You're very sexy.

It is marvelous.

It was shortened with advantage.

I may not get anything I asked for.

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They will not do it.

And, we get each other's company to boot.

Ralph refused to give up.

This is the first time I've ever mended a carpet.

Hans is good, isn't he?

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Darren didn't have time to relax.

You gave us something to talk about.

I think you ought to get a little sleep.

I see this as an important step forward.

Everyone in the room was stunned by what happened.

Britain is also an island.

I think you must be tired.

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We're pupils.

I want to be with my family.

It's magic.


She has a headache.

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Soohong isn't making sense.

Stupidity is the relaxation of intelligence.

You are becoming lazy!


Did you understand Caleb?


It's in your pocket.

She had her hair cut short.

The only time Irvin seems to be happy is when he's with Johnnie.

Naresh didn't listen to what I said.

Why is everyone laughing?

Please turn on the TV.

Can you explain what you're talking about?


He dislocated his shoulder.


We really need a man like you here.

Raanan couldn't answer my question.

He put a lot of time and effort into preparing for the exam.

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I want Jesper to come back.

I've spent a lot of time thinking about this.

I'm not letting Rich near my kids.


Graeme's tipsy.

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This is so heavy a box that I can't carry it.

My father left me some property.

Jim was a stranger.

What's it called again?

Eduardo is from Ecuador. He is Ecuadorian.

Would you excuse me for one second?

Today I started a new Esperanto course.

Did you warn them?

Carter's French is very good.

Kiss Ramsey for me.

What were you expecting?

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We had fun dancing.


Will you show me your passport, please?

Did you do that on purpose?

Charles is a British customer.

You're under arrest for the murder of Wendell Jackson.

The womb has no ears.

Your message should be at least ten characters long.

A storm prevented the plane from taking off.

However, the amount of wind available varies with the location and the season of the year.

They have been reading an interesting book.

Yours is better.

I could not get rid of my doubt about it.

I cut myself shaving.

An elephant was hunted there.


I'll give you a local anaesthetic.

Scott first changed a watch for a book, then the book for money.

Karl kept his rifle aimed straight at Susan.

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Child, why are you crying? Tell me.

You would make an excellent spy.

Konstantinos owes me money.

Any truth is better than indefinite doubt.

I asked them to call you.

Jamie says he can change that.

The clock is not working.


If they started at two, they should arrive at six.

My watchdog is alert to the slightest sound and movement.

I must rid my kitchen of cockroaches.

Deb is probably buying a bus ticket right now.

Shari's room was a large one.

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Be thine own palace, or the world's thy jail.

Dan left his daughter Linda with Matt.

It's awfully expensive.


My pocket was picked.


Arriving at the station, he found his train gone.

She walked away without saying good bye.

I was the last one to see them.


A good idea struck her.


Everyone thinks you're dead.


Tomorrow I'm going to visit my mother in the hospital.

Have him meet us here at 2:30.

I wish I hadn't said that.


The play is a satire on the political world.

It is hard to define "triangle."

Japan is located in Asia.

King could be in Boston.

I was going to try to get into Tokyo University, but I've changed my mind.

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I'm fed up with your attitude.


While in London, he visited the British Museum.


Rolfe seems to be enjoying the party.

I don't understand any of this.

It's time to feed the dog.

Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere.

Miles stopped.


He displayed a great deal of patience.

That's the reason.

What is it like to be a god?

I was given a hard time by a strange guy at the tavern.

Hsi thought I ate his piece of cake.


This isn't part of my job description.

This camera is very expensive.

Do you have time?


You had better tell me the whole story.

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You need a lot of money so that you may learn in that school.


Sidney has broken our engagement.


Brett goes to the library three times a week.

How does Vladimir make money?

Please take these dishes away.


The advice you find the hardest to take is often the most useful.


Can't you speak English?

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You promise me you won't leave me before the altar?

I have a bit of bad news.

You should apologize to him for coming late.

Lull your baby to sleep.

After Damon broke up with Jarl, he started dating Alice.

Everyone's busy.

He always borrows money from me.

I wish I'd kept up my French.

I don't really want to debate this.

Hume isn't in the mood anymore.

Shel is carrying some chairs.


The situation has improved considerably compared to what it was.

Steve doesn't want you to do that.

I don't want to eat now.

He stands alone as a conductor of ballet music.

What kind of truck was Shyam driving?

I told Myron all about the accident.

Mat likes Boston.

I'm well aware of the risk.

Hirofumi undressed and got in the bathtub.

Our streets flood when it rains.

I wish my children would behave themselves.


New York's Metropolitan Museum of Art is also known as "The Met."

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I fainted.

Florian is influential.

Everyone rushed outdoors.

Do you understand the situation?

This is so humiliating.

You don't listen to me.

Moran left without saying a word.


Since it was raining, we stayed at home.

You must think of your old parents at home.

We are the future, guys.

Bulletproof glass has already saved many lives.

Look, this is a true story.

The exploiting classes try to immortalize false worldviews to affirm and strengthen their domination.

The vase he broke is my aunt's.

What isn't working?

Moderate exercises will make us feel good.

You said you hated that, didn't you?

It never occurred to me that he was the right man in the right place.