You'd better get some sleep.

Ji's prognosis was grim.

Erick asked for the check.

Beauty is truth, truth beauty.

The next day the battery was flat again.

That happens all the time, doesn't it?

Life is short, but the years are long.

This bird is in danger of dying out.


One word to those who understand it is worth more than a whole speech to those who do not understand it.

This game is sick! I've been a fan of the company for...ever.

'Verb' refers to the predicate verb. Predicate verbs change their form depending on the subject and the time expressed.

Release Hsuan.

Moe and Sal are intelligent people.

We'll be behind you.

In the lights of some, freedom necessarily includes the freedom to starve.

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His story sounds believable.


Do you believe that he is telling the truth?

This book is written in such easy English as beginners can understand.

Have you called a doctor?


I wear boxers.

Can I have a dance with you?

Do you know the reason why the sky looks blue?


I want to take you back to the hospital.

I am watching an old film.

I am Jesus, whom you are persecuting.

I'll tell Mats to contact you.

To do him justice, he is not without some merits.

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She asked him to stay, but he had to go to work.

Remain seated!

Johnny needs some money.

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What the heck, I'll do it! When shall I start?

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Caleb chose the colors.

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Dave didn't want to look foolish.

How and why does the end link up with the beginning?

He has been unconscious for three days.

I embarrassed him.

As Season 2 started, Dima decided that he needed a new look, and - reaching into the pocket of his Armani - pulled out a pair of supercool shades.

I want you to tell Varda where you live.

Kinch broke up with Len last week.

It would be very interesting if, the soonest possible, there would be the possibility to do advanced searches on the Tatoeba database.

I think Alejandro can help us do that.

I'm pretty sure Manny likes you.

You are not fond of pets, are you?

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You've got a lot of nerve.

That's part of it.

They deserve their period of elderly life to be pleasant and happy.

In the Bible, it says that we are the image of God.

She is a slave of fashion.

Doesn't Pontus look cute?

I do not like both of them.

It is not always easy to separate right from wrong.

Sridhar is almost always right.

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Let's take a step back for a moment.

Do you mind if I open the window?

The whole is more than the sum of its parts.

This is not a cat, it's a dog.

This child did nothing but cry.

Hasn't he looked at himself in a mirror?

No one was to be seen in the street.

We can use all the help we can get.

You've made up quite a story there.

We've got to get back to the ship.

You are allowed to go.

He picked them at random.

I am very sorry you have a cold and are in bed. I played with Gregge today for a little while. I hope by tomorrow you will be able to be up. I am glad today that my cold is better.


No matter where you look you can see damage caused by the earthquake.

Maybe Ronald has already gone home.

Mikey realized that he was drowning.

Let's let them try that again.

What are you fond of?

I must find her.

Samuel suggested that we help you pull weeds.


Duncan didn't do well enough on the driver's test to get a driver's license.

We're just waiting for Isidore to do his thing.

I know a good restaurant not far from here.

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How is your family name written?

He seems angry.

He is a famous baseball player.

I'm tired of your jokes, they no longer amuse me.

Amir handed me a piece of paper with his address written on it.

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Don't leave me here alone.

It is technically possible.

Sally snuggled up to Edith and put her arms around his neck.

It's very hard to get your heart and your head to agree in life. In my case they're not even friendly.

I helped Spudboy clean his room.

I'm pretty sure that's Anna.

That's exactly what I want to hear.

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Where there is smoke there is fire.

Nothing happened today.

Terry, desperate, howled: "Rudolf! Where are you?" from the very left edge of the sentence. "I fear I'm from now on, fully at the opposite from you" drily retorted Dick.

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He has done his utmost for me.

I'm having problems again.

Kenn and Stewart enjoyed themselves at the party.

They worked like so many bees.

This is the cheapest shop in town.

Stand up and walk.

Italian verbs are grouped into three conjugations.

I don't think anyone would want to read this book more than once.

I don't know how long I'll have to wait before I become more creative.


I've got to get my passport back.

It serves our purpose.

He was born so poor that he received hardly any school education.


She drew back when she saw a snake.

Happiness is like a little bird. At some time or another it flies away.

I came home very tired and with greasy clothes.


"I don't want to go." "It's your call."


I'll eat a thousand-year-old egg.

Lindsay said she didn't need a husband.

I think you should take some time off.

We've only got one chance.

How's your old man doing?

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This wall is taller than that one.

Don't forget that animals sometimes can be human-like.

It is not sufficient to describe the differences in attitude between these two ethnic groups.


Once the teacher organized a banquet and invited all the neighbors.


Skilled soldiers know how to use their environment as a weapon.

You're a drug addict like me!

Violence is the last refuge of the incompetent.

They are going to get married in the town hall.

Wish I had friends so that I'd be happy.


I hate women who say that all men are the same.

They're old.

This steel bar must be tempered.

Can you tell me what day it is today?

We're still vulnerable.

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That would solve the problem, wouldn't it?

It seems that many people don't know the difference between "then" and "than".

It's a ridiculous question, really.

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Mott has done a good job so far.

You have made the very same mistake again.

You must get up a little earlier.

Keep following me.

Graters are good for cheese, potatoes, ginger, and other things you might need little shreds of.

Suzanne thinks Shean should be happy.

How's Sean handling it?

This is a dress of Rolfe's own making.

I like her, but she doesn't like me.

Sandy went to bed very late last night, so don't wake him up yet.

Look at the big shot.


You are allowed one mistake.

It'll surely rain today.

Italian is my mother tongue.


Celeste is the guy we met in the park yesterday.

She has put her house up for sale.

He gained nothing by telling me that.

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She is very anxious about your health.


You hid behind the tree, didn't you?

You should plan to come with us the next time we go camping.

Tolerant told me they're all going to die.

Tanya doesn't need to decide that now.

You didn't get very far.

Jana asked me a question.

He emptied the box of its contents.

Of course, this is illegal.

Is there a bus stop nearby?

My family needs me and I need my family.

I did warn you.

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I like the mountains more than I like the sea.

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This should be a no-brainer.

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The man cheated her out of her money.


That doesn't sound very convincing.

He was too tired to keep walking.

Kamel hoped that Jennie would pay the bill.

Can I still get something to eat?

At first, I thought he was joking.