We finally published the book.

The public has the right to know.

I didn't strangle her.

It's raining again. I wonder if we will be able to have the February snow festival?


I don't know. Why don't you ask Eugene?


Take a bath and go to bed.

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Diane has a scar on his forehead.

They are boring me!

I never wanted to hurt him.

Let's go to a Chinese restaurant.

The figures add up to 230.

Shane hasn't been wrong yet.

Bill got up early in order that he might catch the first train.

To distinguish right from wrong is difficult.

Don't bother to answer this letter.

You broke your arm.

Julian doesn't plan to go to Claire's concert.

She was brought to tears.

Christian thinks he knows what's going on.


The students often copy each other's homework.

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You're scared to death, aren't you?

Let him live.

London's less crowded than Delhi.


Toerless didn't mean to be so late.

Sidney and Manjeri grow leaf lettuce in their garden.

That plane is so ugly.

She has a big house and two cars.

Presley is making soup on the stove.

Brad is filling out an application form.

Benjamin cut his sister a piece of cake.

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I'd rather not talk about it anymore.


Mario probably thought I wasn't at home.

Don't let the price bother you!

Judaism is more like Christianity than it is like Buddhism.

Why can't you come?

I can tell you what to look for.

Desalination of water is worthwhile where fresh water is expensive.

They're unlikely to get married.

I regret what happened yesterday.

They grew angry.

I had no visitor today.

I had just finished my homework when Ted phoned me.

I kiss my child a hundred times a day.

I didn't want to make a big deal out of it.

She looks so fake.

They know the situation.

Don't forget your bag.

Forget about this guy. There are a lot of men better than him in this world.


My plan is working.

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I'm pretty sure I can help them.

Their love for life is infectious.

I'm going to get up early tomorrow morning.

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This is getting to be too much for Beverly.


You may take everything you want.

Spencer is just watching television.

Why should I tell you anything?

The slats move out from the front of the wings to make the wing space larger. This helps to increase the lifting force of the wing at slower speeds like takeoff and landing.

Let's talk about something else for a while.

I'm not doing this with you again.

We may as well set to work at once.

Try breathing through your mouth.

We're all hungry.

Ranjit was so happy when he drove his first new car off the lot.

I really want to know what's happening here.

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I've been an idiot.

Polly started to unfold the piece of paper Milo handed him.

Do I need doctor's permission to use this medicine?

"That's the new head of the student council?" "Cool, isn't he?" "Rather, pretty boy?"

Marshall apologized to Clara for being late.


About an hour's walk brought us to the lake.

I wish you could've met her.

He fashioned a walking stick from a fallen branch.


Rupert came into the room without knocking on the door.

Please let go of me.

The party is just beginning.

The awkward moment when your neighbour sees you break his fence.

I can't tell you how creepy this makes me feel.


Patty made us do it.


I guess you didn't quite understand me.

We have everything we need now.

Can I take your photograph?

Shut off the water.

He fixed his eyes on the ceiling.


In many restaurants in Turkey, kebab is the main entree.

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Did you have a nice Christmas?

He crossed her old telephone number off.

Sugih has written several other books.

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What time did you shut the shop?

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I wasn't born yesterday!


The tallest and smallest men in the world both joined the circus.


They didn't agree how to get there.


I do not consider her choice of music a happy one.


My husband and I are calling it quits.

I held the conch to my ear and heard the ocean inside.

You'd like Linley.

What has she done to you?

Where can I catch the bus for Obihiro?

We tried to stop Rupert.

We need action.

Ramanan asked me who was responsible for the accident.

"Hi, is this you?" "Yes, this is me."

I like apples among other things.

I thought I heard a gunshot.

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Where did you spin them?

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What dress do you like more?

The doctor ordered me a complete rest.

He is worried about his future.

Jarl understands what I mean, I think.

It's not always easy to translate.

I am an Esperanto beginner.

The man stood up.

Piete has an immaculate sense of style.

How could you be so careless?

That's a brilliant plan.

They started that.

Clarence considered changing his job.

Your enemy is certainly not mine.

Samuel smiled, but didn't respond.

It's not what you think!

June saw some dead fish floating on the lake.

I get anything I want.

He sounded intrigued.

Sofoklis picked up his books.


Hubert is one of the richest guys I've ever met.

That would be a beautiful blessing.

When will you be ready to leave?

You may eat as much as you want to.

Give me a hammer.

Amy never flinched.

I'm looking for someone to create a website.

The students cheered in honor of Dr. Baker's birthday.

That is a pencil.

He prepared his family for the move.

I deserve better than this.


Even though computer programmers may use semicolons every day, nowadays most people only use semicolons for emoticons.

No matter what happens, I won't give up.

I'm calling because I've lost my credit card.


It's not his style.

You intimidate him.

Tektronix's new software perfectly responds to the needs of customers using logic analysers.

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He thinks of nothing but making money.


Piete fainted.

The rebellion in England is frightening.

Nigel kept his gun trained on Tammy.

The singer's voice is sweet.

To my great relief, her new work of art added to her reputation.

This snack doesn't taste good at all.

Is this your idea of a joke?


They rigged the football game.


You're getting to be a pain.


Saul was genuinely happy to see Sekar.

The entire town was under water.

Nobody showed me around.

I really shouldn't tell you.

When she was twenty, she could speak seven languages.

Sentence Number 888,888 will bring its owner years upon years of luck.

I am not studying now.


No one is more dangerous than a fool with a large vocabulary.

You complain compulsively.

Jay believes in equality between women and men.


This place is dangerous.

Let me ask you a simple question.

A little thought will tell you that the whole plan is out of the question.