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You won't be able to see Kimmo today.


Jane is not so tall as Teruyuki.

The valley echoes the sound of the waterfall.

Raghu took this photo.

He made his way through the crowd.

Put the book on the bottom shelf.

Self-publishing is much easier now in the age of the Web.

Were you out last night?

The sky was blue.

To read books is custom with me.

Why do you study French?

Aebat, without saying goodbye, stepped into the gates.


Who can prevent it?

Andrea would be so proud of you.

Hey Sonja, can I talk to you?

That's a good answer.

Smell this.

Your behaviour was shameful.

Except for big parties, I never drink alcohol.

Kee is good at gymnastics.

Tao thought of a crafty joke.

Stop lazing around and look for a job.

It saddens me greatly to know that your father died.


Jean knows this town inside out.

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Old was evidently embarrassed.

It's been a long time.

The man has less cake than his son.


Emily needs to pay his own debts.


Hirotoshi liked Bjorne very much.

They're going to kill her.

Do you need as many licenses as you have operating systems installed in a multi-boot PC?

I thought I'd lost Seenu forever.

It's the perfect opportunity!


My brother is a high school student.


I've rented a room in Boston for a month.

Michelle took a walk through the garden.

I think Niels should ask for his money back.

Jeannie feeds table scraps to his dog.

If you're happy, I'm happy.

I hope nobody gets hurt.

Vicky seemed a little impatient.

Ramsey was 30 years old.

Are you religious?

They're going to shoot her.

Don't let Pierce get near me.


He told me to make sure of the date.

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Do you know where Gunter hides his money?


This fishbowl life is all I need.

My memory of that is still vivid.

Obesity is a national epidemic.

Old, it's time we had a talk.

Let's drop in on the Jacksons.


Suresh doesn't get along with Socorrito's father.


Leif didn't quit.

We were all frightened by this teacher.

Every advantage has its disadvantage.

Women who claim to love Disney films are, in most cases, suffering mentally.

I don't know what would happen if I ever lost you.

Do you have a fever?

They are all alike to me.


It was three hours ago.

What's your greatest fear?

Joachim often talks about golf.

I said we'll take care of it.

You're not going to find Nicholas.


All three of them were in love with the same girl.

Do penguins live at the North Pole?

Basic to the argument is the assumption that the rules in question are present in the language.

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A wife's activities are confined to domestic matters.


We need some more water.

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You've got a bit of a fever today, don't you?


She likes secrets.

The meeting will start at four o'clock sharp.

Louise said he hadn't had a good home-cooked meal for a long time.

Yesterday I was in a meeting.

A ronin may not have the status of a daimyo, but he has the freedom that the latter may never have.

Give Niall a hand.

She did a pretty good job.


I asked God for a bike, but I know God doesn't work that way. So I stole a bike and asked for forgiveness.


I'd never leave them alone.


They have lived here for a long time.

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Pierre knew Jeffrey was right.

The more countries a language is spoken in, the less important it is to sound like a native speaker, since speakers of that language are accustomed to hearing various dialects.

She didn't complain once.

That dress becomes her very well.

Peter is continually making phone calls to his mother.

The next stop is Aquincum.

You're disturbing the whole neighborhood.

What an elegant yacht!

Are you sure Pedro can hear us?

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Will that be hard for you?

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I'm thinking of changing majors.

The number you have called is not in service.

I have not had anything to eat since this morning.

Is this bread's best-by OK?

Albert explained the whole thing to Pratap.


You have everything you need now.

I think you should tell Honzo that.

Nobody hates you.


I hope Kathy isn't sick.


This'll be our secret.

Are you telling me you forgot?

I'm not going to need a heavy coat where I'm going.

Let the concert begin!

The Island of Taiwan's surface area is thirty-six thousand square kilometers.

I always get what I'm after.

I don't think Leora and Konrad should get married.

I don't think that's appropriate.

The door bell has rung.

Nora is a stubborn woman.

Which hat is yours?

He walked around to see the town.

No one seems to know where Daniele is.

National welfare is the end of politics.

I've already fed the baby.

He is strong, brave and, above all, kind.

He had been working on his novel for six months when we visited him.


There are several reasons why I have a fever.

Rich always checks to verify that no dyes are in any food he buys.

I really liked them.

Each antibody targets a specific bacteria or virus.

Is Blake your mentor?

You have to pay attention.

She quit her job.


Don't think that I'm going to let you get away.

Pass the beer over here.

I don't feel good right now.

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The old man asked me a favor.


I haven't called.

Why did you choose me?

Her behavior is beneath contempt.

Did Allan forget to pay?

I'm prepared for any situation.

Stephen grew up in a rich family.

I know what I'm dealing with.

Man is the only animal subject to becoming an imbecile.

There are 50 members in the club.

Take it easy.

You'll have to handle it by yourself.

The tryouts appeared easy.

Without a dictionary, it would be hard to study English.


My phone is handy.


Tell me your impression of this book.

Please stay for dinner.

I don't want to cause you any problems.

I got married on October 21, 2012.

I'll treasure it.

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I'm not a very good carpenter.

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The air feels cold this morning; winter is approaching.


He had no idea what these words meant.

Spelling bees are stupid.

This man's wealth is big, but his madness is even bigger.

You shouldn't spend more money than you earn.

She spread dishes on the table.

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Does that seem wise?


What is your problem?

Do you have anything non-alcoholic?

We're both way too busy to help you right now.


I'm fucked up.