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The current problem we see with a busy, complicated, mobile society, is taking the time to schedule an appointment with a doctor. Visiting a doctor can be quite a time-consuming process when you factor in the time it takes to get to the doctor’s office, fill out the paperwork, wait in line for quite some time to be called, sit in a room where an assistant takes your vitals and goes through a patient reporting process, spend additional time waiting for the doctor who is constantly busy and distracted, finish the appointment, check out, deal with your insurance company and find out what’s covered and what’s not and perhaps discover some new unexpected changes, and then wrap it up by exiting the office, dealing with traffic, stopping by a pharmacy to order or pick up a prescription, and finally make your way home. You may spend half of your precious day off from work doing all of this.

We understand how important it is to get a full day’s worth of rest from work so we changed the way we do things by making the process far more convenient for you. Most of your visits can be done through Telemedicine using your computer or phone. If it cannot be done this way, we can come to you for the charge of an Uber taxi to and from your work place or home.

You should have an idea of what the charges will be as we charge cash upfront and those charges are in line with what most insurance companies pay should you choose to submit these charges to your insurance company for reimbursement.

In short, we will provide you with easy, fast, efficient, and stress-free care.