argument to pieces.

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We're planning a party.

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Norwegian is similar to Swedish and Danish.

Jesse never uses profanity.

Workers must have their hair cut short.


Do you remember the night you were attacked?


There are four lovely children in this photo.

I should've waited another three months.

Saqib has promised to help us.

This letter says that he will arrive on Monday.

I wonder if there would be so many Japanese translations on this site if it were called "Por Ejemplo."

We want to hire you.

I must insist.


She goes online for several hours every day.

I have no idea what this is about.

People are staring at us.

The boy was on the point of drowning when his father came to his rescue.

You are a woman and I am a man.

Many new properties are being built in the suburbs.

They won't find her there.


Why don't you take over?

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"You can have whatever you want." "What about that?" "No, that's too expensive."

Six squared is thirty-six.

I suggest that you read this document first.

Israel has enough time.

I enclosed the receipt in the letter.

Most people like chicken.

A stone is heavy, and the sand weighty; but a fool's wrath is heavier than them both.

Do you think we convinced her?

Don't tell me they actually believe that nonsense.

She is going to meet the project leaders.

Leung has thinning gray hair.

I'd be willing to pay.

You bought an expensive coat.

He did well in all subjects and, above all, in mathematics.

Someday someone will stand on the Martian landscape and take a picture of Earth in the night sky.

If you behave like a flunkey, you're treated like a flunkey.

They married when they were young.


I've already memorized your phone number.

I found the Japanese sentence weird, but since it was written by a native, I thought that it was probably correct.

If it would help, I can show you how to do that.


The show's Tuesday.

I wonder if Don still lives in Boston.

A puppy followed me wagging its tail.

We'll miss them a lot.

Happy birthday, Mom.


I mean Jesus, Page!

Give me one second, would you?

None of us speaks French.

That's my problem.

Miriamne has been quite cooperative.

Bad things happen.

I will come to your party this evening.


Translation here is not fundamental.

Fever and constant coughing weakened the old lady.

Let's see if Shakil can do that by himself.

You can stay at my house.

She's at a loss how to make ends meet.

The king's eldest son is the heir to the throne.

He wanted to buy the book.

This is my apartment.

Maybe you can help us.

Are there any other possibilities?

It's difficult to help people who don't believe they need help.

We'll be waiting.

How can I remove the spots of blood from the shirt?

The neighbors were enemies for years.

I don't sew their clothes.

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Morality is simply the attitude we adopt toward people we dislike.

He must be crazy to talk like that.

She loved the two sisters like her daughters.

I am late because I overslept.

I can't afford to make any more mistakes.

Mikael thought he could pull a fast one.

On gra w World of Warcraft.

This machine is worthless.

I don't have any questions.

Ramneek didn't live up to everybody's expectations.

In February the government's budget came in.

I've been told that you're resigning.

I don't believe in you.

Other lands, other customs.

Damon can't weight bear for at least six weeks following an ankle reconstruction.

Where's your medication?

Don't forget to bring your umbrella in case it rains.

Miriam noticed a gunshot wound in Mehrdad's right arm.

Dwayne is a planner.