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BoZSwitch  provides high quality software solutions to the IP Communications industry. BoZSwitch  Bandwidth Optimizer helps IP voice termination service providers to save on bandwidth costs, thereby improving the margins in their business.

BoZSwitch is one of the best Bandwidth Optimizer service provider in the world. We are happy to announce the latest version of the BoZSwitch with crystal clear sound.

For the latest version released, we are now offering Latest LICENSED BoZSwitch for $310 only per month.


Save Bandwidth

up to 80%

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BoZSwitch, Bandwidth optimizer is a new concept for VoIP termination providers. This new technology  reduces your transmission bandwidth by 80% with crystal quality voice quality.


VOIP at any where

in the world

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Today, BoZSwitch, inventor and leading supplier of hosted VOIP services, announced its newest enhancement to VoIP Anywhere. It Complete with VoIP Anywhere allows customers to use their computers as VoIP Gateway with complete VOIP system capabilities. Now, clients can use VoIP to reduce or eliminate bandwidth charges from anywhere in the world.