I wish everybody else had the same opinion.

I didn't mean to be disrespectful.

"Are you thinking what I'm thinking you're thinking?" "That depends on whether what I'm thinking you're thinking I'm thinking is what I'm thinking."

I wanted to save her.

They're different.

I have jeans on today.

It works wonders.

Her son is a mama's boy. He has to be with her all the time.

She is a teacher.


You shouldn't look down on him.

Dorothy was wearing a new hat.

I do not want to cut my wrists.


I'm from Austria.

Do you know why I was in prison?

Put down the hammer.


That building was erected five years ago, I think.

Can we really afford that?

Taurus told us to take our time.

Gene is one of the richest men in town.

At least I tried to do something.

The invention of the nuclear bomb means that we are capable of destroying ourselves.

I think it's a lot better in Boston.


I have to go away for a while.

I can't pick this lock.

He carried on with his experiment.

He'll come before lunch if he comes at all.

My car is alcohol-powered.

He is ashamed of being idle.

If God really existed, it would be necessary to abolish him.

I said not now.

Floria wiggled his toes.

I can't detect any pattern.

I'm the same height as he is.


The meal includes dessert as well as beverage.

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Get her down here.

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She lives in the ghetto.

Many birds regurgitate food to feed their chicks.

Heavy-duty vehicles (commercial trucks, vans, and buses) are currently the second largest source of greenhouse gas pollution within the transportation sector.

I felt like I was dead.

I borrowed the book from the library, but I haven't read much of it yet.

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Don't stand in my way.


I'm really going to miss Lester when he moves to Boston.

Ken couldn't find his left shoe.

I read the news about the landslide caused by the storm.

If I were you, I would follow him to the end of the world.

How are you managing?


I wish you could meet Jock.

Are you doing this for me?

"Let me know if you change your mind." "Will do."


Happiness and peace be granted to Germany, our fatherland. All the world longs for peace, reach your hand out to the peoples.

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She isn't to my taste.

Now, take a look at this.

My father is a teacher of English.

They charged me too much.

She sat and lit a cigarette up.

We've talked to them.

Your suitcase looks exactly like mine.

Takeuchi knows where I live.

Ken does need you.

It's been a long time since I last spoke French.

How's the weather out there?

Are you able to buy a ticket after boarding the train?

I'll join you shortly.

It's such a long time since he left school.

It looks like we have company.

My brother has to take an examination.

He got away.

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It's too bad that you're reacting like this.


Why should men get all the good jobs?

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Justin creeps me out.

That'd be nice. What about inviting John and Sir?

I am happy in spite of poverty.

Margie really knows how to tell a story.

The rain forecast for yesterday didn't eventuate.

What was the name of that tune you were playing?

His pride didn't allow him to ask for help.

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After Tiefenthal had eaten all the popcorn in the bowl, he went back into the kitchen to pop some more.

I don't believe in fairy tales.

I like weak coffee better than strong.

Could it have been a murder?

She caught sight of the tautology that she was looking for in a crowd of other, equally useless and potentially dangerous, tautologies.

This is Vincent, my assistant.

I loved him so much.

You're going to like her.

Don't ever talk to me like that again.

Sanford has since apologized.

I always enjoy playing tennis.

In doing things, we cannot be too careful.

Skip certainly doesn't want to take advice from Darrell.


I don't believe in any of that garbage.

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Our earnings are in proportion to our real ability.


I wonder where Bradley went.

I'm sorry, Jean. I do not approve of your methods.

I have many friends who are native speakers.

Rebecca's wedding ring is made of pure gold.

She looked me in the eye.

My friends don't know where I am.

What time did that occur?

Lois looks very pretty today.

The airport is in Osaka Bay.

Ken will work as an area manager for this convenience store starting this Spring.

The Red Cross gets help to disaster victims without delay.

I'm off beer.

I'm your new lawyer.

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He cut off a branch from the tree.

Do you mind if we come in?

He skimmed through the report.

Catherine tried his best not to get wet.

We're both idiots.


I'll never come back. Put that in your pipe and smoke it!

The long wait at the airport was tedious.

I don't have to worry about that anymore.


Margot isn't able to do that yet.

It's often easier to say "yes", than to say "no".

I want her on my jury.

Listen well to the meaning of what I'm saying.

I can call her if you want.

She was excited.

When will the winners be announced?

You are so annoying!

You're not ready for this.

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Kathleen isn't being nice to me.

Could you get in touch with him?

His death grieves all of his friends.


It is rumored that secret peace talks have already begun.

Takao isn't very artistic.

You haven't made as many mistakes this time as you did last time.

I think perhaps I can help Marilyn.

We grow wheat here.

Music is a higher revelation than all wisdom and philosophy.

The general manager is in the meeting room.

It's not my fault, is it?

That's smart.

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Let him take a look at it.

The general lived the rest of his life peacefully after his retirement.

Is there something in particular that you want to eat?

Panos seems almost happy to be here today.

Tandy keeps an eagle feather as a good-luck charm.

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Jaime has been seriously wounded.

It's about three square miles.

What kind of question is that, Darren?

I'd be much obliged if you could give me a lift into town.

She's been living for the last five years under an assumed name.

That's your funeral.

It is raining hard now.


I want Vicki out of my life.


Excuse me, is Xinqiao Restaurant far from here?

Evan enjoys watching TV.

You can choose whatever name you like for the two types of government. I personally call the type of government which can be removed without violence "democracy", and the other "tyranny".

My summer school dress is blue and white checkered.

They met on the beach.

Yes, you are right, young lady. My real intention was to ask you for the next dance.

In U.S. bakeries, a "baker's dozen" is 13, not 12.

Tell me I'm not dreaming.

I am a student at Oxford University.

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Don't worry about Bradley. He isn't a threat.

Ping doesn't like driving in the rain.

Where are you? I am in the garden.

You aren't making sense.

Rolfe isn't sleeping.

I'm not going to take advantage of Dana.

We seem to have a little problem here.

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I was working in this factory.

All you have to do is do your best.

We're proud of that.

It's a cruel world.

Even though it was raining, they went on their outing.

I know that you live here.

Hitoshi won't be killing anybody else.