The Khmer Rouge often used parables to justify their contradictory actions.

Look at them move.

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Wow, look at this.

Who was that troublesome man?

She puts on a lot of lipstick when applying make up.

I'm up here.

Where's the rest of it?

The water's warm.

An urgent telegram brought her hurrying back to Tokyo.

Whatever game he plays, he always wins.

Their gloves are not in pairs.

Svante told you what happened, didn't he?

What is a life worth living?

Keith isn't stable.

Approximately thirty young people attended.

Get in here quick.

Pratap has a lot of money now.

No sooner is one lie out of your mouth than you're telling yet another.

Janet told me it was an emergency.

This pen is very easy to write with.

Shadow couldn't find the keys.


It was because of her that he lived so miserably.

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Traditional Russian cottages are built from wood.

Leave a space between the lines.

I'm sick and tired of hamburgers.

This music reminds me of that girl.

The crowds broke into loud cheers.


That's not good enough for Anatole.

What I'm holding in my hands is a fossilized shell.

The pilots were among the 79 survivors consisting of passengers and crew.


I heard you were looking for a plumber.


I'm sure your intentions are pure.

He talked about ending the war in Korea.

I promise I'll try.

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Rod described the scenes.

Sergiu agreed to give us an interview.

Tomas and Farouk tossed a ball back and forth.

I wish you'd told me what to expect.

That's silly.

I'll see you after class.

Dimitry was a mental patient.

I've been there a lot.

Vance was married twice.

He sees any easiness as a threat to his masculinity, so he always starts games on hard mode and ends up stuck on the first level for days.

Gil looks like he's in pain.


Francisco sat down at his desk and started working.

I could do everything faster when I was younger.

I'll delete the sentence.

Rees's phone is ringing.

Upon hearing the news, she broke down crying.

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The sweep of the times is changing rapidly.

I don't see the relevance.

The christian festival of Easter is the celebration of the ressurection of Jesus Christ.

I'm not sure, but Deborah may come.

I'm not sure if this painting will fit on the wall.

Leave the poor girl alone.

This machine can dig giant holes.

Jamie was irritated.

Tell me about your dreams, Antonella.


I've found the key.

I'll go no matter what.

They formed a company to control it.

I appreciate all your help.

His warm way with people had made him hugely popular.

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The maid didn't see anything.

Certainly they will go on holiday next month.

What are you offering?


I'll go tell him the good news.


They said they fired me because I'm fat.

We're not giving up.

I hope that you feel better.

If I tell her the truth, she will never forgive me.

Goro is good at English.

I want him beaten up.

We simply can't allow that.

Shatter said that he was worried about his future.

I think he should apologize to the teacher.

We decorated the Christmas tree with lights.

Can you set this poem to music?


Don't miss the bus.

Raman sat under a tree, sketching something in his notebook.

I've had a pleasant evening.


The current is very strong.

Go to sleep, Oliver. You need to wake up early tomorrow morning.

Have you ever walked like a duck?

We'll need twenty dice to play this game.

Kris refused to pay his bills.

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The policeman seized him by the arm.

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The password you have entered is invalid.

The event attracted more than 300 people.

Water is heavier than oil.

I saw them smoking cigarettes.

I had to go back to Boston without Kimmo.

Whose book is it?

I can't lose weight.

To grasp the full significance of life is the actor's duty; to interpret it his problem; and to express it his dedication.

I didn't know he had decided to leave.


The room became filled with smoke.


Margot should go back home now.

I turned right.

"May I awaken within the dream and grasp the fact that I am dreaming so that all dream-like beings may likewise awaken from the nightmare of illusory suffering and confusion." --Tibetan prayer

Have you ever come to our meetings?

I'm sorry, we're all out.

Sherman and Eileen are playing tennis now.

I came for him.

It seemed that Bret was hiding something.

"How did you find Egypt?" "Hot."


Scott and Juha helped each other.

You want another cup of tea? I've just made you one!

You will change it, won't you?

I never had any doubts.

They broke the glasses.


I'll miss this place.

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Just let us go.

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Can you give this to her?

They're some developers who aim to make a fast buck!

I'm a translator. I translate books.

I'd like to think so.

Phrases are surely more interesting than sentences.

They lived in a village close to a forest.

"What happened to your nose?" "When I was backing my car up I went to check behind me, convinced that the car window was open, and bashed my face into it!"

Try hard to hold it tight!

They didn't hear the children.


I don't know what he's doing now, but it's not her.

I always knew that was what you wanted.

Turn that up.

The person I am writing to is my mother.

He was accustomed to flying alone, and he had flown this route in his imagination many times.


Hon's sister Patricio is now in Boston.


I don't have money to buy a new bike for myself.


He was a writer who had never lived up to the promise of his first novel.

Roxie told Joe that he didn't think it was a good idea for her to go jogging in the park by herself.

I'll make an exception this time.

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His sister is a real beauty.

Every sentence present in Tatoeba is a lie, especially this one.

That's hardly new.


I'll call you up tomorrow morning.

This is believed to be the place where he died.

Pim did his best to help Jeany.

Are you going to come?

It just came out.

Cut me some slack.

I thought Rodent might be with you.

Mum, I am hungry.

We're still waiting for them.

Linda went to the park to listen to the music.

I know as much about it as the man in the moon.


I anticipated that.


He is an ambassador at the American embassy.

I'm sorry. I never wanted to hurt you.

Audrey accomplished what we thought he wouldn't be able to accomplish.

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I hope I get a chance to return the favor you've done me.


You should've kept that secret.

This is the key I have been looking for.

The cat ran after the rat.

Benson seems to be weighing his options.

You don't have to take an examination.

Additional troops were needed.

We went to the city after being at my house.

Vince kissed Srinivas on the cheek and then got into his car.

Israel is hardly moving.


We should head south.

Can you count to one hundred in French?

The pale face troubled me a little.

I want to go and see Craig.

Congratulations on your diploma.