I will go on ahead.

I've always dreamed of living abroad.

Here's a new tip for you!

Be careful not to fall.

Redheads drive me crazy!

Meeting strangers is one of the pleasures of a trip.


He smoked as if nothing had happened.

How did you spend your free time?

Tickets are tax deductible.


How can we ever thank you?

Srinivasan disregarded Donald's advice completely.

Puritanism comes from England by the first settlers.


You only have to stand there without doing anything.

There is no defense against an unexpected attack.

Pinocchio says: "Now my nose will grow."

I've got nothing you could use.

We're pretty proud of ourselves.

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This laboratory is where we study every day.

They are watching a play.

Nothing beats a good burger with fries.

You're getting old.

If I could, I would let every caged bird fly free.


I regret not having studied hard for the test.

The thunder was so loud that we could barely hear each other.

Money is welcome everywhere.

Where did you buy this watermelon from?

I'm going to tell him.

We would like to report about the latest trends in Japan.

The garbage disposal is very loud.

Quit picking on Alan.

Don't you think it strange that he is not here?

I'll accept that responsibility.

He is the right man for the job.

For months, he did almost nothing.

The cost in lives was huge.


What cheese do you want?

Can the news be true?

Even though they look like it, a hedgehog, a mole, an otter, a rabbit or an opossum are not rodents.

Are you willing to help her?

Mara will be very disappointed if Sanche doesn't come to visit.

Women are often objectified and treated like property.

I wish to resign from my work for purely personal reasons.


The Prime Minister has resigned.

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Tell her that I'm sorry.

It was impertinent of you to behave like that.

I want us to be a family.

Betty brought some roses and Jane some carnations.

She has not more than 1000 yen.

Do you usually travel alone?

She was holding an umbrella.

It wouldn't hurt a fly.

The strange object in the sky could be seen with the unaided eye.

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Our store has a monopoly on this item.

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I think it natural that you should take the matter into consideration.

They have good appetite this morning.

I have to talk to her now.

People were ground down by poverty.

Emily is a good singer, isn't he?

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Axel decided against it.


He is little, if at all, inferior to you.


The shy boy was utterly embarrassed in her presence.

I felt comfortable with Graham.

The train doesn't stop at that station.


Charlene is a little embarrassed.


He rose to his feet to greet me.

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You're not staying here.

Blair is flush with money since he got paid today.

That's what Guillermo wanted you to think.

He said they were like a poorly-trained team of horses.

"I can give her no greater power than she has already," said the woman; "don't you see how strong that is?"

You had better keep your money for a rainy day.

I live in Izmir.


He could do it.

This poem combines prose with poetry.

The Chinese character for money is a stylized drawing of a cowry shell.


In fact, there are countless, varied uses for the Internet.

I know you've been avoiding me.

If only you had helped me yesterday, the problem would have been avoided.

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Let's rest here.

That's very handy.

That was interesting, wasn't it?

I don't know your real name.

With the increase of cars, the air pollution has gotten worse.

What made them mad?

Claire's bag is near the door.

Because I live near the school, I come home for lunch.

Where do you want me to put your suitcase?

I can't walk anymore, Dad! Carry me, please!

Has he got money?


Many archeological sites are at risk due to poor maintenance.

I think you should give Ning a call.

His speech lasted for three hours

I exercise my rights.

There was a linguistic mediation between aborigines and immigrants.


I am working hard trying to learn English.

A minute is one sixtieth of an hour.

Shankar told me a joke.

Laika died when Sputnik 2 burned out in the atmosphere.

This is totally insane.


What do you love about him?


Nobody knows.


I'm an orphan.

Your lips are blue.

That's not what's happening here.

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She has always been a popular actress.

Sex: kids are starting earlier and going further.

The truth is that he was not fit for the job.


Dan and Linda met on Christman.

I can't agree with you here.

Please speak in a low voice.

I'm not from this world.

I am a socialist.

The earth hath yielded her increase.

You have a beautiful name.

I wasn't happy to see them.

I outsmarted them.


You couldn't have known that.

It's his job to pull the weeds in the garden.

The lazy man frequently neglects his duties.

This situation seemed hopeless.

I feel like an amoeba.

Kurt must have a lot of money.

Let's get together again tomorrow.


Do I owe you something?

What the lawyer had told me finally turned out to be false.

Lovely sunset, isn't it?

Haven't I told you not to call me "Krzysztof"?

I will call you within a week.

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Sandip is such a buzzkill.

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You shouldn't take advantage of other people's weaknesses.

My sister and I went to the castle.

When I was very small, we lived in a house in Utsunomiya, about a hundred kilometres north of Tokyo.

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We can help each other.


Jews don't celebrate the holocaust, they commemorate it.

We'll be here waiting.

You're ambitious.

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We're going to have to be very careful.

A human being is a part of the whole, called by us "Universe," a part limited in time and space.

I will finish this work by 5 o'clock.


Mikey will be getting anxious.

The sausages must be burnt now!

I believe Bjorne did mean that.

You need to study French harder.

She had to go herself.

Do you think Sehyo resembles his mother?

The sudden noise scattered the birds.

Ami helped Karen on the bus, and then got on himself.

I shouldn't have tricked you.

After six games, Sampras had the edge on his opponent.

She asked him to come over to her.

He is too drunk to drive home.

No matter how hard he may study, he cannot master English in a year or two.

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Troy still has one more month to go before he graduates.

Why are you yawning?

Every man has a right to his own property.

John burst into laughter when he was watching TV.

They usually have breakfast at half past seven o'clock and eat their lunch at twelve.

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I think what I'm doing is worthwhile.

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There were 120 people on the plane, exclusive of the crew.

He's not available.

I owe it to my parents that I am so healthy.

He was looked up to as their leader.

They are now man and wife duly married.