Could we please have a little privacy?

Some people thought the world was going to end at the milennium, others in 2012...but we're still here!

The teacher said he did not know the answer to my question.

A turbofan engine is the most modern variation of the basic gas turbine engine.

My car is broken and it's in the shop now.

I'm not interested in physics at all.

When was the last time you played a board game?

Only a few of my friends can speak French.


The lawyer gave an important paper at the conference.

It took Aimee several hours to assemble a bunk bed that the instructions said would take less than an hour to assemble.

I want us to be friends again.

Where are our umbrellas?

Naugthy dots will be chopped off sentences.

Kuldip's sweating.

My wife and kids were there.

I'm going to see her again.

Brett gave Jagath a gift.

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I will be traveling in Europe for two months.

Mitch told me all about it.

Audrey had planned to catch up on some work over the weekend.

I will eat supper at seven.

Are you saying you'll handle that?

I prefer to write in French.

See things as they are.

I think I've seen enough.

Victoria doesn't want to marry Eddy.

Jeff looks quite a bit older than Laurie.

We can keep playing as long as we don't make noise.

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Why isn't the ship moving?

Loyd wants to know what happened.

That is not all together false.


The exhibition has drawn much attention from the public.

Have a good time!

I find them irresistible.

It's nearly lunchtime. Why don't we stop to have a bite to eat?

I am accustomed to staying up late.

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Bill came to see me last autumn.

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Our team is amazing.

I can't understand how she can be so fair when her brother is swarthy.

I could've objected, but I didn't.

In our culture, you cannot be married to two women at the same time.

Do you have a lover?

I don't trust anybody.

It is hardly possible for him not to make any mistake.

I cannot fix this machine. It's very difficult.

I wasn't really expecting that to happen.


Before you give orders, you must learn to obey.

Delbert married a rich girl.

It has to do with a very important subject.


I have just remembered his name, which I couldn't for a long time.

Christian pretends that he just doesn't care.

I wonder where to hang the picture he gave me.

I was not lonely.

I told you I was busy.

Sergei is my kind of guy.

There wasn't any furniture in that room.

How well do you know her?

In those days, a new type of democracy was rising.

It happens to be the truth.

Let's go on a date tonight.

Tell me where you keep your wine.

You have to make a decision.


I know exactly what Russell is up to.

You kissed him?

The feeling of the first time is like sunny.

Don't give me that look.

I think I need a little more time.

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I should help them.

I was in London for almost the entire summer.

She was very unfair.

I'll spend a few days at your place.

That concern has been eliminated.

Good day, Doctor Mortimer.

I always find contentment in a good book.

She selected a blue dress from the wardrobe.

Help me up.


I'm the youngest child.

You are young and healthy and you will surely live a long life.

Some forensics researchers study the rate of insect colonization of carcasses.


Adrian is staying with us.


I will take you home.

I hope you don't starve.

May God keep you!

Jingbai has planted so many seedlings she will be able to supply all her friends with fresh vegetables.

Kit died there.

Leith often forgets to lock the front door.

Natraj has many friends in Boston.


You're my only real friend.

Then where did you go?

Dorian hasn't even held Micheal's hand yet.


When I find myself in trouble, I try to find a way to get out of it.

You're not obliged to thank me.

Elwood always likes to joke around.

Moore looked at the thermometer.

The senator was censured by the congressional ethics committee.

We sang in the choir when we were children.

This novel is so easy that even a child can read it.

We don't even know where Brenda grew up.

What's going to happen to them?


My father is getting better by degrees.

Read the sort of books that you can easily understand.

Debbie discovered that Masanao had dated his best friend.

I'm pretty good at math.

The cat sat on the mat.

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He looked at her with bleary eyes.

Lar said you wouldn't go.

I will succeed at any cost.

Since the train was crowded, I stood all the way to Kyoto.

Your name is Laura, isn't it?


I figured you would understand.

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He went to Britain to deepen his knowledge of the culture.

Yes. He swims fastest in our school.

Copernicus became a symbol, that of heliocentrism.

We are soulmates.

A young person wants to see you.

We're actually all on one team.

It's a tough pill to swallow.


I'd have loved to see you at the party I organised yesterday.

The accident was entirely avoidable.

She knows. She always knows.

I would like to place an order for the following.

See you tomorrow morning!

"Are you a movie star now?" "No, silly."

He tricked her into agreeing to his proposal.

The hot bath relaxed her.

That's all I need to hear.

He came late, as is often the case with him.

She is accessible to pity.

He let me go.

I've never felt this good before.

Stay away from her.

Samir led us into a trap.


These are technical documents and they are very difficult to translate.


You're big.

Blake didn't have to come if he didn't want to.

You look exactly the same as you did the last time I saw you.


Liz has done an amazing job.

I have something I want to say first.

Phil and Laurel value their privacy.

I just can't remember.

They call him Jim.

I thought it was a good book, but Jim thought otherwise.

I am quite ignorant of their plan.

You have great potential.

Chet gently put his arms around Prakash.


That's what Gypsy said this morning.

It is rumored that he gone bankrupt.

He killed the old lady just for kicks.

Is there some way to check for ovulation?

Can I talk to you guys for a second?

It is unbelievable that he did something like that.

Please tell us when it's time to go.

I am good at speaking English.

Put out your cigarette before you eat.


I need to get something out of the car.


I'm in the air force.

He wears a woolen sweater.

Aoi is a very good dancer.

If it rains, I'll stay at home.

Are you going to share that?

Carlo usually sleeps with the lights on.

I can't find the keys to my house.

Chuck didn't want to tell Ted anything.

Brent has failed again. After all she is still young.

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It's a new law.

We just want to help Jef.

The fog was so dense, we could hardly see anything.


I don't remember when the last time I saw her smile was.

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He spied on her while she was bathing.

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I don't think we can take that risk.