Using a flashlight, the policeman signaled the car to stop.

The battle ended in a triumph for the Romans.

We were all disappointed by the game.

There's no point arguing with Frances.


I've forgotten how to tie a bow tie.

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Dalton didn't work last Monday.

Stay far away from that dog.

Buy the dress you want.

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Every cause produces more than one effect.


Oh! Show me, please.

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Phiroze dropped out of college when he was a junior.

As the first pack emerges, the spectators take pictures with their cameras and mobile phones.

Did you really expect me to give you that much money?

You can get dressed now.

My father's hobby is growing roses.

This may take some time.

He can't tell what is written on the paper.


Please pay the tax on the items over there.


If it had not been for your support, he would have failed in business.

I play piano.

Come and dance with me!

I have to choose my words very carefully.

I doubt Ofer will be here tomorrow.

Vijay wasn't the one who did this.

Hopefully she doesn't grow up to be a maniac like the rest of her family.

Which do you speak more often, French or English?

It was three nights ago that Kiki visited Lester.

I am because you are, and therefore we are.

I'm not the one hurting them.


I talked her into marrying him.

That matter is the same one that we discussed the other day.

Sometimes, I think I'm in a nuthouse.

Correlation does not imply causation.

I had never seen a more beautiful sight.


Don't you have a pen?


Would you like some more gravy?


I'll never be like Marion.

We better tell the others.

An honest man never steals money.

I'm coming right now.

The wasn't expecting to see you.

Would you like me to cook something for you?

I didn't know that you were in this town.


Kathy overheard John and Bert talking about him.


I'm hoping Beverly doesn't show up.

They're the ones that beat Gigi up.

It wasn't me. It was the cat.


These are decisions I want you to help me make.


We can't just leave them.

Hitoshi wants to be a doctor when he grows up.

What is your favorite fish to eat?

He asked her out on a date.

Jochen respects me, I think.


I came just to see what you're doing.

Why must I suffer?

Would you mind telling me what's going on?

You have to fill out this form.

Wool is warm.

They don't want you. They want Randall.

I'm not sure what's wrong with Carisa.

I have never been inside a jail.

How could you make such a mistake?

The waterways ramify across the plain.

Men should work.

Is your job dangerous?

They are taking their final exam.

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The father is very tired.


Why do I have to do it right now?

I would have to agree.

They basked in the sun.

I am being followed.

Franklin had to wait in line for three hours.

He quarrels with every person he knows.

When did you go to Boston?


What did you do with those books?

That's why I need to go back to Boston.

There's nothing wrong with my memory.

Life would be empty without you.

He nearly killed both of them!

Tell me why I'm here.

Do you believe these rumors?

He was checking you out.

The big ugly tree destroys the beauty of the house.

Morgan picked some pink flowers for Jerome.

Can't this wait until tomorrow?


Do you happen to know them?

Haruki and Machiko were very happy to see each other again.

I've never told anyone.

He walked up and down the room.

She is old.

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Sandeep can't work tomorrow.

It's been three years since Kerri started working for Paula.

I've got a little job for you.


How can there be a traffic jam now, as late as 6 o'clock?


Binge drinking is harmful for your health.


It's been a long time since I've heard the word "baby bottle".


Most of the town and all of the schools were reduced to ashes.

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Nothing ever happens around here.

I don't worry about her.

He left the building at about 6 p.m.


If I don't tell them, who will?


Don't listen to him, he's talking nonsense.

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They were cut off from food supplies.

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Are you lucky?

I'll take this one.

Duct tape is good for fixing anything.

Seen against the sky, the mountain looked really beautiful.

Get out of here, now!

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Giles had never seen Rudolph so busy.


I warned Grace not to eat anything Randal cooked.

Beverly's train hasn't arrived yet.

As more and more houses were built around the lake, the lake became more and more polluted.


It was my responsibility.


We set a trap to catch a fox.

"His biceps are huge." "What about his triceps?"

Have you ever been stuck in an elevator?

She was the most beautiful woman he had ever seen.

The young man whom I caught looking through the garbage can said that he hasn't eaten in four days.

Come back home before night falls.

What would we do?

At least he's a consistent artist: all of his works are bad in my eyes.

Who wants you to be the boss?

Will she ever forgive me?

Dust had accumulated in the attic.


I forgot to bring my umbrella with me.


Cathy is staying with his relatives.

Wendell was sitting on the couch alone.

Neil's house was destroyed by the hurricane.

You all got the whole pillow dirty!

You're in no condition to drive.

The credit is all his.

I'm glad you could be here.

The plants are growing.

Were you scared?

I have never called on him.

See you in Boston.


This is where I want to be.


Are you sure of it?

I am not sanguine that the negotiations will succeed.

I invite comments without resorting to insults.

I think what you're doing is dangerous.

Why did you tell me first?

I was tired from watching TV.

Who's your favorite super hero?


Betty's parents believed him.


I'm afraid I was right.

I'm not as much of a loner as I used to be.

The woman stopped and looked at him.

I need to finish painting my house.

I can still remember a few words in Spanish.

Lex and Lori are very hungry.

We take the blessing of the sun for granted.


If it were not for his idleness, he would be a nice fellow.

Have something to eat just in case.

Sharan's grandfather used to harvest by scythe.

Job's tears can cure a large number of diseases.

Gilles said he'd be here, but I can't find him.

Both of Lar's parents died when he was very young.

It looks very promising.