Ramon will get here soon.

Ain't he cute?

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Harmon lost the key to his dorm room.


Are you looking for a job?

We are working for you.

You were manipulating me.


It is impudent of you to make fun of adults.

He's read thirty-three books this year.

I perspire a lot at night.

We broke up on Valentine's Day.

Where did you find my umbrella?

Being a soldier is my job, where I have authority over bombs.

She is frank in speech.


I feel like I won the lottery.

Jack stood aside for Hitomi to enter.

I'd like some advice on something.

He denied these facts.

The storm did great harm to the crop.


There is nobody about.

Amy doesn't like her mother-in-law.

The planning committee met six times over the course of ten months.


Whether or not it's art is anyone's guess.

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The Russian language is a great thing. It seems that thing is too great for my small head!

I am writing a letter.

I doubt if he will come.

Why does this happen?

Will you drop by later?

I hate the color of these walls.

We have nothing to discuss.

Rajendra's wife supports him.

Why don't you just tell us where it is?


Today I started a new Esperanto course.

Let's do it ourselves.

Suzan's finding it hard to accept that it's over between him and Murph.

You'd better get moving.

Lana is playing you for a fool.


Noam told Jackye that he'd help her, but he didn't.

Daryl started the fight.

Were you at Wes's house yesterday evening?

That means Dorian was right.

I know it's not easy.

I'm looking for an apartment to rent.

My technique is without flaw.

Philip has never been happier.

It was such a cold day that there was nobody on the street.


The gods forever graciously abide with you!

Rupert felt deep inside that Phiroze was still alive, and he didn't give up hope to find and rescue her.

They've got a hostage.

Jerusalem is called "Yerushalayim" in Hebrew.

I did my best to protect you.

I had too much to drink.

Is French pronunciation difficult?

That child's free time is circumscribed.

The atomic bomb destroyed the entire city of Hiroshima.


I replied automatically when I heard my name.

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Those are the facts.

You're a knockout.

We sleep not to sleep, but to act.

I helped Shane paint the fence.

I think she's too young.

The company has hard and fast rules against lateness.

Everywhere looks beautiful in the spring.

Manny might want to consider not going to work today.

Thank you for adding me to your contacts.

It's not completely impossible. But I wouldn't risk it.

I'm just having a bad day.

It's one of the safest cities in the world.

I guess it was our bad luck.

She's the nicest person I have ever met.

Larry needed some time alone.

We advertise our products on TV.

I'm truly grateful!

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It's nearly three o'clock.


She was kind enough to make tea for us.


What was it like living in Australia?


He looked quite happy in contrast with those around him.

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We just want to be loved.

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Look Ritchey, it's stopped raining.


Then our chairman came up with a good idea and we have made a great plan.

Are you buying that theory?

Life is getting hard these days.

Danger makes mute.

What time are you used to going to bed?

I am the tallest in our class.

A lot of clients come to the lawyer for advice.

How is it going?

We knew someone was there.

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I called and asked Wes if he knew when Shaw would be arriving.

We hate them.

He approached the boy reading a book.

Many landforms on Mars appear to have been shaped by flowing water.

They're surprised.

He looks every inch a gentleman.

This road is terrible.

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About thirty people have registered.

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"You're the kindest person I've ever met." "You say that to everyone."

Today, to send a telegram in the States to anywhere in the world, all you have to do is to give the message over the telephone.

For many years, Ricky has been constantly complaining about his traumatic childhood, but there are many people who were similarly abused in their childhood who did not end up like Bud.

It satisfies every time.

The food is good, and service is good here.

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Don't get angry at me!


Why don't you sit with us?

Where's Toronto?

Isn't Harold supposed to be helping Murray?


They're awfully nosy.

One roll of color film, please.

It could have been anybody.


She's a smooth talker.

You know where to find me if you want to talk.

I just talked to her.

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He's proud of his good grades.

You're not doing this right.

I'm afraid I have an inflammation in my eyes.


He kept walking back and forth.

Let's come back to the base.

Who do you want to pass this good news along to?

The cold weather is terrible, isn't it?

It was such a shock.


A Mr. Jones has come to see you.

It's pretty hot.

The warm sunlight is full upon the green wheat field.

Which language do you use when you speak to your parents?

"Why weren't you at the meeting?" "Something came up."

Is the tour going to stop?

Everything chose to go wrong during his absence.


She left her dog in my room.

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Pandora never was sophisticated.


Douglas does not know the difference between a diamond and an emerald.


I sure wouldn't mind a sip of some fine almond liqueur right now.

I have some noisy neighbors.

He seems quite happy.

How long until my order arrives?

Blake and Jinny live nearby.

We'll be right with you.

Take it all.

You may need a shovel.

For instance, what would you have done if you were in my place?

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Harvey was always fair.


Elric is adding sentences to Tatoeba.

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Please turn off the radio.

Does this look familiar to you?

She would probably do the same as he.

Bernard is here because of me.

This is the official website.

Hwa poured some beer into a dish and put it on the floor for his dog.

What kind of gun was it?

When is the next bus to Park Street?

He did nothing wrong; all the same he was severely punished.

I used to walk past Plastic's house almost every day.

Not that I dislike the work, but that I have no time.

So the Father is God, the Son is God, and the Holy Ghost is God. And yet they are not Three Gods, but One God.

My name is not Caroline!


There is a table in the corner of the room.


They smiled at him.

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Pretty soon you will stop thinking of her.

I couldn't be any more grateful than I am right now.

Tell you what, Jinny, you take it.

Maybe Anatole feels the same way.

In her youth, Konrad played the penny whistle.

I don't agree with the theory that one should learn Latin in order to better understand English.

Are you John?